German Spitz Klein

German Spitz Klein picture


The German spitz was thought to have been owned by Queen Victoria.

The Breed comes in two sizes, Kleins 23-29 cms (9 - 11 ˝ inches) Mittels 30-38 cms (12 - 15 inches).

The breed was re introduced back into the UK in 1975.


The German Spitz is intelligent, easy to train and has been used both in ‘Heelwork to Music’ as well as taking to Agility.

They are devoted to their owners, and make good family pets. They are very active and take to long walks just as easily as a stroll to the park.

The breed looks difficult to groom, but in fact the harsh texture of their coats does not knot easily, apart from the softer fur behind their ears. Prospective owners should be aware that when the ‘moulting’ occurs this coat should brushed on a regular basis during this time to avoid it being all over the house! Their coats do not smell and so makes them an ideal companion to have living with the family.


The breed is on the whole very healthy, and many breeders will eye test regularly. Responsible breeders will have already had their puppies tested by their own vets before they leave for their new homes.

Occasional heart murmurs, and luxating patella. Again choose a responsible breeder who would not use unhealthy stock to breed from.