Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin picture


The Japanese Chin is an ancient breed that, as the name suggests, originated in the East, probably China, but made its way to Europe from Japan. It is likely that the first specimens to arrive in Japan were presented as gifts by the Emperor of China to the royal court. The first recorded specimens in England were presented to Queen Victoria after an American, Commodore Matthew Perry had headed an expedition to previously hostile Japan in 1852. Once Japan opened its doors to the outside world a steady trickle of Chins began to arrive in Europe. They were kept as highly prized pets by the nobility in Japan and were rarely seen outside the walls of the various palaces.


The Japanese Chin is an intelligent, elegant and aristocratic little dog with a long profuse coat. They come on two colours, black and white and red and white, they do moult and leave hair on the furniture so be warned.

Chins do require some regular grooming, particularly when they are casting coat. They are sweet natured and friendly but can be aloof with strangers. ,/p>

Their name “Chin” is said to mean “cat like” and they can show similar traits in play. They will be content with a short walk but will equally enjoy a longer outing. They make a delightful companion although you may never be sure exactly who owns who!


Although the Chin is historically a flat faced breed the Kennel Club have recently changed the breed standard to allow for a short muzzle. That said, breathing problems are rare and the Chin is normally a healthy and active little dog who can be seen taking part in a variety of activities, including agility.

As with most Toy breeds some of the more common problems can occur, these may include age related heart disease and slipping patellas, although it must be stressed that these are by no means common occurrences.