German Shorthaired Pointer Owners

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  • Mrs Zoe Lander
    Current Health Tests

  • Amicizia
    Wendy Griffiths

    Amicizia is a family concern. Our dogs are part of that family, they live in the house with us, enriching our lives everyday. They mean the world to us and we strive to provide them with a happy and healthy lifestyle.

    Amicizia means friendship and our ethos is love and friendship for life.

  • Sarah and Iain Packham
    Current Health Tests

    Tally is solid liver in colour and she will be 3 years old at the end of June. She is a very affectionate, inquisitive dog who is always up for a game! She has been brought up in a house with two young boys so loves to be around children. She is always keen to please and learns commands very quickly, although she has received no formal training. She has a great pedigree. (Dam - Sanjon Crystal and sire - Sanjon Aramis, grandfather Pradellinensis Pablo).

  • Gardrum
    James Hutton
    Current Health Tests

    Bracken DOB 13/7/2013,

  • Shadrack Nelson
    Current Health Tests

    Breeding German shorthaired pointers is my hobby and passion and I seek to produce quality working dogs

  • Mrs Charlotte Rowland
    Current Health Tests

    My interest in GSP's began in early 2000 when was looking for a 'companion' to accompany me to the stables. After a lot of seaching and researching I decided that a GSP was the right dog for me. That is when Otto joined the family and right from the start he was a perfect text book GSP - loyal biddable and tremendous fun!

    Then in 2007 Mocha (Jenevarc Muckle Skerry) came to live with us as a 4 yr old. She had been shown with success with her first owners but with a young family to look after I found I had no time to carry this on, so she beccame our family dog and along with our .... (click to read more)

  • Mrs Lucy Munt

    Jabari German Shorthair Pointers

  • Ingahof
    Mark Porteous
    East Yorkshire

    I have full-German working dogs only. I only breed for myself to ensure I maintain the best bloodlines.

  • Devlines
    Mark Rees

    We are breeders of the Working Weimaraner based down in Sunny Devon. Our Gundogs work every season on local shoots in Devon and Cornwall but are first and foremost family pets that live in our home.
    Our stud is our very own handsome boy Murphy and our dame is our very own gorgeous Maisy.

    We are also owners of a German Shorthaired Pointer who also works alongside our Weimaraner.
    If you would like further information on our breeds or any forthcoming litters, please drop me a line at your convenience.

  • Tuptonsett
    Mrs B Beresford
    Current Health Tests

    Our kennel is TUPTONSETT
    We are breeders of German Shorthaired Pointers.

    We currently own, show,and breed German Shorthaired Pointers for many years
    We have had great success at champ shows, agility and olympic medals.
    We pride ourselves on breeding quality fit for the purpose GSP's.
    Their well being comes first and foremost.

  • Mark Allen
    North Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    Our stunning 6 year old liver/white German Short Haired Pointer 'FLYNN' is a proven stud, producing over 5 litters of average 10+ beautiful healthy puppies. He is health tested and a very fit strong dog, hunting most days. He is KC registered with a 5 generation pedigree and from excellent FT CH bloodlines. Both parents are FT CH sire Dunpender Rabbie, dam Stubblemere Harlequin at Jhebron. Flynn is an outstanding working dog, both under the gun and with birds of prey. He has a brilliant temperament around children and animals and is a valued family member with great character and loyalty. The .... (click to read more)

  • Janet & Mike Fletcher
    Nr Rugby
    Current Health Tests

    Owned by
    Janet & Mike Fletcher

  • Jill Quigley

    Due 8th June

  • Mr Ps Donaldson
    Current Health Tests

    I have been working German shorthaired pointers as gundogs for the last 7 years. We have worked on grouse, pheasant, woodcock, snipe and all types of wildfowl. The dam and sire are two of my three GSP and we have been trying for this breeding for a number of years. This year they have successfully produced a litter of wonderful pups. Our hope is that they will find good working homes but as long as they are loved they will settle into any home.

  • Joshua Beer
    North Yorkshire

    Hi. My names Josh and I'm the proud owner of Meg, my black and white gsp. As well as being a working dog, she is a loyal and loving family pet.

  • Tony Gordon-Webb
    Mid Glamorgan
    Current Health Tests

    Monty was breed by the experienced breeders from Whistlecraft, Lowestoft Suffolk. Monty is a handsome, loyal and a very good natured dog. He has a superb temperament, quite laid back, affectionate dog and very obedient - willing to please.

    Monty has a previous showing strain, but I have so far only been working him on local shoots. Monty has an excellent nose, with a soft mouth.

    Monty is a proven stud and stands at 25 inches in height and has been health checked.

    Hip Score 5:7 = 12
    Health Checked

  • Tony Donegan
    Current Health Tests

    All pups have now been sold

  • Risley
    Catherine Kelly
    Po Lifford

    I have had dogs all of my life, and began breeding American cockers in 1992, I was in the breed for six years I did show lightly, and breed a few very nice litters. More and more health issues were creeping into the lines at that time and I decided to stop breeding the American Cockers. I bought my first Vizsla in 1998 from Judith Curruthers and showed her until she had an accident , she was then retired from the show ring but went on to produce a lovely litter of pups. I now have Vizslas as my main breed and two German Shorthaired pointers.
    All of my dogs are hip scored , and we would .... (click to read more)

  • Jane Lowe
    Current Health Tests

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Current Health Tests

    Hilda is the first GSP I have had the pleasure of owning. She is primarily a pet, but shows great working instinct. She has a fantastic nature, and is a great example of what superb dogs GSPs can make.