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  • Amblemere Raphael of Kulawand
    Health Tested

    Raffa is the gentleman of goldens; he is kind and courteous and loves loads of cuddles.

    Raffa has a hips score of 7:6. His eyes were last tested clear on 19th January 2014. He has a clear DNA Test for Ichthyosis. Both of Raffa's parents have been DNA tested CLEAR for PRA, and have 0 elbows.

    Please go to Raffa' web page to see more photos and a list of his wins:-

  • Coynebarn Golden Tweed
    Health Tested

    Sam is available for bitches that have passed all their health checks.
    Sam is a rich gold in colour and as well as showing is happy to be in the field. He has a wonderful temperament and lives in the home with our other dogs and cats. We bred Sam ourselves and he has given us much enjoyment. We keep in touch with his siblings and visit when we are able.
    Sam has passed all the health checks with good scores which you can see here.
    His results in the show ring can also be seen here and soon we hope to pass the Show working gundog certificate.
    Sam has also passed his kennel club .... (click to read more)

  • Froglane Firefly at Tealcreek
    Health Tested

    Pip is a stunning, dark golden working retriever. Bred from strong working and trialing lines (FTCh Vamp Parsley Pottage x Froglane Tully). He is very loving, has a kind temperament, is pacey, honest and very eager to please.
    Proven at stud and registered with the UK, German and Belglum Kennel Clubs.

  • Topock Travelling Boy
    East Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Frank is a beautiful pale golden retriever with an excellent temperament who lives with his brother Charlie and loves everyone.
    Frank is a big boned dog with a very strong head. He has an exellent pedigree with 27 champions within it.
    His grand parent won stud dog of the world 2008 and 2010. His father is an international champion.
    Frank is health tested with a hip score of 3/5 = 8, elbows 0 and holds a clear eye test.
    Frank is available to health tested bitches only.
    For more information please feel free to email me on or call on 07803709102.

  • Salako Smooth Operator
    Salako Golden Retrievers
    Health Tested

    Buddy has a wonderful gentle temperament and is very handsome. He is a good sized cream dog with lovely black pigment.

    He has gained his SGWC and works regularly on a local shoot.

  • Feli Fey Flying Dutchman (Imp Nld) JW (Sgwc)
    Xanthos Golden Retrievers
    Health Tested

    Imported from Holland, Spinnaker is a son of my International Champion Xanthos Mondriaan. Like his father not only does he win, (he quickly took his Junior Warrant), he works during the season too. He successfully passed his Show Gundog Working Certificate in January 2015 First puppies look outstanding.

  • Kaliture Cuinn by Ashmhorgold
    Health Tested

    Cuinn is a very stylish, athletic dog. He is affectionate and loves to be cuddled, but in the field he is very driven and focused. He has been slow to mature, but he is fabulous picking up with amazing game finding ability. He is a Field Trial Winner, has awards in Puppy, Novice and Open WT and is a proven stud dog.

  • Green Earl
    Health Tested

    Green Earl ( Forest) is the son of the famous Echobrook Dexter who as won many field trial awards. Forest is coming on well with his training and his a very biddable and loving nature, dark red in colour and medium build. I am looking forward to using him in the coming season.

  • Oriole Shining Gold
    Health Tested

    Eye Examination: 9th September 2016 - UNAFFECTED
    PROVEN stud dog with a remarkable, loving temperament. Now truly in his prime (2016) with litters of 9, 11 and 12 produced this year. He is having ladies returning for him, to be Dad to their litters, second time around.

    Oli (Oriole Shining Gold) has been carefully bred by us for temperament, health, fitness and good looks. His inbreeding coefficient is very low. He posesses both brains and beauty and enjoys family life here, to the full, often being entered into a variety of local shows by our three children where his steady, flowing .... (click to read more)

  • Noahnils Tongsai Bay
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Stanley is our current Stud Dog!

    Stanley is the most loyal, beautiful pale cream dog with a wonderful affectionate, biddable personality. He is kind, gentle; with an excellent temperament overall and he’ll play all day. I feel very blessed to have Stanley and also his Mum.

    Stanley has a brilliant low hip score of 3 & 4 (a total 7), alongside current clear eye certificate.

    Stanley is KC registered and has a fantastic pedigree with many generations of show champions and even a world from well known breeders such as Amirene, Colbar, and Stanroph.

    Stanley is currently .... (click to read more)

  • Copleybent Excalilbar
    Bishop Auckland
    Health Tested

    Merlin is very much part of my picking up team ( we do 70-80 days a season)
    He has good health checks and a wonderful temperament with both people and other dogs, he can be a bit of a clown but I love him for it. He a proven sire and is available to the right bitches who have had their health checks.

  • Kentredecim Beach Brother
    Health Tested

    Beautiful Boy, Fantastic temperament, great health tests, mid golden.

  • Joyful Hugo of Philchris
    North Boarhunt
    Health Tested

    Riley is a typical Golden Retriever - loving, easy to live with and dedicated. He is bold, stylish and driven giving 110% in everything he does. He lives indoors with my 4 other dogs and is very bidable. His personality varies from confident in his working ability to sitting on the floor having a cuddle. Riley as a young dog has been quite successful in Working tests, winning his first Novice at 14 months. By the end of 2014 he has won 8 out of the 11 Working Tests he had entered, winning his first Open (AV) in September 2014. Riley has also been placed in 2 Open (AV) tests in 2015 and is .... (click to read more)

  • Hartwithlea Finn
    North Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Hartwithlea Finn - Golden Retriever Stud Dog

    Fionn is an affectionate and handsome dog, that is a much loved member of our family. His parents are Tawnyhill King of Laytoncroft and Hartwith Lola and his grandfather is Holway Banjo.

    We live close by to his mother and sisters, so he loves it when we visit them and we love watching them have fun together. We have also stayed in contact with his brothers and sisters from his own and a later litter (by the same parents). They are all consistently fine dogs.

    We can't wait for Finn to have more puppies and interestingly, he .... (click to read more)

  • Let'S Play Whiff Whaff
    Health Tested

    Producing quality cream and golden puppies our superb KC reg bred golden retriever Boris is available for Stud.

    Boris is such an amazing example of his breed. He is incredibly friendly, loving, biddable and intelligent. If you would like to come and meet Boris beforehand that is never a problem. We look forward to meeting you, and so is Boris.

    Boris's fee IS currently £250, however, we will be putting his fee up to £400 in February.

    We offer two matings 48 hours apart, there is no handling fee or any extra charges. The one off stud fee is £250. Boris is only available to .... (click to read more)

  • Ynysmon Mabon
    Rhondda Cynon Taff
    Health Tested

    Finley is a beautiful, obedient, loyal and loving companion who loves nothing more than long walks/runs, playing fetch, retrieving his toys and just generally being around people (a typical golden retriever!). He is friendly in nature and socialises well with dogs and cats and also with children of any age.

    His kennel club name is Ynysmon Mabon and he comes from an excellent pedigree. Details regarding his hips score and eye test are also available on request.

    We have chosen to advertise Finley for stud as Jo's dad has bred golden retrievers for over 20 years and Finley from .... (click to read more)

  • Xanthos Bullet Proof JW (Sgwc)
    Xanthos Golden Retrievers
    Health Tested

    Kevlar has been very successful in the showring, taking his Junior Warrant with ease. He has Best Puppy in Show awards, winning at both Open and Championship Show level. Like all my kennel Kevlar is show bred, but they work during the shooting season. He showed great promise on his first taste of picking up before the end of the last season, and is destined to join the working team this year. His first puppies are now in their new homes and show great potential. With full health clearances and an exemplary temperament I am delighted to be adding Kevlar to the stud team, he is proven and his .... (click to read more)

  • Bonsaviour Highland Golden Charmer
    Health Tested

    Bonsaviour Highland Golden Charmer Born 14th September 2013 to "Southvalley Cracking Lass",
    Well Proven Stud Dog." Marley" is our family dog that has the most loyal, loving nature and temperament who loves other dogs and children. Naturally reared for sound health.
    Excellent pedigree with several top champions.

    Current Eye Examination 25/Oct/2015 *CLEAR* -

    Hip Combined Score 11

    Elbow Dysplasia Scheme Score 0

    Canine Genetic DNA Test Results
    Bonsaviour Highland Golden Charmer (766/6238)

    GR-PRA1 & GR-PRA2 nn/nn Clear

  • Maluraya Master Murphy
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

    Born 1st July 2015, Tiffin (Maluraya Master Murphy) is the son of Feli Fey Flying Dutchman (Imp NLD) JW (SGWC) (Sire) and Maluraya Mistee Mellow (Dam). Tiffin is from Show lines, true to breed standard, and a lovely pale golden colour. Like our other dog, Fidget (who is Tiffin’s uncle), Tiffy is an affectionate and loving dog, always eager to please and will do anything to avoid being in trouble! He gets on well with everyone, be they canine or human. He is lean and fast with an amazing turn of speed and yet will turn on a sixpence when called. Hip scores are 5/4, elbows 0. He has a current .... (click to read more)

  • Applebrook Accolade
    Health Tested

    Ludo comes from show and working stock and has his Junior Warrant and Show Gundog Working Certificate. He has been used at stud and puppies from him can be seen in the ring currently. He has won a working test.