Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound picture


King of the canine race, a noble hound the Irish Wolfhound was originally bred as a hunter of deer and wolves.

The origin of the breed is lost in the past but we do know it was well established in AD391 where the first written account is from a Roman consul who wrote to his brother about the gift of 7 Irish Wolfhounds he had received.

He was at one time only allowed to be owned by royalty and was a prized gift among Kings.

In the 19th century the breed was a rare luxury due to continued export, lack of use and the great famine 1845-8.

The breed was revived in the late 1800's by Captain Graham where there was still a lot of interest in this truly magnificent animal. Today the Irish Wolfhound can be found worldwide and is prized for his wonderful gentle nature, dignity and affection.


He is of commanding appearance and although he is of great size, he is as gentle as a lamb, will greet your friends as his and he will get into your heart as no other can.

A wonderful companion who would lay his life down for you. Their motto is 'Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.'

He will love to run free in a large open space but will happily walk at your side on his lead if properly trained and socialised.


I would love to say that Wolfhounds have no health problems and generally they are fit healthy dogs, but they can suffer from heart problems and liver-shunt though all breeders should regularly heart test and all puppies should be tested for liver-shunt.

Cancer unfortunately is also a possibility. However in 30 years of breeding I have only had one lost to this dreadful illness.

The average life span is 7-10 years, though they are sadly so short lived they pack a whole lot into their time with us. Let a wolfhound into your heart and you have to go back for more.

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