Hungarian Vizsla Stud Dogs

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  • Sh Ch Shelseivad Aniseed Twist
    Health Tested

    Copper is a Show champion and has won best of breed with all of his challenge certificates which were awarded whilst under the scrutiny of well acclaimed and respected judges in the UK (see below for judge’s comments).

    Copper entered the show ring for the first time in 2009 and, in his first showing, qualified for Crufts 2010. Throughout that year he went on to be awarded four challenge certificates and the Kennel Club title of Show Champion along with a life-long qualification for Crufts.

    Copper is a working dog and has been used as a deer stalking dog from a young age proving .... (click to read more)

  • Sugar Jeno of Hungary (Imp Hun)
    Health Tested

    SUGAR JENO OF HUNGARY or 'Jeno' was imported by myself from Hungary in 2011. He is a fine example of the breed with and has sired numerous liters. He is an extremely friendly dog and a pleasure to have around. He is available mostly anytime to health tested girls.

  • Risley Best for Last
    Po Lifford
    Health Tested

    Brett AKA Risley Best For Last is a lovely young dog, he is on his way towards his ch title. He has also won a group at the tender age of 10 months, following in his fathers footsteps. Brett is a joy he is a very loving dog, with a fantastic personality loves everyone and everything.
    He is hip scored 2.2 , we will get him eye tested in due course.
    Brett will be available is due course to suitable health tested females.

  • Mendelsons Workforce
    Newton Abbot
    Health Tested

    George as we call him, is the thinker of the family. He always assesses a situation before making a move, and would of made an excellent working dog if we had been so inclined. he has a quiet disposition and as with all Vizsla's he is loving to the end. Obviously it goes without saying he's very handsome!!!
    Now proven, good size litters.

  • Fenyoligeti Dodo (Imp Hun)

    Bator Is our dog, breed by a well known judge Sandor Szabo.He is a excellent working dog and a very gently with us especially with children.He has a extraordinary stanima, he has been proved twice and he had passed all the "good genes" :)

  • Chataway Alexander at Greentimbers
    Angus Scotland
    Health Tested

    Chataway alaexander at greentimbers (zander) his hip score is 2/6 = 8 eyes clear . He is a very loving boy. Does not like the show ring very much however does prefer to run in the woods & fields and chill out with his mates .

  • Chulak Mr Bojangles
    Health Tested

    Robi (Chulak Mister Bojangles) is a very fit and happy Vizsla, great with people and other dogs, and with an excellent hip score of just 2+2. He lives at School Farm, just outside Faversham in Kent, and although not formally trained as a hunting dog, the farm environment has certainly brought those instincts to the fore. His confident and friendly manner ensures that he receives a great deal of attention wherever he goes. Since he seems to be such a nice example of the breed, I'd really like him to sire some pups, but I've not managed to find any local partners for him, hence my posting him .... (click to read more)

  • Redfurs Prince Charming JW
    By Arbroath
    Health Tested

    Charlie is smart and playful dog, he is very trainable and has such a kind and forgiving nature.

    He enjoyed great success as a puppy, picking up the RDCC along with BP at Leeds CS in 2003 - thus gaining his stud book number at a very young age.

    Charlie enjoys flushing out game and is very good at chasing rabbits. He also love the girls!!

  • Troupeso Vinnie Copper Moon
    Health Tested

    Vinnie (Troupeso Vinnie Cooper Moon) is my first Vizsla, he was breed by my sister who owns his mum (Kaschtan Gold Chalcedony) and his grandad (Maplegrove Evening Spirit of Troupeso). Vinnie comes from a working and showing background.

    Vinnie is confident, friendly and out going and always enjoys a cuddle on the sofa, a typical example of the Vizsla breed.

  • Flushpoint Lurko
    Health Tested

    Ollie has had his first season field trailing and has done really well trained worked and handled by Rory Major, I am very proud of him gaining two COM's (certificate of merit) gaining his Stud book number which is a qualification for life to Crufts. Looking forward to his next season. Ollie has had his first trip out to Crufts 2016 and won the Field Trail class, he then went to the Hungarian Vizsla Society 30th Anniversary Championship Show and won the Field Trail class their too.
    He has a hip score of 5-8=13
    Eyes Clear of Glocoma
    Tested Clear for Cerebellar Ataxia

  • Parrazi Point at Billingbriar
    Bracknell Forest
    Health Tested

    Otto is a loving faithful companion gundog who lives indoors as a family pet with our children on a farm where he can run free alongside other gundogs & horses. He is extremely gentle with toddlers and all other dogs. Otto has worked enthusiastically & successfully hunted, pointed & retrieved for two seasons on driven & walked up grouse, partridge & pheasant shoots.

    Otto has been largely BARF reared.

    Otto won a first in Post Graduate Viszla at South of England Gundog Show in May 2015 at age 13 months old. He then in the same day won Best of Breed and went through to Best in .... (click to read more)

  • Gunfield Fly Me To The Moon
    Health Tested

    Rupert is my stud. His hip scores are 6/4 which we are very pleased with.He has a super temperament with a very loving soppy nature and works well with my husband and gun. Mostly he is a family pet who gives so much love in return for his attention who could want for more. Excellent with cats and other dogs. He is a proven stud and very good and keen and gentle with bitches.

  • Mendelsons Bert Oliver
    Newton Abbot
    Health Tested

    Bert as he is known, is the bigger of my two boys, but also the biggest baby! He misses nothing, and is not only affectionate with adults and children but has a real affinity with horse's. He is equally as handsome as his brother, although they have completely different shaped heads and faces. He has been placed champion in several local shows..
    Proven, and throwing large litters.

  • Geltwood Ferenc Puskas
    Geltwood Hungarian Vizslas
    Health Tested

    Hungarian Vizsla

  • Sh Ch Int & Lux Ch Risley Mark The Moment (Jnr Ch Anch'10)
    Po Lifford

    Marco is now 8 months old. He is by Aus Ch Hungargunn Hyperno. This litter was by AI.

    Marco at his first Championship show Newtonards under Mrs S Marshall was awarded Green Star and reserve BOB, an excellent start to his show career.
    Marco has exceeded our expectations at 15 months of age he has three BIS ,10 groups, 22 green stars he is currently leading grp 7 and will qualify for Show Dog of the Year which takes place in Feb 2011. At Hibernian Ch show the day he went res BIS he also won the puppy stakes qualifying for the P.O.T.Y final in April 2011.
    He has his Jun Ch title, .... (click to read more)

  • Cassom Barega
    West Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    'Paddington' is a 'Yogi' son and is a championship show first prize winner and despite only being lightly shown has always been well placed. He has a good hipscore of 3:7. He has an excellent temperament and is a confident stud dog siring pups of lovely type and temperament.

  • Sh Ch Feldkirk Amadeus at Kazval
    Health Tested

    SH CH Feldkirk Amadeus , Vinnie is our young boy, he has definately made an impact on our lives and house hold. He is a lively exuberant boy who has worked his way into our hearts and our Sofa. He has gained his SH Champion title just before his second birthday following an extremely successful year being shown.

  • Tina Trading Neron at Karaszy (Imp Rus)
    Minster On Sea
    Health Tested

    Neron, I chose as a puppy from one of the few dream matings from the Tina Trading kennel in Russia. Nerons father is the wonderful Int Ch Hookside Cinkos who I have the privilege to own several of his puppies and father to many champions, a strong powerful dog with loving and kind nature. Int Ch Havva is a champion of 9 countries and also proven herself in the field with working tests ect, a lovely bitch true to type and fit for purpose. Neron is a wonderful boy who has a faultless temperament, excels at retrieving and is a true water baby. On the move Neron has drive and a powerful stride .... (click to read more)

  • Mustwork Dawn Hunter
    Health Tested

    Bob is a well bred, handsome and very quick to learn example of his breed, his temperment is exceptional both at work and play. He is a very agile and alert dog and has sired some quality pups who have gone both to working and pet homes.
    Bred on galfrid lines he has good conformation, abilities and intelligence.
    Bob is available for stud and all enquiries are welcome.
    Bob is currently being dna profiled and has a hip score of 5/6
    We are accredited breeders with the kennel club and we only breed from healthy dogs both in mind and body

  • Hungaricum Dukat Goncol for Vonhuber (Imp Dnk)
    Health Tested

    Goncol (Pronounced Guncil) has been here at Vonhuber since September 2012. He was imported from Hungary and is from a top working kennel over there. He is a great working dog and has many other fine attributes to offer. (A very hansom boy indeed) He is very loving with an extremely friendly personality towards all who meet him. He has sired one litter up to now, with my bitch Fern. The puppies are adorable and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the mating. He is available for Stud to any Vizsla Bitches that fit in with the Von Huber criteria. If you would like to read more about .... (click to read more)