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  • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Invader Padesion ShCM x Milebushfarm Bella
    South Yorkshire
    16th May 2014
    Sire Health Tested

    Were are pleased to announce the successful mating between milebushfarm Bella ( willow) and sh ch isara kurzhaar invader padesion (gus) puppies are due around the 16th of May, puppies will be raised in a busy house hold with lots of comings and goings so getting them ready for there new homes, puppies will ready for there new homes in July, puppies will be legally docked and dewclaws removed with relevant documentation, sire fully health tested, if you would like to give one of our special puppies a home please don't hesitate to contact us.
    Research on the breed is a must they are a very .... (click to read more)

  • Lehaunstown Cure The Blues of Deepthatch x Solentview Show Gun Girl of Arbourtrees
    5th February 2014
    Dam Health Tested

    We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Solentview Show Gun Girl of Arbourtrees puppies, who were born on 5th Feb 2014.

    Solentview Show Gun Girl of Arbourtrees, Ellie, is a liver ticked girl with a very kind and sweet nature. She is calm, laid back at home and loves everyone, especially children. Ellie is also very biddable out in the field and was easy to train.

    Lehaunstown Cure the Blues of Deepthatch, Tyson, comes from a long line of working strain, he has a keen work ethic in the field and has five generations of field trial champions behind him, one who is also a .... (click to read more)

  • Jennaline Jock Ahoy Mackoy x Grenetrest Salla Zend at Delvais
    6th March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    *Current availability for reservation @ 6 weeks - 1 x SOLID LIVER DOG*


    We are thrilled to announce that our wonderful Jenna (Grenetrest Salla Zend at Delvais) has been confirmed in whelp to Mac (Jennaline Jock Ahoy MacKoy JW).

    This is a well considered mating. Both Jenna and Mac have fantastic pedigrees, excellent temperaments and are a joy to have around. They are both hip scored and health checked.

    Jenna is a stunning girl; she is gentle, kind and willing and has shown a keen .... (click to read more)

  • Ir Sh Ch Barleyarch Blue Riband at Tomanipoint (Cw13 Jun Ch) x Uk Ir & Int Sh Ch Karlivar Dusky Rose at Tomanipoint
    23rd March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    **** 5 beautiful puppies born 22nd March - 3 girls, 2 dogs ****

    This is a very special 1st litter from our beautiful Lucy (UK, Ir & International Sh Ch Karlivar Dusky Rose at Tomanipoint Jun Ch) by our equally beautiful Oskar (Ir Sh Ch Barleyarch Blue Riband at Tomanipoint Jun Ch).

    Although both parents are Top Winning Show GSP's in Ireland with excellent pedigrees (including some of the UK's all time GSP greats), Lucy and Oskar are first and foremost our family pets and companions with excellent temperaments, outgoing personalities and sound health test results which we feel .... (click to read more)

  • Sh Ch Koolwaters Accolade ShCM x Betula Berry
    East Sussex
    23rd April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    We are all excited to announce the successful mating between our beautiful Pimms and handsome Jester.
    Pimms is confirmed to be in whelp and her litter due 23rd April onwards.
    This is a repeat mating after such an amazing and healthy litter from last year.
    Both Pimms and Jester have fantastic pedigrees, excellent health and hip testing results.
    As last year our puppies will be bought into the world surrounded by care, devotion and love.
    Puppies will NOT be docked or dew claws removed but will be KC Registered, vet checked with 8 week inoculation, wormed, 4 week free insurance .... (click to read more)

  • Winterwell Fortywinks at Radstorm JW x Tuptonsett Midnight Pepsie
    West Yorkshire
    22nd March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Current availability x 2 SOLID BLACK DOGS x 1 SOLID LIVER DOGS x1 LIVER & WHITE DOG

    We are pleased to announce the llitter of two excellent gsp’s, Pepsie (Tuptonsett Midnight Pepsie) and Grouse (Winterwell Fortywinks At Radstorm JW) has now arrived. Pepsie is doing exceptionally well as are all the puppies. The puppies arrivied between midnight and 6am on 22/03/2014. 10 IN TOTAL !!! Pepsie has produced, 1 x LIVER & WHITE bitch, 1 x LIVER & WHITE dog, 2 x SOLID LIVER boys with small white chest mark, 1x SOLID LIVER bitch with small white chest mark, 1 x SOLID BLACK bitch with small .... (click to read more)

  • Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Invader Padesion ShCM x Andsal Wannado
    South Yorkshire
    11th February 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Our fourth Penidasher litter arrived successfully across the night of 11th/12th February 2014.

    Rolo produced a gorgeous well sized litter of 7 bitches, and 6 Dogs, all pups are Liver & White.

    A gentle giant, very placid, biggest in litter to good home.

    We are taking reservations for this litter from a very high quality pairing with Show Champion Stud dog: SH CH Isara Kurzhaar Invader Padesion.

    With high quality German working lines backing up Rolos pedigree we have combined this with 'Gus' a .... (click to read more)

  • Sh Ch Valger Nearco From Keigame (Ai) JW x Redic Jetsetter
    2nd April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED 3 Liver/White boys. Mum and babies all doing well. We are assured breeders and the welfare of our puppies come first.They will have their dew claws removed but NOT DOCKED. They will be reared in a home enviroment.
    Arco (SH CH Valer Nearco from Keigame ) is the first GSP bred by AI to gain his SH CH status he is a very gentle boy. He is also worked during the shooting season.
    Coco has been shown and had qualfied for Crufts this year. As her name suggests she is a fun loving girl and loves to please. all puppies will be KC registered, wormed every 2 weeks, .... (click to read more)

  • Aarranz Rough Diamond x Blueskies Acer
    1st April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Acers litter, a repeat mating to Rough Diamond. The previous litter was stunning. These beautiful dogs will make wonderful pets or will work. They will have dew claws removed and will be microchipped. Tails may be docked if going to working homes and booked at birth. Further pictures may be viewed on the champdogs blueskies webpage. The previous same way bred litter produced vesper lynd, which may be seen on the webpage

  • Radstorm Ballad x Keigame The Witching Hour at Radstorm JW
    North Yorkshire
    11th April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Puppies are on the way!!
    Chia is expecting her puppies around 11th April.

    My beautiful Chia. From the moment she stepped into the showring at 6 months old it was obvious she had the attitude & that "extra special something" that just could not be ignored, winning Reserve CC at only 13 months old, Junior Warrant & 1st in Yearling Bitch at Crufts. She is a super little girl, who loves to hunt.

    This is a repeat mating with Hobbes (Radstorm Ballad), a real head-turner & very talented young dog in the shooting field, with the most adorable, full-on friendly nature. One of .... (click to read more)

  • Isara Kurzhaar Wieser x Jessophia La Traviata
    West Yorkshire
    3rd April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Update ..* Puppies Have Arrived *
    Neeka has had 5 Dogs & 3 Bitches Mum and babies doing great ..

    This is Neeka's second litter - she has been mated to Isara Kurzhaar Wieser.
    Neeka is an absolute delight to live with - full of beans & mischief, but such a kind, happy girl that she always manages to make us laugh.She also has natural instinct to Hunt .

    We are very excited at the pairing & hoping that their puppies will inherit the right qualities for show and work, but most importantly excellent health and wonderful temperaments for family pets.

    Flym AKA Isara .... (click to read more)

  • Seasham Jumpin Jack Flash x Seasham Love Foolosophy JW
    Burton Upon Trent
    South Derbyshire
    15th February 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    *we unexpectedly have a lovely bitch puppy available due to a last minute change of plan - see top picture*

    We are expecting puppies around 15th Feb from our Tara and our own young dog Henry.

    Tara is a very loving bitch who is a real live wire when out and about, as you would expect from this breed. She is a full on water baby, she just loves water and swimming. She is a good retriever especially. She has been shown and has gained her Junior Warrant and a RCC. Her daughter Petra has also gained her Junior Warrant.

    Henry is the most gentle and considerate dog, he loves to .... (click to read more)

  • Isara Kurzhaar Quicklerner at Merganser x Pink Diamond
    11th April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    We are really pleased at the safe arrival of Rannoch's first litter on 11th April - eight bundles of joy, 6 boys and 2 girls - the two girls are Liver & White, as are four of the boys and two solid liver boys. All the L&W pups are beautifully marked. Rannoch is a wonderful mum, and all the pups are doing well.
    Rannoch is a wonderful family dog, with a great temperament and boundless energy. She has been health tested with a Hip Score of 4-6.We chose Merlin because he has a wonderful temperament, and his parentage will compliment Rannoch's, to produce good natured healthy pups. We live in .... (click to read more)

  • Withamfriary Baily x Crockwells Milkshake
    24th April 2014

    Litter is due 24th April 2014. Info on parents, both parents have great temperment. Parents are both from a working strain but also make great pets. Sire black and white, Dam liver and tick. Pups will be docked and d/clawed under licence.

  • Winterwell Fortywinks at Radstorm JW x Magregor Pumpkin
    North Yorkshire
    28th April 2014
    Sire Health Tested

    The third and Final Kennel Club Registered litter off MaGregor Pumpkin(Flick)is due around 28/04/14. The previous stunning puppies have grown into wonderful homely and working Dogs.
    The puppies will be suitable family and working dogs which will be KC Registered, Docked and Micro chipped.

    Please register interest as soon as possible due to avoid disappointment.

  • Jabari Mitra Iz Tiskog Rita (Imp) x Salix Willow
    South Norwood
    8th May 2014
    Dam Health Tested

    I am really excited to announce the successful mating of Bou and Mitre. Mitre has been brought over from Europe by his owner Lucy Page - who has spent a great deal of time introducing new blood stock into the English GSP range. He has had full health checks - with a hip score of 7 and comes from an International Championship lineage. He is a fantastic looking and handsome lad - with a relaxed character in the home around the family and alert and active when out and about. He has a white and liver ticked coat and has an athletic and graceful build.

  • Isara Kurzhaar Quicklerner at Merganser x Robincroft Tiny Dancer
    26th March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Gorgeous litter of 4 girls and 2 boys born on 26th March.
    Proud mum Islay was mated with Merlin for his temperament , looks and proven ability to sire quality puppies of good type. Please see Isara Kurzaar website for more details of Merlin.
    Both parents have low hip scores, puppies are bred to have fabulous temperaments that will show, work or make great pets.
    Puppies are not docked but have dew claws removed. They will live in the house and have every attention lavished on them (mum is already working on this!), and will be regularly wormed.
    They will be KC reg and leave with 4 .... (click to read more)

  • Arkangath Mud Dauber x Sh Ch Winterwell Miss Tique
    South Yorkshire
    12th March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    This has been a very carefully plain d litter. hopefully bringing out the best of winterwell.Beauty and Brains.Beau has had her puppies 6 dogs and 1 bitch.All puppies from this litter will be Docked dew clawed and Microchip. One dog and one Bitch puppy available.

  • Winterwell Fortywinks at Radstorm x Gorsley Gal
    County Durham
    25th March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    ***Stella has given birth to a lovely litter of 8 pups, 4 boys and 4 girls. She is bring a fantastic mum****

    We are excited to announce that Stella is expecting her first litter of puppies - due the end of March.
    Stella is of lovely temperament and is extremely intelligent, she is a very enthusiastic working dog and has a soft mouth.
    Grouse is a gentle, laid back & affectionate dog. He is a natural retriever with a soft mouth, and is keen to demonstrate this ability at every available opportunity.
    Grouse has a successful track record in the show ring, including winning 2 .... (click to read more)

  • Sh Ch Neth Ch Kavacanne Toff at The Top JW ShCM (W'10'11) x Clumberdale Tess at Smilek
    19th April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    We are delighted to announce our beautiful Tess (Clumberdale Tess) has been scanned and confirmed in whelp to Morgan (SHCH & NED CH Kavacanne Toff at the Top).

    Tess is a very kind, gentle GSP with an excellent temperament. She leads a very busy life taking part in many activities ie obedience, agility and gundog classes in which she excels. First and foremost she is a much loved member of our family.

    This will be my first litter of GSP's, hence I have taken great care with the choice of stud dog. I have sought help and advice from experienced people within the breed, and have .... (click to read more)