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  • Maetek Zukie Zed
    Health Tested

    Zukie has excellent temperament proven sire with hip score of 4-5 all bitches coming to him must have vaccinations up to date his fee is £300 with no pups free return

  • Solophina Benito
    Solophina German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    The gorgeous Murphy ( Solophina Benito) SG 1, Regional show & Champ show winner, 2nd at Crufts 2016.... is now available for stud to KC Reg, Hip scored/Health tested females.

    Sire - Champion Conbhairean Gio IPO2, KKL, health tested
    Dam - Carlsbro Eika @ Solophina BH, V,SG,VP health tested

    Benito is health tested
    Hips 6+4 Elbows 0+0
    DNA pr Haemophilia clear
    Contact Rachel Asher at
    Solophina GSDs
    07872328880 &128522;

  • Xato Vom Sickinger Moorwerk (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    New working import ! xato vom sickinger moorwerk.

    *** Ipo.3. ~ 97-92-95.
    *** Fh.1. ~ 97. 'V'
    *** Fh.2. ~ 98. 'V'
    *** Kkl. ( Lebenzeit ).
    *** ' V ' show grade.

    All xato's health tests are vet verified !

    *** Hips 'a' normal.
    *** Elbows 'a' normal.
    *** Dna. GeprÜft.
    *** Haemophilia 'a' clear.
    *** Pd..(Pituitary dwarfism)clear. *** Dm.(Degenerative myelopathy) clear.
    *** Mdr1.. (Ivermectin sensitivity).. Clear.
    *** Mps.. (Mucopolysaccharidosis type vii). Clear.
    *** B-locus..(Liver colour gene)..Clear.
    *** D-locus dilute..(Blue colour .... (click to read more)

  • Ch Reyanheath Renzo
    Reyanheath German Shepherds
    Near Rugby
    Health Tested


    We are very proud to announce that Renzo won his 3rd CC at Birmingham National Championship Show, 6th May 2016.
    Judge Mark Beardow.

    D.O.B: 03. March 2011
    Hemophilia clear
    Breed Survey class 1
    BVA Eye tested clear
    Height 64.5cm.

    Renzo has a super temperament and is an approved Stud Dog for the UK "Guide Dogs for the Blind."
    He has also been sperm tested - Result 98%

    Renzo has won 3 CC's, 4 RCC's, 1 Reserve Best Of Breed, 2 Best Puppy In Breed and was .... (click to read more)

  • Rildellavita'S Secret
    Health Tested

    Gorgeous Long coat Liver sable. Genetically DM clear, Hip and elbow scored.
    Lovely boy, always happy to play.
    Gives lovely puppies with a litter due in a couple of weeks

  • Greenshadow Bracken at Chiricahua
    Health Tested

    Axel is a Short coated Black and Tan Dog. With an excellent temperament. Hip score of 7 and elbow score 0. Axel has sired several litters now and produces big boned pups.

  • Tamazan Perfectionist
    Health Tested

    Grissom was a dark bi colour sable (carrying the black gene). He had a fantastic, head, feet and bone. He was a lovely big dog who was very athletic for his size and loved to jump. He had a good temperament, hip score 2:2, Elbows 0:0 and was Heamophilia a normal.


  • Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg
    Kesenburg German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    Ursus winning his class at the two day national 2010

  • Veneze Klaus
    Health Tested

    Klaus is a very calm, affectionate and confident character. He is a qualified Canine Concern Care Dog and regularly visits the elderly in our local residential and nursing homes.
    He is beautifully constructed and totally sound and has won well at the few shows he has attended in 2013.
    SG1 GSD League Regional show.
    SG1 Southern GSD Group.
    SG1 & Jungend Sieger British Sieger Show.
    SG2 GSD Wales Championship Show 2013.
    Res CC WELKS Championship Show April 2014
    Res CC SATS Championship Show May 2014

    His Hip and Elbow status, which was done in Germany, is 'a' stamp .... (click to read more)

  • Iolanda Dax
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    2x LC Adult Sieger 2015/2016
    V1 British Champion Iolanda Dax

    Dax pictured has been bred from the very best German bloodlines.
    Dax is a very promising young male, he has a fantastic out going temperament.

    Dax is the Grandson of 2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag, 2X VA3 Viana vom Fichtenschlag and VA6 Arex von der Wilhelmswarte

    He is also producing very nice progeny both LC & SC are proving to be very typical of himself

    Dax is also now offered at stud to approved health tested Females

  • Mountwhite Rio Sorraia
    Health Tested

    We are so pleased to introduce to you our Rio he has now just turned a year old 21/11/2010
    Handsome stud White German Shepherd dog, “Mountwhite Rio Serraira”. Rio was born in 2010, from our previous litter with Istas Princess Kirtonmae and Apache the Warrior Vonthurlow. Rio is a long haired, strongly built dog, lovely big masculine head and stands 28 inches at the shoulder, he has with superb hip and elbow scores. His character is loyal, playful and loving. Pictures never do justice to Rio he is a stunning, handsome and much better looking when you see him. Rio will be available for stud .... (click to read more)

  • Apache The White Warrior at Vonthurlow
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    This is apache . Hip score 2-2 haemophilia clear. He is also elbow scored 1
    We are so proud of this handsome boy he is full of life and a pleasure to live with he still has a lot of growing to do a big old teddy bear .
    Apache is a well proven stud a gentle giant with impeccable manners, having now sired several litters we know that he carries solid black, black and gold,and produces sable .
    Pups being born from this boy have excellent bone , good quality coats with good strong head structure .

  • Sergio Vom Salztalblick
    Health Tested

    * SERGIO VOM SALZTALBLICK ( Import Germany ). *
    * Sch.H.3. FH.1. Kkl.1. SG. Lebenzeit. *
    * Hips & Elbows ' A ' Stamp Normal *
    * Haemophilia Tested Normal *


    'Sergio' was purchased not only because he himself is an oustanding example of a true working dog but because his bloodlines are also outstanding.

    Both his parents ( not just his Sire ) are highly qualified also attaining the Lebenzeit title as have all four of his Grandparents. Sergio .... (click to read more)

  • Helios Aus Famke'S Zauberwald (Imp Nld)
    Health Tested

    BVA Hip Score 6:5
    BVA Elbow Score 0:0
    Heamophillia tested clear
    Breed survey class 1 (John Robinson-Corjon)
    DNA parentage profiled
    Currently in training for IPO1
    Our second import purchase Helios Aus Famke’s Zauberwald, aka Suni, arrived in the UK on the 15th September 2012, at just under 6 months of age. Suni is from the Zauberwald kennels in Holland owned by Wilma Jonkman and Olav Ihrens and he has been trained in Holland by Benny Pley. Suni has a fantastic pedigree with his Sire being the Italian VA Fulz Di Zenevredo whose Sire in turn is the highly successful Furbo .... (click to read more)

  • Flyhart Django (Bh)
    Health Tested

    Our lovely Lego! Lego has excelled in Showing gaining numerous 1st places at Regionals including a Championship Show with the icing on the cake in 2012 gaining 2nd at The British Sieger. He is part of a Display Team and is now working towards his IPO qualifications. A dog in a million with amazing looks.
    Lego is Haemophilia Tested Clear and has a Breed Survey Class 1 (L/C)
    He is available to KC Registered, Health tested Females.
    Lego has now passed his BH and is currently training towards his IPO1.

  • Gayville'S Logo
    Health Tested

    Hugo is a large, strong male with a very masculine head and expression. He has a very friendly and extrovert character and loves to play and use his brain.
    He is sired by the Sieger of 2011 and 2012, Remo vom Fichtenschlag.
    His progeny appear to inherit his excellent character, good strength of heads and bone, along with good hips and elbows.
    Hugo carries the long coat gene.

  • Foxfold Cherokee
    Health Tested

    FOXFOLD CHEROKEE (ZEN) Thank you first of all to Tony and Brenda Fox for allowing me the honour and privilege of owning this wonderful dog. Zen is training towards his Obedience Qualifications, which have been unfortunately delayed due to my having had major spinal surgery. All being well, we will be in the ring this year. Zen has a temperament to die for, and is so easy to have around. He lives indoors with our two GSD bitches, Xena and Amber. He is fantastic with other dogs and people, big and small. I will only accept breeding to Health Checked bitches. STUD FEE PAYABLE ON VISITING.

  • Paluka Quattro
    Paluka German Shepherd Dogs
    County Durham
    Health Tested

    Quattro is owned in partnership with Kelsa and will be shown and will also train towards his IPO

    I am really pleased with Quattro's development to date, he is a big male, has a super temperament, excellent head and expression, strong bone, substance and colour. He has also passed his bronze good citizens award and is working towards his IPO qualifications.
    Top grading for his age for showing SG1 he also has won best puppy and best of breed.

  • Xerro Von Der Zenteiche (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    We are delighted to have imported Xerro and he is available to health tested females only.

    Xerro lives as a family member with very young children and has an amazing friendly temperament.

    He proved himself winning Best Long Coat Puppy at SATS Championship Show and has now matured in to a beautiful male.

    He is the father of Zuberg Hana who is a Championship Show winner and has her father fabulous temperament .

  • Quasimodo Vom Rosseleck (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    The only ScHH3, LGA Winner & 3 x BSP in the U.K.
    This dog represent a true classical German Shepherd in working ability.
    He have STUDS more than 40+ litters in Germany. A truly proven stud dog. Big kennels name like Waldwinkel and Dunklen Zwinger have used Quasi.

    U.k police force have used Quasi for there breeding programmes: Devon, Thames valley, West Mid, Surrey and metropolitan.

    He have produces many successful offspring's.
    Some at really high levels(looked at he progeny in working dogs EU).

    TRACKING: 99
    OBEDIENCE: .... (click to read more)