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  • Kenquartz Texas
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    Available for stud, Stunning grandson of famous Champion Nikonis Colin (SchH3, Kkl 1, V, 3 CC's, 3 Res CC's).
    Cubby is proven big boned, long coated, KC registered GSD male and fully health checked as below :

    * Hip scored (12)
    * Elbow scored (0)
    * Haemophilia tested normal
    * DNA clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) n/n
    * DNA clear for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) n/n
    * Clear for Multi-Drug Resistance Gene Defect ( MDR1) n/n
    * DNA clear for Pituitary
    Dwarfism (PD) n/n clear
    * MPS type Vll n/n clear

    Cubby has an absolute solid character and a .... (click to read more)

  • Christers Privateer at Klyshamic
    Health Tested

    KC Registered -
    Christers Privateer standing at Stud to Health Tested Females ONLY.

    5th Longcoat Male 2014

    5 Generation Pedigree
    Long Coat German Shepherd
    D.O.B. 18/04/2012
    BVA Hipscore 9 : 4 = 13
    Elbows 0
    Haemophilia Tested - CLEAR
    DNA Profiled.

    Breed Survey Passed Grade 1 & Placed 2nd at West Yorkshire Regional Show - Adult Long Coat Male on 04/05/14.

    Dam: Conadrew Cupid
    Sire is Champion Clokellys Lagos hips 6, elbows 0 and is Sch 3 trained.(Best of Breed Winner at Crufts).

    Everywhere we go Yogi never fails to .... (click to read more)

  • Xato Vom Sickinger Moorwerk (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    New working import ! xato vom sickinger moorwerk.

    *** Ipo.3. ~ 97-92-95.
    *** Fh.1. ~ 97. 'V'
    *** Fh.2. ~ 98. 'V'
    *** Kkl. ( Lebenzeit ).
    *** ' V ' show grade.

    All xato's health tests are vet verified !

    *** Hips 'a' normal.
    *** Elbows 'a' normal.
    *** Dna. Gepr▄ft.
    *** Haemophilia 'a' clear.
    *** Pd..(Pituitary dwarfism)clear. *** Dm.(Degenerative myelopathy) clear.
    *** Mdr1.. (Ivermectin sensitivity).. Clear.
    *** Mps.. (Mucopolysaccharidosis type vii). Clear.
    *** B-locus..(Liver colour gene)..Clear.
    *** D-locus dilute..(Blue colour .... (click to read more)

  • Sohn Von Akbar Vonthurlow
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    Ronnie is a very handsome young boy he has an excellent temperament he is a strong boy with good bone and movement he carries the black gene he is Hip scored 4-4 and Elbows 0-0
    also Haemophilia tested clear
    His mum Vonthurlows's roxy has an excellent hip score of 0-0 and many more scores all through his pedigree

  • Sylcarr'S Sabre at Reyakosa
    Reyakosa German Shepherds
    West Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Khan is a stunning gold sable longcoat, He is a proven stud and is standing at stud in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

    Sylcarr's Sabre At Reyakosa
    BVA Hips 4/7 Total 11
    BVA Elbows 0/0
    Haemophilia Tested : Normal
    Dna Tested : Degenerative Myelopathy Exon 2 (CDRM) : Clear
    DNA Tested : Pituitary Dwarfism : Clear
    DNA Profiled
    Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award Holder
    SG Graded

    Khan has a exceptional temperament as seen being a Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Holder he loves everyone he meets, and regularly can be seen being a puppy socialiser at .... (click to read more)

  • Monksley Rimo
    Health Tested

    Rimo is a medium size male with a truly outstanding temperament . He is playful, confident and an amazing companion .

    He is the result directly of 9 generations of careful breeding

  • Ashlindt Meteor (Cdex Udex Wdex)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    ASHLINDT METEOR (known as Matrix) is our first homebred GSD retained for the purpose of competing in Working Trials. He is showing great promise and has now begun competing this year so far gaining his CDEX, UDEX and WDEX. Hopefully he will be entering his first PD Open later this year.

  • Ch Clokellys Lagos
    Chudliegh Knighton
    Health Tested

  • Foxfold Dominion at Giantlands
    Health Tested

    GSD Breed Council Surveyed Class 1 (LC).
    From the beautiful Astra and Sonny at Foxfold. Bred by Tony and Brenda Fox.

    This lovely boy has Brains and Stamina by the plenty and is training towards his OB Qualifications and is asset here for us at Giantlands.

    Pet name CHAOS he has given us some stunning babies. Black, Black Bi and Black & Tan. Improving bone and type.

  • Alexbria Gustav
    Nr Lichfield
    Health Tested

  • Marinita Usko
    Marinita German Shepherds
    Health Tested

    Usko is a beautiful large well constructed black/red male with lots of presence and a super character. He has won at Championship, Open & WUSV Regional shows and continues to do well in all aspects. Proven stud of lovely quality puppies.
    Offered at stud to approved hip/elbow scored females of good character and construction.
    Lovely bloodlines including World VA Vegas Du Haut Mansard and VA Zamp vom Thermodos.
    Oct 2016 Usko gains his IPO1 Qualification - So very proud of him!
    HIPS 4:5 - ELBOWS 0:0
    HAEMOPHILIA NEGATIVE - LC .... (click to read more)

  • Flyhart Django (Bh)
    Health Tested

    Our lovely Lego! Lego has excelled in Showing gaining numerous 1st places at Regionals including a Championship Show with the icing on the cake in 2012 gaining 2nd at The British Sieger. He is part of a Display Team and is now working towards his IPO qualifications. A dog in a million with amazing looks.
    Lego is Haemophilia Tested Clear and has a Breed Survey Class 1 (L/C)
    He is available to KC Registered, Health tested Females.
    Lego has now passed his BH and is currently training towards his IPO1.

  • Harro Vom Heiligental of Reinglen (Imp Deu)
    Reinglen German Shepherds
    West Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    Harro vom Heiligental (Goran van Serburus x Tess vom Raubschl÷▀chen) is a Working German Shepard Dog born on 17/12/13. Bred by Danielle Jonker and Geert Troonen at Kennel "vom Heiligental'. We brought him over from Germany at 15 weeks old, our plan is to compete in IPO with him.

    He has a very steady calm nature with a very good on/off switch. He settled into our family with no problems, the girls accepted him straight away. He has started his training and seems to be picking it up quickly and really enjoys himself. Harro has passed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good .... (click to read more)

  • Zasko Von Santamar (European Youth Sieger) Ch (Lebenzeit)
    Health Tested

    European youth sieger. Hip & elbow status normal, haemophilia tested clear. Dna gpr.

    Zasko has been successfully shown in the following countries, belgium, holland, germany, sweden and uk.

    Zasko's correctly angled and balanced construction speaks for itself.

    Has superb temperament and character, extremely happy dog, very steady but very fast and keen attitude when working.

    At limited stud to approved x-rayed females only.
    zasko is producing excellent working dogs to a wide variety of bloodlines and .... (click to read more)

  • Foxfold On A Mission
    Health Tested

    A lovely sable longcoat, good straight backed, old fashioned type. Proven sire. Impeccable pedigree.
    Hips 4:2
    Elbows 0:0

    Gaffer has the most gorgeous temperament with people and other animals, He's a prize winning obedience dog. Can be seen by appointment. Health tested bitches only please.

  • Lararth Vegas
    Health Tested

    Vegas is a son of VA (UK) Champion Elmo vom Huhnegrab and the top producing UK Champion Betty Degli Achei.

    He is a strong masculine male who has great drive and work ethic. He has been shown selectively throughout the UK and has always been graded the highest possible for his age. He is a very balanced male with great front and balanced hind. He has great length of body and correctly sized at 65cm.

    Vegas enjoys his IPO training and passed his BH (working temperament test) 30/11/14.
    We are now working towards his IPO1 and he will complete his AD (Endurance Test) at the next .... (click to read more)

  • Crumpsbrook Hemlock
    Health Tested

    Mojo has a superb temperament and is such an affectionate, gentle and loving family dog.

    He has a hip score off 0/0 and elbows 0/0

    He is also heamaphilia A clear

    He loves nothing more than playing with my other dogs and my young children at my yard around the horses.

    He is very sensible and kind!

    I did take him to the Windsor show in 2012 (he won both his classes).

    He will only be used with bitches that are hip and elbow tested!

  • Paluka Quattro
    Paluka German Shepherd Dogs
    County Durham
    Health Tested

    Quattro is owned in partnership with Kelsa and will be shown and will also train towards his IPO

    I am really pleased with Quattro's development to date, he is a big male, has a super temperament, excellent head and expression, strong bone, substance and colour. He has also passed his bronze good citizens award and is working towards his IPO qualifications.
    Top grading for his age for showing SG1 he also has won best puppy and best of breed.

  • New Winner at Vonthurlow V Vlerckensteijn (Imp Bel)
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    We are proud to introduce our now proven new boy Cheyenne a very confident young boy with everything going for him at the moment and an excellent pedigree. He is a very happy boy he is HAEMOPHILIA NORMAL HIPS 9 AND ELBOW'S 0 also D.M. and MDR1 clear through parentage he is very white with excellent black pigment that he is putting into his progeny he is straight backed and has a wonderful temperament for further information please email or call new health testing completed
    DM : n/n clear - 18th March 2016
    PD : n/n clear - 16th March 2016
    MPS : n/n clear - 16th March 2016
    MDR1 : .... (click to read more)

  • Greenshadow Bracken at Chiricahua
    Health Tested

    Axel is a Short coated Black and Tan Dog. With an excellent temperament. Hip score of 7 and elbow score 0. Axel has sired several litters now and produces big boned pups.