Glen Of Imaal Terrier

Glen Of Imaal Terrier picture


Possibly developed by the Lowland and Hessian troops who had been granted land in the Glen of Immal, a region south east of Knockanarrigan in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

A dog big enough to tackle vermin of all sizes, hardy enough to subsist on a poor diet and with a bark that would suggest to trespassers that they were dealing with a much larger dog.

This tough terrier is not a pursuit dog, but an earth worker, used to draw fox, badger and otter.


A double coat that does not moult, makes them ideal for people with allergies. A big dog on little legs, he is very well built, which makes him very substantial and although the maximum size is 14" he has the air of a much larger dog.

Glens are quite easy to train, being very people orientated they will certainly stand their ground under provocation but should never instigate trouble. However remember they are a terrier and have the terrier characteristic of single minded stubbornness, they do need firm handling.


Glens have a condition called GPRA/crd3 which can lead to blindness in old age. However a DNA test for this condition is available and any prospective owner should be aware of their puppy’s parents eye status and only buy a puppy whose parents have been tested with one of the parents being clear of the complaint. This will be stated clearly on the puppy’s registration papers.