Hamiltonstovare picture


The Hamiltonstövare is the official and most popular hound of Sweden. Its history goes as far back at the 16th century. It is named after the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count A.P. Hamilton, the founder of the breed, based on English Foxhounds and German hounds.

The breed was first recognised in 1921.


Unlike most hounds the Hamiltonstövare works alone or in couple and is used to find and flush game back to the gun, normally fox and hare.

The Hamiltonstövare has an excellent nose and when on the trail is hard to distract, and will only return when he is ready.

Clearly it is a hound who needs a secure garden and who should be exercised with due consideration for roads and livestock.

As his Foxhound ancestry would suggest, the Hamiltonstövare does enjoy plenty of exercise and this must be taken into consideration before acquiring one.

Do not expect him to return when called. His temperament is good; even-tempered and friendly he makes a fine house dog as long as his exercise requirements are attended to.

Firm handling and basic training are vital if you wish to own a breed which is led by its nose. However this is a sensitive breed for all his size and this must be remembered if you do not wish to turn your dog into a quivering wreck. The breed will not tolerate harsh handling in any form.


Epilepsy has been in the breed for many generations, although many breeders have, in the past, have to ignore it. One or two breeders have worked together to try and breed out and eliminate this problem, with success. Even in Sweden, where the breed originated, Epilepsy is still a problem.

Other health issues are problems with hips and there has recently been mentioned that eye problems may be creeping into the breed (PRA).

It is always advisable to ensure that you buy a puppy from a reputable Kennel Club Accredited breeder.