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  • Ashlindt Meteor (Cdex Udex Wdex)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    ASHLINDT METEOR (known as Matrix) is our first homebred GSD retained for the purpose of competing in Working Trials. He is showing great promise and has now begun competing this year so far gaining his CDEX, UDEX and WDEX. Hopefully he will be entering his first PD Open later this year.

  • Xato Vom Sickinger Moorwerk (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    New working import ! xato vom sickinger moorwerk.

    *** Ipo.3. ~ 97-92-95.
    *** Fh.1. ~ 97. 'V'
    *** Fh.2. ~ 98. 'V'
    *** Kkl. ( Lebenzeit ).
    *** ' V ' show grade.

    All xato's health tests are vet verified !

    *** Hips 'a' normal.
    *** Elbows 'a' normal.
    *** Dna. GeprÜft.
    *** Haemophilia 'a' clear.
    *** Pd..(Pituitary dwarfism)clear. *** Dm.(Degenerative myelopathy) clear.
    *** Mdr1.. (Ivermectin sensitivity).. Clear.
    *** Mps.. (Mucopolysaccharidosis type vii). Clear.
    *** B-locus..(Liver colour gene)..Clear.
    *** D-locus dilute..(Blue colour .... (click to read more)

  • Tracelyn Tyrrell of Bannersway
    Health Tested

    Tyrrell is a stunning black large boy. Like his grandfather and father before him he is my constant companion and enjoying the training we do. He has already gained a few qualifications in Working Trials and we will be continuing along the road together.
    Many of Tyrrell family members and siblings are know to us either as first class family dogs or working in obedience agility showing and working trials. They are the sort of dogs that are calm easy to live with but if you do want to do more they have the button to press.
    Elbows 0/0 hips 1/1 , his mother is 0/0 hips.
    DM clear .... (click to read more)

  • Vonthurlow'S Lazer
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    Here we have Lazer a happy boy He has now been hip scored at 3-7 Elbows 0-0 He is a Chloe/Giggs boy with an excellent temperament and pedigree.
    His mother cyah anask vonthurlow has now been tested clear of PD, However he is a carrier therefore anyone wanting to use Lazer must have their bitch tested for PD.Clear

  • Hausmailand Xantia
    Health Tested

    Our Beautiful girl Hausmailand Xantia also known as super bred with all German show/working bloodlines. She is a lovely sweet natured girl, and a pleasure to own.

  • Kestenbar Zorro Mit Tydain
    Health Tested

    Kestenbar Zorro Mit Tydain (Gus) is bred from excellent working bloodlines. He is a large predominantly black male with small amounts of tan on the lower legs. He has a superb temperament, no handler aggression, has excellent prey & defence drives and is a very easy dog to work. Gus is an excellent guard dog but also very good with the family and other dogs. A joy to own. His hip score is 4-5, his elbow score is 0

  • Crumpsbrook Hemlock
    Health Tested

    Mojo has a superb temperament and is such an affectionate, gentle and loving family dog.

    He has a hip score off 0/0 and elbows 0/0

    He is also heamaphilia A clear

    He loves nothing more than playing with my other dogs and my young children at my yard around the horses.

    He is very sensible and kind!

    I did take him to the Windsor show in 2012 (he won both his classes).

    He will only be used with bitches that are hip and elbow tested!

  • Rildellavita'S Secret
    Health Tested

    Gorgeous Long coat Liver sable. Genetically DM clear, Hip and elbow scored.
    Lovely boy, always happy to play.
    Gives lovely puppies with a litter due in a couple of weeks

  • Foxfold On A Mission
    Health Tested

    A lovely sable longcoat, good straight backed, old fashioned type. Proven sire. Impeccable pedigree.
    Hips 4:2
    Elbows 0:0

    Gaffer has the most gorgeous temperament with people and other animals, He's a prize winning obedience dog. Can be seen by appointment. Health tested bitches only please.

  • Appy Von Krausplatz of Rockforce (Imp Nld)
    Rockforce German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    Ekko is a medium sized long coat sable male of even proportions with a kind and alert expression.

    He has been imported from The Netherlands and has been bred from full working lineage.

    He is keen and energetic but does not possess the manic drive of a working dog.

    Ekko has an honest and extremely friendly manner and loves everyone he meets.

    He has a very quiet, kind, gentle and trustworthy disposition and is always eager to please.

    Ekko's progeny will fit in well in all aspects of work from a steady family pet to an obedience or working trials .... (click to read more)

  • Maetek Zukie Zed
    Health Tested

    Zukie has excellent temperament proven sire with hip score of 4-5 all bitches coming to him must have vaccinations up to date his fee is £300 with no pups free return

  • Mack Vom Haus Valkenplatz (Imp Ndl)
    Health Tested

    Mack vom haus valkenplatz, all black dutch import. Excellent temperment, producing good quality pups for pets and police dog work. Mack has been used by uk police forces in their breeding programs so far with great success. Currently he has produced over 40 police dogs and numerous pets with superb natures and temperaments. He has a hipscore of 3:4=7, elbow score of 0:0, and is producing excellent hips and elbows he has been blood tested and his dna has been stored for future use, he is one of the few stud dogs in the uk "clear" of pd (pituitery dwarfism) cdm (canine degenerative myelopathy) .... (click to read more)

  • Sergio Vom Salztalblick
    Health Tested

    * SERGIO VOM SALZTALBLICK ( Import Germany ). *
    * Sch.H.3. FH.1. Kkl.1. SG. Lebenzeit. *
    * Hips & Elbows ' A ' Stamp Normal *
    * Haemophilia Tested Normal *


    'Sergio' was purchased not only because he himself is an oustanding example of a true working dog but because his bloodlines are also outstanding.

    Both his parents ( not just his Sire ) are highly qualified also attaining the Lebenzeit title as have all four of his Grandparents. Sergio .... (click to read more)

  • Cedarsmount Eddy
    Cedarsmount German Shepherds
    Church Stretton
    Health Tested

    Eddy is a handsome dark sable with a sound temperament, very reliable and affectionate.

  • Myskies Chance In A Million
    Trelyon German Shepherds
    Health Tested

    bear is a very large loving dog he is always on the go he has an excellent nature he will always try to please, He is producing very large chunky puppies which have the same stunning looks and excellent temperament as him.
    Bear is a long coat

  • Sharan Temperton Vonthurlow (Imp Pol)
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    Sharan is extensively health tested
    DM : n/n clear -
    PD : n/n clear -
    MPS : n/n clear
    MDR1 : n/n clear
    DNA Profiled : normal -
    Elbow Score : 0 -
    Hip Score : 7/5 = 12 -
    Haemophilia : normal -
    He is a proven stud who carries the long coat gene. He is a very large stunning dog with excellent bone and temperament he is a cheerful boy and loved by everyone who meets him indeed a super male who produces large chunky puppies.
    He is available to health tested bitches with good temperament.

  • Alfonso Prince Charming of Dorisding
    Health Tested

    My pet name is Marley, in a PROVEN Stud!

    My hip score is 6/6 and my Elbow's are 0/0.

    I am the biggest, softest, cuddliest gentle giant you could ever meet! I am very obedient and love spending time with my owners.

    I am the perfect house dog and you don’t even know I’m there most of the time. I love playing with my little dogs in the house and any dogs we meet when out for walks.

    I am the only alpha male and i do get spoilt. I love to eat and i get lots of juicy treats.

    I have sired 1 littler of 6 so far.

  • Harro Vom Heiligental of Reinglen (Imp Deu)
    Reinglen German Shepherds
    West Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Harro vom Heiligental (Goran van Serburus x Tess vom Raubschlößchen) is a Working German Shepard Dog born on 17/12/13. Bred by Danielle Jonker and Geert Troonen at Kennel "vom Heiligental'. We brought him over from Germany at 15 weeks old, our plan is to compete in IPO with him.

    He has a very steady calm nature with a very good on/off switch. He settled into our family with no problems, the girls accepted him straight away. He has started his training and seems to be picking it up quickly and really enjoys himself. Harro has passed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good .... (click to read more)

  • Cooba Vom Weissen Falken (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    Our beautiful son of the late great Buffalo Bill
    Cooba has been a dream to live with from the moment he arrived .(with out the help from my special friends Stephine Silly who lives in France for looking after him and treating him like one of her own until he was old enough to travel and Sue Dooley(Giantlands) for collecting him from france.
    He is very calm and laid back and ADORES everyone he meets . he shares our home with our other dogs and our cat.
    Cooba qualified for crufts making him the first solid black long coat to do this . However Cooba has made it pretty clear there is .... (click to read more)

  • Yimmy Von Der Friesenklippe (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested



    *** IPO.3. ~ 100- 80- 95.
    *** FH.1. ~ 98.'V'
    *** FH.2. ~ 97.'V'
    *** Kkl. ( PASSED ).
    *** ' V ' SHOW GRADE.

    *** HIPS ' A ' NORMAL.
    *** ELBOWS ' A ' NORMAL.
    *** DNA. GEPRÜFT.
    *** PD.. (Pituitary Dwarfism) .. CLEAR.
    *** DM.. (Degenerative Myelopathy) .. CLEAR.
    *** MDR1.. (Ivermectin sensitivity).. CLEAR.
    *** MPS.. (Mucopolysaccharidosis type VII).. CLEAR.
    *** B-LOCUS.. (Liver colour gene ).. CLEAR.
    *** D-LOCUS DILUTE.. (Blue colour .... (click to read more)