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  • Jaskar
    Mr & Mrs Arnold J. Ryder
    Current Health Tests

    We have owned Golden Retrievers since 1981, our first two dogs were Channri Cerrigold and Channri Caleb.
    The very special foundation bitch of the Jaskar kennel was Westley Rachel of Jaskar (22.2.86 -28.4.00). She was mated to Sh Ch Stirchley Saxon and produced Jaskar Jordan a super dog who did a great deal of winning, including 2CCs and 3RCCs
    Our second Westley bitch Westley Jacinda of Jaskar and she was mated to Sh.Ch. Elswood the Highlander from which we have Jaskar Christmas Joy(Flo|) She was mated to Sh Ch Deloro Gucci with Canina from this litter we have Jaskar Vanessa and .... (click to read more)

  • Thornywait
    Mrs Susanna Zubair
    Whitwick, Coalville
    Current Health Tests

    We are a kennel located in Whitwick, North west Leicestershire.
    Our first golden Retriever was bought as a family pet in 1996. Susanna started to show a year later and bred the first litter in 2000.
    We have owned or bred 12 UK Champions and numerous others abroad.
    Temperament is most important when looking to breed from the girls and boys.
    * We are kennel club assured breeders*

  • Haydene
    Joan & Reg Grimmett
    West Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests


    Joan and Reg Grimmett. We have owned Goldens for 27 years and only have a litter when we wish to retain a puppy.

  • Yorkbeach
    Julian Pottage
    Mid Glamorgan
    Current Health Tests

    A small kennel on the Mid Glamorgan coast with a particular interest in breeding dogs suitable for work as assistance dogs or therapy dogs. All dogs here are also family pets.

  • Calacarey Golden Retrievers
    Mrs. Sheenagh Gebhard
    Nr. Truro
    Current Health Tests

    We are lucky enough to share our house and home with four beautiful "golden girls" - one platinum, two strawberry and one champagne blonde who brighten our lives daily with their loving affectionate nature, enthusiasm for living, and an indomitable passion to please.

    We are based in the lovely county of Cornwall where we are spoilt with glorious coastal walks, daily dips in the sea and a rural backdrop which provides all manner of fun and stimulation for this beautiful breed.

  • Hilsgolden
    Mrs Hilary Maidment
    Current Health Tests

    We live in a quiet North Dorset Market Town, and never far from lovely walks, with the coast about an hour away, we have 3 lovely Goldies our first Goldie is Sophie (Alasken Orchid at Hilsgolden) she is from the Denmarella Line, we have had her since she was 8 weeks old in 2003 she is such a lovely girl loves being with the children and loves her walks,we bred her with Oliver (Shazeldon Love me Tender at Tannadice) and she had a litter of 5 puppies we kept one which is our Kizzie (Hilsgolden Lady in Disguise) she was born in 2006 she also loves being with the children and loves to go to the .... (click to read more)

  • Cailloch Golden Retrievers
    Lindsey & Jack Hazelton
    Current Health Tests

    Cailloch Golden Retrievers was established in 1999, when 'Reme' (Amilone Remembrance) joined our family, simply as a pet. We were infected by the Golden Retriever Virus, and that means you can't just stop at one!
    Reme was joined after a year by her half sister 'Callie' (Amilone Caledonia For Cailloch). We entered a few shows, but Callie was not keen on the idea.
    In 2002 Reme had a litter of puppies, and 'Meggie' (Cailloch Meg O'The Mill) stayed with us.
    In March 2003, we chose Kim Ellis' 'Rowan' (Tenfield Border Patrol JW) as a mate for Callie, and bred our first show litter, from .... (click to read more)

  • Flaxengold
    Carol Oldring
    Current Health Tests

    I first started in Goldens in 1984 under the affix of Cardrona. I took a break from showing and breeding in 1998 but the love of this wonderful breed lured me back in 2004 under the affix Flaxengold.

    My dogs are of the utmost importance to us and live in our home as part of the family.

    We dont breed much now as I prefer to campaign my dogs in the show ring.

  • Cuckmere
    Mrs Ann Moore
    East Sussex
    Current Health Tests

    We live in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex with our 8 Golden Retrievers and a Cairn Terrier. We are very fortunate in living close to both forest walks and the sea.

    Golden Retrievers have been part of our family since 1992 when we thought the children were old enough to be responsible for helping with the care of such a pet.

    We currently have 8 Goldens in our family - the majority being generations I have bred and kept from my foundation bitch - Mollie who sadly passed away in July 2010 at 14 3/4 years of age.

    Since 1992 we have actively trained our dogs in .... (click to read more)

  • Parlickview
    Tracey Shepherd
    Current Health Tests

    We live in the beautiful lancashire countryside on a dairy farm, alongside our two beauituful girls , maisie and willow.They are our pride and joy and live in the house with us.

    Most weekends we travel all over the countryside together attending local open and championship shows.At which they are both consistently placed
    Both girls qualified for crufts 2015. Which was a dream come true

  • Hameldowntor
    Andrea Kiddell
    Current Health Tests

    Also in Limousin France.

    Retrievers are my life and my first Golden Retriever came to live with me 30 years ago! From Brenda Lowe's very well known Davern line. When the Flatcoats arrived I fell in love with this super breed known as the 'Peter Pan' of dogs! Once you have one, they become addictive!
    I would never be without one and my Flatcoats and Goldens give so much fun and pleasure to all who meet them.
    We spend part of our year at my farmhouse in the beautiful area known as the 'lake district' of France; perfect for long lazy walks with the girls in the forest and fields, .... (click to read more)

  • Denicol
    Sue Tracey
    Current Health Tests

    I got my first Golden Retriever in '86.His name was Casper.He was such a gentle boy. It was then that I fell hopelessly in love with the breed.
    We live in a small village in South Lincs and the girls go for 2 walks a day in the beautiful local woodland
    All the dogs live indoors as very much loved family pets.
    At the moment we have 5 girls at home. The eldest is Tilly then her half sister Polly, then Pollys daughters Georgia and Tegan, plus Georgias daughter Summer.
    I am very proud of my girls fantastic temperaments and they all have the relevant health checks.
    I do not sell .... (click to read more)

  • Brian Overend
    Current Health Tests

  • Blenstone
    Dr & Mrs R J Pickup
    Near Chester
    Current Health Tests

    My husband Bob and I have owned Golden Retrievers since 1989. We started off with two bitches, each from a different litter, they were to be our pets and were the start of a new lifestyle for us. They were admired wherever we went and soon we became interested in showing. We were bitten by the bug when we won our first 1st prize, this was at Newtown Open Show, the judge was Val Lyons. Since then we have exhibited at many Championship and Open shows and have enjoyed every minute of it. We are very proud that 7 of our dogs have won their KC Stud Book Numbers, among other things this means they .... (click to read more)

  • Seruilia
    Mrs Glennis Hewitson
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small kennel first established in 1976, having already bred Cocker Spaniels for many
    years we bought our first Golden Retriever puppy.
    Jodi bounced into our lives, she was big and blonde,
    her father was Ch Davern Figaro, she stole our hearts. We had great fun showing her with considerable success, Jodi produced a super litter
    of seven puppies and so began our love for the breed.
    In the early 80's we purchased a puppy from Lyn &
    George Hennessy, her name was Ritzilyn Lizzy Dripping, Jess still appears on many pedigrees today, she produced to super show girls, Sh .... (click to read more)

  • Jennifer Soddy
    Current Health Tests

    Poppy had a litter of 8 on 29th April, so sorry but all the puppies are now sold

  • Murprila Golden Retrievers
    Ms J. A Ley
    Current Health Tests

    I have been the owner of Golden Retrievers since 1974, they are my family, pets, and friends.They live indoors with all the comforts mainly my settee which they all enjoy taking it in turn to share with me. All my dogs are health screened by the BVA for their Hips, have current Eye Certificates, which is done yearly. They are clear of both GR-PRA 1- 2, exercised everyday over Salisbury Plains where they love to be able to run free. They are well socialised with other dogs. The dogs love the company of my grandchildren when they come to visit and have so much love to give.

  • Tolush
    Jan & David Usher
    Current Health Tests

    We have owned Golden's since 1981, with our first dog called Ben, then followed by Sherry, Leo,and Zoe.

    Are current dogs are Toby & Flynn, and recently we have a new edition to the family called Dylan.

    What a character each of the dogs have had, and have given us so much joy over the years.

    Please see gallery for more pictures of our dogs.

  • Sansue
    Sandra Birkin-Green
    Current Health Tests

    Sansue was first established in 1963 by my late mother with the arrival of Tingel Concorde (Daniel of Westley x Sh Ch Tingel Ripple of Arbrook). Connie won 2 Res CCs and was followed by Ch Sansue Camrose Phoenix (Ch Cabus Cadet x Camrose Wistansy) and these mated together are the foundation of Sansue lines today. The Sansue affix was made by combining mine and my sister, Sue's names.

    I became personally involved with this lovely breed in the early 80ís and have bred/owned two UK Champions, three Russian Champions, many CC, Res CC and Junior Warrant Winners. I had a lot of fun .... (click to read more)

  • Christhams
    Mrs C A Hamilton
    Current Health Tests

    Dogs have always been a part of our lives and have always lived in our home as part of our family. Our first golden retriever joined us in 1995; he captured our heart and we have not looked back since. Our current girl, Gracie, is fun loving and sweet natured; her hobbies include camping and long walks on the beach.