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  • Diane Wild
    Current Health Tests


  • Chilternway
    Kerry Lord & Tim Broomfield
    Princes Risborough
    Current Health Tests

    At Chilternway we concentrate foremost on health and temperament within our dual-purpose breed line.

    A dual purpose dog shows enthusiasm and great performance to 'work', being able to participate in Hunt, Point & Retrieve (HPR) activities.

    Keeping within the breed standards, good health, good composition, free flowing movement plus the ability to be sociable and relaxed makes them great performers in the show ring as well.

    Being foremost family pets, we enjoy lots of activities with our dogs and feel privileged to own and be able to occasionally breed such wonderful .... (click to read more)

  • Risley
    Catherine Kelly
    Po Lifford
    Current Health Tests

    I have had dogs all of my life, and began breeding American cockers in 1992, I was in the breed for six years I did show lightly, and breed a few very nice litters. More and more health issues were creeping into the lines at that time and I decided to stop breeding the American Cockers. I bought my first Vizsla in 1998 from Judith Curruthers and showed her until she had an accident , she was then retired from the show ring but went on to produce a lovely litter of pups. I now have Vizslas as my main breed and two German Shorthaired pointers.
    All of my dogs are hip scored , and we would .... (click to read more)

  • Trudie Sitser
    Current Health Tests

  • Ryan Kay
    North Yorkshire

    We are a small kennel with pure working strains of Gundogs. Our dogs regularly compete in Working tests and field trails and also work thought out the season, beating, picking-up and at the peg.

  • C Radford
    Current Health Tests

    Vinnie (Troupeso Vinnie Cooper Moon) is my first Vizsla, he was breed by my sister who owns his mum (Kaschtan Gold Chalcedony) and his grandad (Maplegrove Evening Spirit of Troupeso). Vinnie comes from a working and showing background.

    Vinnie is confident, friendly and out going and always enjoys a cuddle on the sofa, a typical example of the Vizsla breed.

  • Kandymal
    Miss Joanne Armstrong
    Current Health Tests

    Breeder of Cocker Spaniels & Hungarian Vizslas

  • Rachel Smith
    Current Health Tests

  • Redfurs
    Yvette & Michelle Mcangus
    By Arbroath
    Current Health Tests

    The Redfurs home of Hungarian Vizslas is nestled in the Scottish countryside of Redford. We are Kennel Club Accredited, and as such abide by their code of ethics as well as undertaking the necessary health tests required.

    We are a small successful show kennel, Whilst we enjoy numerous successes in the show ring, we are also proud to have bred the foundation stock of some other successful show and working kennels.

    All my dogs live in my house and are pets. There is often a rush for sofa space!!

    Yvette and Michelle both judge at open shows, whilst Michelle is also an .... (click to read more)

  • Hakumichi Japanese Spitz
    Paula Ws Forster
    Argyll & Bute

    One of two Kennel Club Accredited Breeders of Japanese Spitz in the West of Scotland. I have owned this breed for over 11 years and have shown for over 10 years. Greatest achievement so far producing 1 UK show Champion from my first litter, 'Hiro' who took Best of Breed at Crufts in 2010 at the age of two. He is also currently the only Japanese Spitz UK Champion living in Scotland. I breed infrequently and I do so for quality and healthy puppies, most of the time only to extend my own line. It is so important to maintain the breed standards for this breed of dogs. 3 generations so far of .... (click to read more)

  • Bitcon
    Moray Armstrong
    Current Health Tests

    We have been breeding & showing dogs mainly Cocker Spaniels, Flat Coated Ret & Hungarian Vizsla's for approx 40 years.
    Have bred or owned 30 Uk Champions, including the Hungarian Vizsla Breed record holder & No. 1 Top Dog All breeds in UK 2006 The Hungarian Vizsla
    Sh.Ch.& Aust Ch. Hungargunn Bear It I'n Mind

  • Martin Thomas
    Current Health Tests

    Robi (Chulak Mister Bojangles) lives with me at School Farm, which is just outside Faversham in Kent. He has a lovely temperament, being very friendly towards people and other dogs. He's also very healthy, with a hip score of just 2+2, so I'm very interested in breeding from him. Although nor formally trained as a hunting dog, the farm environment has certainly brought his hunting instincts to the fore, and he's a great natural pointer, "showing" me all sorts of wildlife on our walks around the farm.

  • Tine Drost
    Current Health Tests

    Troy (Kenquartz Russet Moon) KC registered and presents with a low HipScore of 4/4. Proven Sire.
    Troy is an extremely gentle, obedient and intelligent dog. He is a good communicator and it is very easy to read and understand him which in return keeps him a content dog.
    He is an dedicated swimmer and takes a keen interest in the birds and deer he comes across but is easily recalled when needed.

    Other details:
    Height at withers: 24 inches
    Weight: 25 kg
    DNA tested SS clear of long hair gene Result dated: 17.8.16
    HipScore: 4/4

    He has had no health issues and is .... (click to read more)

  • Siriusbell
    ArkáDy Bernard
    Current Health Tests

    We have been involved with the breed for over 30 years.
    Showing and working our dogs has become an important part of our lives and has now taken over as a full time pursuit. We now have four generations living with us under one roof and enjoy every waking hour with our dogs.

  • Nicola Hodges High Wycombe Bucks

  • Troupeso Mr and Mrs Porteous Honiton Devon

  • Sigre J Cotton Penarth Vale of Glamorga

  • Mr & Mrs Tallamy Ellough Suffolk

  • Gillian Roberts and Andrew Fodor Rotherham South Yorkshire

  • Sarclamel Elizabeth Alexander Huntly Aberdeenshire