Irish Red And White Setter

Irish Red And White Setter picture


They say that this breed was the original Irish Red Setter,the IRWS made its revival just after the first world war in Northern Ireland, many people worked hard to bring this about, in 1944 the IRWS Society was formed, the object was to encourage working qualities of the breed in every possible way, to promote the breeding of sound stock, and to make sure they were classified at shows from the working standard.


A good natured dog, similar to the Irish Setter but has a broader head, less prominent occiput and heavier in the body.

He is described as athletic rather than racy, has an easily maintained coat of medium length, basically white with rich islands of red, very intelligent and are good steady working dogs, easy to feed not fussy eaters do need good excersise routine, can be quite naughty but can also be a clown.


IRWS must be Hip X-Rayed eye tested and litters can only be registered by the KC if they are VW hereditory clear and CLAD clear, no litters can be registered by the KC unless parents are from heridatory clear stock, as of yet there have been no case's of PRA in this breed unlike their cousins the Irish Setter, overall they are a reasonably healthy breed.