German Spitz Mittel

German Spitz Mittel picture


The German Spitz in the UK originated from four imported dogs who were then mated to Pomeranians. Subsequently breeders were asked to register puppies as either Klein or Mittel and then they were bred according to the register they were on and there was no crossing of Kleins with Mittels.

German Spitz were originally bred to go and stand on dung heaps and act as watch dogs hence their ability today to bark until you acknowledge that you have heard them.

The breed rapidly declined during the war due to people wanting to be patriotic.


German Spitz are an active breed. Their intelligence lends them to many things. They are very trainable given the right encouragement and can do well in active occupations such as agility.

To live with the German Spitz can be a lot of fun. They are great characters and love to have cuddles and be part of the family. They enjoy walking and are easy to take out with you due to their usually happy nature.

Mittel means middle and the German Spitz Mittel is the larger of the two sizes of German Spitz in the UK. The smaller size is known as the German Spitz Klein. The idea is that both the Mittel and the Klein are the same dogs just a different size.


There have been incidences of eye problems in German Spitz and it is wise to buy a puppy that has been litter screened.

PRA and RD are the main areas of concern and tests can be undertaken under the BVA scheme.

Patella luxation has also been reported as an issue in some German Spitz. Currently there is no recognised test for this.

Currently there is a study to look at whether incidences of epilepsy have a genetic basis.