Japanese Akita Inu

Japanese Akita Inu picture


The Japanese Akita-Inu is descended from one of Japanís oldest native breeds the Matagi-Inu. Originally bred to hunt bear they would track their prey and hold it until the hunters arrived. Originating from the north of the main island the breed takes its name from the region of Akita and the Japanese for dog which is Inu. In Japan these dogs are regarded with an enormous amount of respect and ceramic figures are given to new parents for good luck.


Dignified, loyal and athletic the Inu is very intelligent and because of this they can become bored quickly. They sometimes have a reputation as being aggressive toward smaller animals and other dogs especially those of the same sex. However they can live quite happily with other dogs providing they are well socialized. They make excellent house dogs and have a natural guarding instinct which makes them protective of their owners and family. With the right training and socialization the Japanese Akita Inu can fit in to any environment. The Inu has a profuse coat which will blow seasonally so regular grooming is essential. Four colours are acceptable those being Urajiro (Red and White), Sesame, Brindle and White.


All breeding stock should be health checked for hip dysplasia and ideally only bred from if below the breed mean average of 13. Eye testing is recommended as there have been recorded cases of Entropian and Ectropian. Other known issues include skin complaints and Auto immune conditions.