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  • Janus Von Der Wienerau (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    This is our main man Janus Von Der Wienerau, he is imported from Germany with super top German Breeding. All of which have working titles through out. He has his first working title IPO1 and also his Korung Kkl1. He has super pigmentation and a very nice masculine head which he has been carrying threw to his progeny. He has been producing some super quality youngsters for the show ring! Best of all is his character, a sweet loving gentleman who loves to work and also cuddles on the couch. Could not ask for a better dog.

  • Ch Mascani Ikon
    Health Tested

    3 CCs, 2 RCCs
    Kkl 1 ** IPO2
    BVA Hip Score 6:7 = 13
    SV A Stamp Hips and Elbows Normal (A1) Haemophilia A Clear
    Pituitary Dwarfism clear
    ZW 80
    V5 - Working Class - British Sieger 2011
    Graded SG – Herr Leonard Schweikert, Herr Dirk Gabriel, Frau Margrit van Dorssen
    Graded V - Gabrielle Petinaroli
    GSD Breed Council Top Male Puppy 2009
    Crufts Winner 2010, 2011 and 2012
    Irish Young Sieger 2010

    Ike has a wonderful temperament; he is energetic, enthusiastic and playful. He learns fast and is eager to please. He is completely trustworthy with adults, children .... (click to read more)

  • Paluka Quattro
    Paluka German Shepherd Dogs
    County Durham
    Health Tested

    Quattro is owned in partnership with Kelsa and will be shown and will also train towards his IPO

    I am really pleased with Quattro's development to date, he is a big male, has a super temperament, excellent head and expression, strong bone, substance and colour. He has also passed his bronze good citizens award and is working towards his IPO qualifications.
    Top grading for his age for showing SG1 he also has won best puppy and best of breed.

  • Greenshadow Bracken at Chiricahua
    Health Tested

    Axel is a Short coated Black and Tan Dog. With an excellent temperament. Hip score of 7 and elbow score 0. Axel has sired several litters now and produces big boned pups.

  • Tracelyn Hobson of Folkvang
    Folkvang Cocker Spaniels & German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    Hips and elbows scored
    Heamophilia clear.

    All black gorgeous boy.
    The gentlest bear to live with.
    Proven sire.
    Available to approved health tested bitches only

    If you have colour paling in your line, he will boost the black and darken the tan. Will only produce black pups if your bitch carries the black gene.

  • Flyhart Django (Bh)
    Health Tested

    Our lovely Lego! Lego has excelled in Showing gaining numerous 1st places at Regionals including a Championship Show with the icing on the cake in 2012 gaining 2nd at The British Sieger. He is part of a Display Team and is now working towards his IPO qualifications. A dog in a million with amazing looks.
    Lego is Haemophilia Tested Clear and has a Breed Survey Class 1 (L/C)
    He is available to KC Registered, Health tested Females.
    Lego has now passed his BH and is currently training towards his IPO1.

  • Hawksglen Zorro at Belladiable
    Stoke On Trent
    Health Tested

    We can also offer to bring Giggs to you if distance is an issue, contact for more info.
    (conditions apply)

    Available @ Stud to Health Tested Bitches ONLY

    Hawksglen Zorro at Belladiable

    Kennel Club Registered

    5 Generation Pedigree

    Long Coat German Shepherd

    D.O.B. 11/11/2010

    BVA Hipscore 6 : 5 = 11

    BVA Elbows 0/0 = 0

    Haemophilia Tested - CLEAR

    MDR1 Gene - N/N (+/+) - CLEAR

    DM - N/N - CLEAR

    MPS - N/N - CLEAR

    DNA Profiled.

    Giggs is also VERY good with first time (maiden) .... (click to read more)

  • Alexbria Gustav
    Nr Lichfield
    Health Tested

  • Absela Echo Endo
    Bishop Auckland
    County Durham
    Health Tested

    Kohl is the most wonderful dog in the world to me, he is a joy to live and a joy to look at and he just loves the world and everyone he meets, he is a true german shepherd
    His achievements are a rcc multiple championship show wins and multiple best of breeds at open show level but the high light for me was when he was graded v6 at the dutch sieger show and was used at stud on the continent.

    He has bh ad sch h3 and kkl for life.

  • Zasko Von Santamar (European Youth Sieger) Ch (Lebenzeit)
    Health Tested

    European youth sieger. Hip & elbow status normal, haemophilia tested clear. Dna gpr.

    Zasko has been successfully shown in the following countries, belgium, holland, germany, sweden and uk.

    Zasko's correctly angled and balanced construction speaks for itself.

    Has superb temperament and character, extremely happy dog, very steady but very fast and keen attitude when working.

    At limited stud to approved x-rayed females only.
    zasko is producing excellent working dogs to a wide variety of bloodlines and .... (click to read more)

  • Ch Clokellys Lagos
    Chuddliegh Knighton
    Health Tested

  • Falco Vom Bellissimo Team at Stormlake (Imp Hun)
    Stormlake German Shepherd Dogs
    Waltham Abbey
    Health Tested

    Falco is our new stunning Black and Rich Red Long coated boy imported from Hungary to join our family.

    Falco is a magnificent looking male ,he has completely un exaggerated conformation, with effortless movement, a super, outgoing,friendly,confident temperament and excellent health test results.

    Falco is tested N/N *Clear* for the SOD1 gene associated with Degenerative Myelopathy and can only pass on the normal gene to his progeny.

    Pituitary Dwarfism Tested N/N *Clear* .

    Haemophilia Tested *Clear*

    Graded SG 2 intermediate LC Male at Southern GSD puppy/junior .... (click to read more)

  • Tetneys Gennadios
    North Somercotes
    Health Tested

    Jojo is a Home bred male
    His temperament is superb and his pedigree is quality.

  • Apache The White Warrior at Vonthurlow
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    This is apache . Hip score 2-2 haemophilia clear. He is also elbow scored 1
    We are so proud of this handsome boy he is full of life and a pleasure to live with he still has a lot of growing to do a big old teddy bear .
    Apache is a well proven stud a gentle giant with impeccable manners, having now sired several litters we know that he carries solid black, black and gold,and produces sable .
    Pups being born from this boy have excellent bone , good quality coats with good strong head structure .

  • Amberzita Araz Vonthurlow
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    Kody is hip/elbow scored and haemophilia tested he is a proven stud and carries solid black he is a very large stunning dog with excellent bone and temperament he is a cheerful boy and loved by everyone who meets him indeed a super male

  • Sharan Temperton Vonthurlow (Imp Pol)
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    Sharan is extensively health tested
    DM : n/n clear -
    PD : n/n clear -
    MPS : n/n clear
    MDR1 : n/n clear
    DNA Profiled : normal -
    Elbow Score : 0 -
    Hip Score : 7/5 = 12 -
    Haemophilia : normal -
    He is a proven stud who carries the long coat gene. He is a very large stunning dog with excellent bone and temperament he is a cheerful boy and loved by everyone who meets him indeed a super male who produces large chunky puppies.
    He is available to health tested bitches with good temperament.

  • Jamniska Aguero
    Health Tested

    SV HD a Normal
    SV ED Normal
    SV DNA tested

    BH Judge Herr Rudiger Schmidt Croft IPO trial 31/05/15

    At stud to health tested bitches only, i.e. those with hip scores of less than 20 and elbow scores 0, or foreign equivalent.

    Over medium size, strong. Expressive male with dark expression and dark eyes. Good overline and good underline. Good angulation both front and rear. Displays much enthusiasm both walking and gaiting with good front reach and hindhthrust.

    He excels in all aspects of IPO, and was retained by us with IPO as our primary interest.

    He is .... (click to read more)

  • Xato Vom Sickinger Moorwerk (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    New working import ! xato vom sickinger moorwerk.

    *** Ipo.3. ~ 97-92-95.
    *** Fh.1. ~ 97. 'V'
    *** Fh.2. ~ 98. 'V'
    *** Kkl. ( Lebenzeit ).
    *** ' V ' show grade.

    All xato's health tests are vet verified !

    *** Hips 'a' normal.
    *** Elbows 'a' normal.
    *** Dna. GeprÜft.
    *** Haemophilia 'a' clear.
    *** Pd..(Pituitary dwarfism)clear. *** Dm.(Degenerative myelopathy) clear.
    *** Mdr1.. (Ivermectin sensitivity).. Clear.
    *** Mps.. (Mucopolysaccharidosis type vii). Clear.
    *** B-locus..(Liver colour gene)..Clear.
    *** D-locus dilute..(Blue colour .... (click to read more)

  • Myskies Chance In A Million
    Trelyon German Shepherds
    Health Tested

    bear is a very large loving dog he is always on the go he has an excellent nature he will always try to please, He is producing very large chunky puppies which have the same stunning looks and excellent temperament as him.
    Bear is a long coat

  • Tormenstorp Never Ever (Imp Swe)
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    german import son of va3 yukon bastillie a stamp normal hips fast normal elbows schh1 title breed survey class 1 correct size strong bones correct angulation 1/2 brother to our own successful CHAMPION draycore chilli ALSO TOP UK BITCH 2011 fantastic character and offered for stud here in the uk nick has had success in the show scene shown numerous times at kc shows and regional multiple first places 3rccs and rcc winner Crufts 2013
    and offered at stud to approved health tested bitches only already sired a few litters all with good characters strong bones and correct size and also proven .... (click to read more)