Hungarian Vizsla Breeders near Salisbury, Wiltshire

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  • 2 Miles Miss Lorraine Fraser Salisbury Wiltshire

  • Brogenslade
    Christine Jordan
    Current Health Tests
    10 Miles

    We only breed our dogs when we have sufficient people interested in one of our pups, we abide by the Kennel Club guidelines regarding the breeding and sale of pups. All our dogs are fit and well, mentally stimulated and enjoy an excellent quality of life.

  • 16 Miles James Butler Andover Hampshire

  • 17 Miles M Matthews Bartley Hampshire

  • 17 Miles Zionshill Andrew Smith Southampton Hampshire

  • 18 Miles Kerry Hooper Shaftesbury Dorset

  • 19 Miles Peter Mcleod Eastleigh Hampshire

  • 21 Miles Pawnic Ms W J Tarrant Westbury Wiltshire

  • Gabrielle Jenner
    Current Health Tests
    21 Miles

    I first fell in love with a Vizsla nearly 20 years ago and there has never been another breed for me ever since. I now have 2 young bitches from the Adacci Dynasty. Coco, Adacci Love in a Mist (AR2) by Addaci Spirit Myth and out of Pitying Tipli for Addaci (IMP HUN) (AJ3) and Beans by Csillaghegyi-Vadasz Dini for Addacci (IMP HUN) (AP4) out of Bokonyi Vadasz Lili (IMP HUN) (AR3). Very much looking forward to our first litter

  • Hookside
    Martyn Elliott
    Current Health Tests
    21 Miles

    I have been breeding Vizslas since 1976 and have created a blood line that is recognised all over the world. It includes many International Champions, Hungarian Grand Champions, American Champions apart from English Champions. At Hookside I have bred specifically for temperament and working ability. 'Through performance to type'

  • 23 Miles Popeg K Stephensson Blandford Forum Dorset

  • 29 Miles Ian Lilley Basingstoke Hampshire

  • 32 Miles Laszlo Miss L Hinds & Mr L Short Fareham Hampshire

  • 33 Miles Vizslanya Mr S & Mrs K M Challis Somerset Somerset

  • 33 Miles Vereker Mrs Tessa Ventris Radstock Somerset

  • 34 Miles Solencia Martin and Ben Rackett Newtown Isle of Wight

  • 35 Miles Debbie May Alton Hampshire

  • 35 Miles Sovargo Mrs Julia Bardell Waterlooville Hampshire

  • 35 Miles Ancha Gergely Medstead Hampshire

  • Ulurudawn
    Verity Griffiths
    Current Health Tests
    37 Miles

    After tragically losing my GWHP, I admired Hungarian Vizslak having seen them in my line of work as a vet. I got Henna, my first in early 2003 and have never looked back. I have three generations with my youngest Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker showing great promise in the show ring and out working on local shoots as a member of the picking up team. His mother Ulurudawn Clipper now has her stud book number.
    At less than 3 years old, Ruban was awarded his Studbook number at Gundog Breeds of Wales Championship Show 2013. This gives him lifetime qualification for Crufts, sadly he is unable to go .... (click to read more)