Irish Setter

Irish Setter picture


The Irish Setter is the oldest of the setters, the country of origin is of course ireland, it is believed it was developed by setting spaniels and a scottish spaniel, the breed was developed for hunting and has a good nose for scent.

It was the The Earl of Enniskellen who developed the solid red coat, but back in the 1800's white or black patch's still appeared in the coats, now we only occasionelly have a spot of white appear maybe relating to their cousins the Irish Red and White Setter.


It is a hunter although an easily distractracted one, its lovable mischievous nature is much loved by everyone who meets them, a sensitive breed who will not respond to harsh treatment, the breed matures slowly both physically and mentally and should not be pushed to far to quickly.


PRA nearly decimated the Irish Setters in the 1940's, thankfully now DNA tests identify carriers and they are eliminated from the breeding program.

Eyes are tested as well as hips.