Great Dane Breeders near Lincoln, Lincolnshire

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  • 11 Miles Kilcroney Mrs G. L'E. West New York Lincs

  • 12 Miles Schemdane Don & Jacky Johnson Gainsborough Lincolnshire

  • 12 Miles Alistudou A & S Douglass Gainsborough Lincs

  • 12 Miles Janineo Mr Mrs N & J Walker. Brooks Gainsborough North Lincs

  • 13 Miles Lochnaw John Agnew Newark Notts

  • Dainwood
    Dy Duncalf
    15 Miles

    As a child there were always dogs around. My interest in Great Danes began around 1970 when my husband Barry and I purchased our first Dane. He was a poorly bred mis-marked harlequin with a less than good temperament. However, we loved him and he us unconditionally for over ten years.
    During his time with us I began to study the breed more, visited shows, spoke to breeders etc. At this time, I fell for a certain brindle bitch and determined to "get the job right", I waited several months until a puppy from a repeat mating was born. I had previously dabbled at open show level .... (click to read more)

  • 17 Miles Catherine Griffin Newark Notts

  • 19 Miles Margaret Ashforth Jones Doncaster South Yorkshire

  • 20 Miles Daringoaks Great Danes Mr D.M Bristow &Mrs T.E.A Bristow Sleaford Lincolnshire

  • 20 Miles Zoe Tebb Sleaford Lincs

  • 21 Miles Caleso Mrs Caroline Collinson Epworth N Lincolnshire

  • 21 Miles Peter and Lorraine Goy Scunthorpe North Lincs

  • 21 Miles Lindale A. Douglass Brigg N. Lincolnshire

  • Arnold Bennett
    South Yorkshire
    21 Miles

  • Shonemalick
    Alison and Michael Gallagher
    N Lincs
    21 Miles

    We got our first Great Dane as a pet for me. We were breeding Golden Retrievers back then and had been for around 15 years.
    The thing with Great Danes is they are addictive, when you have one you talk yourself into getting another so yours has a play mate.
    That was the start of our journey, we currently have five danes, four bitches, one stud.
    We only let our girls have 3 litters as first and foremost my girls are my pets and we only breed from excellent bloodlines.
    These gentle giants truly believe they are lap dogs which can be amusing even if somewhat painful at times!
    All .... (click to read more)

  • 22 Miles Norsef Mr + Mrs Jp + Nm Bereza Grantham Linc

  • 23 Miles Raejay Kate Wiley Edwinstowe Nottinghamshire

  • Renescent
    David Simpson
    Current Health Tests
    23 Miles

    We are a small breeder whos aim is to breed firstly for health and temperament.
    All our Danes are part of the family but also enjoy being show dogs and the occasional agility day for fun.

  • 26 Miles Daneworth Scott & Louise Pearson Louth Lincolnshire

  • 29 Miles Newfswain K Dalziel N Pritchett Nottingham Notts