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  • Goldbounty
    Sarah Lindsey
    Current Health Tests

    I've been around dogs all of my life and have been training and studying dogs since 1998, I qualified as a Veterinary nurse in 2000, am a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and run my own Dog Training Business.

    I've owned and reared many different breeds of Dog.
    In 2008, I rescued Ru (Ruperts Gold Boy), a working Golden Retriever. Ru was an unwanted gun dog. He had no life skills and his first year with us was hard, whilst he learnt about life. I quickly fell in love with the breed and their loving nature.

    Ru was a registered pedigree dog and I found a new litter .... (click to read more)

  • Flaxengold
    Carol Oldring
    Current Health Tests

    I first started in Goldens in 1984 under the affix of Cardrona. I took a break from showing and breeding in 1998 but the love of this wonderful breed lured me back in 2004 under the affix Flaxengold.

    My dogs are of the utmost importance to us and live in our home as part of the family.

    We dont breed much now as I prefer to campaign my dogs in the show ring.

  • Gaytonwood
    Dawn and Andy Rose
    Kislingbury, Northampton
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small kennel that breeds the occasional litter.

    We are a real dual purpose kennel with both show bred and working bred Goldens and we also have working bred labradors and a cocker who help out in the shooting season.

    All our dogs live as family and have lovely temperaments.

    We support the schemes for Hip Scoring, Elbow Scoring and Eye testing and details are available on request. We also have DNA tested all of our breeding stock.

  • Solentgold
    Mrs Lyndsey Uglow
    Current Health Tests


    Our dogs are much loved additions to our family and are fantastic pets and companions. All four have qualified as Pets as Therapy dogs and we visit the wards and Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital as well as a local nursing homes.

    We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders. Our dogs have passed the necessary BVA/KC health schemes for the breed and have been DNA tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Please visit our website where you can verify the health tests using the link to the Kennel Club health .... (click to read more)

  • Tenfield
    Kim Ellis
    Current Health Tests

    I and my family of Golden Retrievers along with 'Tamu' the Basenji live within two miles of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain.

    I have been owned by Goldens continuously since 1975 and before that owned a Beagle, adding a Basenji in 1978, who was my first real show dog. With my first Golden I competed in obedience and agility and started showing my second Golden in 1985. 'Ramble' won a Reserve CC at two years old and later became a Champion when I moved to Germany on marriage. She also produced my first litter in 1989 and all of my current Goldens have Ramble in their pedigree, including .... (click to read more)

  • Hilsgolden
    Mrs Hilary Maidment
    Current Health Tests

    We live in a quiet North Dorset Market Town, and never far from lovely walks, with the coast about an hour away, we have 3 lovely Goldies our first Goldie is Sophie (Alasken Orchid at Hilsgolden) she is from the Denmarella Line, we have had her since she was 8 weeks old in 2003 she is such a lovely girl loves being with the children and loves her walks,we bred her with Oliver (Shazeldon Love me Tender at Tannadice) and she had a litter of 5 puppies we kept one which is our Kizzie (Hilsgolden Lady in Disguise) she was born in 2006 she also loves being with the children and loves to go to the .... (click to read more)

  • Toni Weeks
    Milton Keynes
    Current Health Tests

    My first Golden Retriever puppy, Bradley (Kylara Royal Consort) came to live with us in 1996, the same year my daughter was born.
    After the initial shock meeting (Jessica was born at home) Bradley never left her side! They were the very best of friends until we sadly had to say goodbye to Bradley at 13 1/2 years old.
    It took 5 long years for us to open our hearts to another Golden and now we have two, hopefully three by the end of next year!
    Life is just too short not to share it with a Golden! xx

  • Chrisper
    Mrs Christine Allsop
    Current Health Tests

    I have been showing and breeding golden retrievers since 1979. I am very selective in my breeding program, and when I do so, I produce sound , healthy well adjusted puppies, who are born in our house and raised there.All my own dogs live in our house.They are all shown and have done very well . I work two of my girls and one of the boys who have attained their show gun dog working certificates . Charlie has her french working title and her Kennel Club working certificate.
    "UC" is a registered Pets as Therapy dog who is enrolled in the Read 2 program helping children to read. He visits a .... (click to read more)

  • Aerismadin
    Kay Frost
    Current Health Tests

    We are a family that adores, working our dogs to the best of their ability, bred for temperament and trainability, all our dogs live alongside each other and we only breed to expand our ever growing family as they leave home allegedly. Tizi well done had her first litter July 2015, has proven to be an adoring mother , coping well with motherhood. She lives alongside Milly had her first litter in 2012 and proudly presented 11 healthy puppies, they are in their new loving homes and thriving. 2 Puppies joined canine partners to train as assistance dogs for the disabled . Milly is fit, healthy .... (click to read more)

  • Eveninghill
    Mrs Linda Harding
    Central Bedfordshire
    Current Health Tests

    Our first golden retriever came into our lives in 1996. Her name was Pascha and we thought (and still do) that she was the most beautiful dog in the world. She made such an impact on us that we knew we had to increase our golden family. Our plans were to breed from her and to keep a puppy, however, that was not to be. Pascha was found to have hereditary cataracts so that meant that a litter was out of the question. When Pascha was two years old she was joined by Wispa (Highcourt Makebelieve of Eveninghill) whom she adored and then our story really began.

    We bred our first litter in .... (click to read more)

  • Joyshan Golden Retrievers
    Julie Taylor
    West Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    Marchmanor Heart of Gold at Joyshan (Tinsel) is a stunning girl with an amazing temperament. She has gained her bronze Good Citizen and also silver obedience certificate. She competes in agility and KC showing and has shown at Crufts. She also enjoys general fun shows and is unbeaten in fastest sausage retrieve and temptation alley. She is vey fit and healthy spending most of her time running round the fields with her mum.

  • Palmonas
    Pat Sloan
    Tyne and Wear
    Current Health Tests

    We live with our canine family in the outskirts of Sunderland close to the River Wear. Our dogs are family pets and live in the house with us. As such, they are used to children of all ages and they are well socialised. Our dogs have below average hip scores.

    At present we have 2 golden retriever girls - Lola and Fionn and a pup which we kept from Fionn's litter called Chase (Palmonas Man of the World).

    Lola (Alibren Attraction for Palmonas) is 5 years old and a real show off and she really loves being the centre of attention. Lola's hip score is 3:6, elbows 0 and she has a .... (click to read more)

  • Laurenley
    Janis Ward
    Current Health Tests


    I bred my first litter of Goldens in 1982 and have owned them for over 40 years. I have trained and worked my Goldens in Obedience Competitions, Working Trials and Show Gundog Working tests. I am also a Breed Judge and advice is always on hand.

    All my dogs have won or been placed at Championship Shows in the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg and have superb temperaments.

    Please note that all Health results can be checked on the Kennel Club website by typing in the kennel name of any dog.

  • Willowlawn
    Christine Ashton
    Current Health Tests

    I have been breeding Golden Retrievers for 25 years & am a KC Accredited Breeder. At present we have 5 Goldens who live in the house as pets, & have all passed KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver & Gold awards, are Crufts qualified, microchipped, hip & elbow scored & have current clear eye certificates.

    I aim to breed sound good looking dogs who are equally at home in the show ring, out & about on a family ramble or snuggled up in front of the fire.

    I have bred 2 UK Champions, an Irish, a Russian & 5 Australian Champions & have judged the breed all over Europe & in Australia. I also .... (click to read more)

  • Motlaisa
    Mr & Mrs Ac & Mp Murley
    St Neots
    Current Health Tests

    I have been showing and breeding for 40 years. My husband is the person who stays home and makes sure all is well here why i am absent. Our dogs are first and foremost our buddies. Showing comes second. We have a had a good amount of success at open and championship level. Win or lose you bring home the best dog.
    We live in the countryside so the dogs have plenty of space and room to run at will. We sometimes have a litter, but only rarely as we don't feel the need to breed all the time.
    When we do breed it is to help hopefully to improve the breed. So hips,eyes etc are all taken into .... (click to read more)

  • Minnistye
    Vivien and Peter Tye
    Current Health Tests

  • Wiesgelden
    Mrs Susan Kidd
    Current Health Tests

    I am an Assured Breeder with the Kennel Club, all litters bred by me are fully health checked home reared dogs.

  • Linjor
    Linda Harvey Major
    Ross On Wye

    dedicated to labradors for over 40 years, all dogs live in and are home reared, with health checks and super temperament have bred for Guide dogs, hearing dogs and dogs for the disabled

  • Middlevale
    Mrs Jane Hooper
    Current Health Tests

    We reside in East Devon, a large country House with our 2 golden Retrievers molly,and ellie-Rose her daughter, along side grandchildren, and 5 free range chickens.

    The girls are primarily our family pets although they do have exceptional pedigree's clear eye certificates and hip score of 11.

    We only breed occasionally and always chose a stud to enchance the breed.

    Most of our previous litters owners have become our friends and often drop in en-route to see us. We love to socialise, walk and enjoy our dogs.

  • Kadaka
    Ann Smyth
    Current Health Tests

    Kadaka is a small, family run kennel in the heart of Devon on the edge of dartmoor, close to the sea. Our kennel was started by myself in 1994 and today we currently have four generations of homebred girls in the home, Ella (14), Kassie (9), Roxy (7), Yana (5), Poppy (3) and Mindy (2)
    We live on the edge of a small town where our dogs live indoors as part of our family. Our girls are primarily our companions and friends. They love nothing more than running through the woods and swimming in the rivers and sea, whilst getting as dirty as possible on the moor.
    Through careful breeding we .... (click to read more)