Hungarian Vizsla

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The Hungarian Vizsla is a very ancient breed with a long history, in fact there are carvings in stone estimated to be 1000 years old in the Carpathian regions depicting the Vizsla with a Magyar hunter and his falcon.

The early Hungarians began the development of companion, hunting dogs to find, point, and retrieve game. Successive generations continued the development of the breed and by the 13th century the Vizsla was a distinct breed, much prized as a companion and field dog.

Although it is believed that two Vizslas were imported into the UK in 1939 the Kennel Club's first registration of the Vizsla wasn't until 1953. The breed became firmly established in the sixties and today is still gaining in popularity both in the field and in the showring.


The Vizsla is a medium sized breed with a striking russet gold coloured coat. Bred for hunting fur and feather, pointing and retrieving from land and water the Vizsla is highly intelligent and very energetic with boundless energy. If not adequately exercised and stimulated the Vizsla will become bored which may lead to the dog becoming destructive and possibly redesigning your kitchen cabinets, sofa's, chairs etc!

Being a sensitive breed the Vizsla responds best to firm but kind training methods, not responding at all well to any form of harsh handling. Vizslas are great fun to have around, they are extremely affectionate and they will form strong bonds with the children of the family. In the right environment they are a wonderful breed to own.


Before breeding all stock should be hip scored before mating. Since mid 2004 we are seeing more cases of Polymyositis, the principal clinical signs are swallowing problems, excessive foamy drooling and muscle wasting (especially around the head). This condition is now the subject of a veterinary research project.

Vizslas along with other breeds can sometimes suffer from epilepsy and cancer but as a general rule Vizslas are a relatively healthy breed with many reaching fifteen/sixteen years of age.

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