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  • Conbhairean Danko of Blanik
    Health Tested

    After returning to the UK at 14 months old with an S.G grading Nico came to live with us at "Blanik." His sire is the famous V4 Conbhairean Uno (The top winning British Bred, British owned GSD in Germany -Ever) and his dam is the top producing Kiara Vom Conbhairean. Nico is HD/ED normal, Haemophilia 'A' Clear and DNA GPR. He is a beautiful boy who's character is second to none! Nico has had a wonderful year in the show ring winning at both Open and Championship level, even gaining a 1st at Crufts 2013.
    Nico is offered at stud to health tested females who are sound in mind and body.

  • Hawksglen Zorro at Belladiable
    Stoke On Trent
    Health Tested

    We can also offer to bring Giggs to you if distance is an issue, contact for more info.
    (conditions apply)

    Available @ Stud to Health Tested Bitches ONLY

    Hawksglen Zorro at Belladiable

    Kennel Club Registered

    5 Generation Pedigree

    Long Coat German Shepherd

    D.O.B. 11/11/2010

    BVA Hipscore 6 : 5 = 11

    BVA Elbows 0/0 = 0

    Haemophilia Tested - CLEAR

    MDR1 Gene - N/N (+/+) - CLEAR

    DM - N/N - CLEAR

    MPS - N/N - CLEAR

    DNA Profiled.

    Giggs is also VERY good with first time (maiden) .... (click to read more)

  • Gayville'S Logo
    Health Tested

    Hugo is a large, strong male with a very masculine head and expression. He has a very friendly and extrovert character and loves to play and use his brain.
    He is sired by the Sieger of 2011 and 2012, Remo vom Fichtenschlag.
    His progeny appear to inherit his excellent character, along with good hips and elbows.
    Hugo carries the long coat gene.

  • Foxfold Dominion at Giantlands
    Health Tested

    GSD Breed Council Surveyed Class 1 (LC).
    From the beautiful Astra and Sonny at Foxfold. Bred by Tony and Brenda Fox.

    This lovely boy has Brains and Stamina by the plenty and is training towards his OB Qualifications and is asset here for us at Giantlands.

    Pet name CHAOS he has given us some stunning babies. Black, Black Bi and Black & Tan. Improving bone and type.

  • Lararth Vegas
    Health Tested

    Vegas is a son of VA (UK) Champion Elmo vom Huhnegrab and the top producing UK Champion Betty Degli Achei.

    He is a strong masculine male who has great drive and work ethic. He has been shown selectively throughout the UK and has always been graded the highest possible for his age. He is a very balanced male with great front and balanced hind. He has great length of body and correctly sized at 65cm.

    Vegas enjoys his IPO training and passed his BH (working temperament test) 30/11/14.
    We are now working towards his IPO1 and he will complete his AD (Endurance Test) at the next .... (click to read more)

  • Alfonso Prince Charming of Dorisding
    Health Tested

    My pet name is Marley, in a PROVEN Stud!

    My hip score is 6/6 and my Elbow's are 0/0.

    I am the biggest, softest, cuddliest gentle giant you could ever meet! I am very obedient and love spending time with my owners.

    I am the perfect house dog and you donít even know Iím there most of the time. I love playing with my little dogs in the house and any dogs we meet when out for walks.

    I am the only alpha male and i do get spoilt. I love to eat and i get lots of juicy treats.

    I have sired 1 littler of 6 so far.

  • Kurtridge Cash for Conquell
    Health Tested

    Kurtridge Cash for Conquell ( John) is a beautiful long coated male carrying some of the foremost & most sort after German bloodlines.
    His mother Fenik Degli Achei (litter sister to the exciting dog Furbo Degli Achei ) was imported in whelp to Panjo Vom Kirschental.
    WE are sure that John with his exceptionally good breeding , will be an asset to ours & other peoples breeding programs.
    He is a very correct un-exaggerated medium size male, having excellant angles, bone,superb strong colouring, and exceptionally sound firm movement.
    All of which with his fabulous breeding we feel .... (click to read more)

  • Draycore Xaffa
    West Midlands
    Health Tested

    Draycore Xaffa Red Sable Hips 5-4 Elbows 0-0 Haemophilia clear 2RCC, BOB, Multi Champ show winner Full German Bred.this a son of tormenstorp never ever imported from Sweden from the top winning kennels Draycore xaffas father is crufts winner of a Rcc his half sister is top uk bitch champion draycore chilli also crufts cc winner correct size male with good free flowing movement breed survey class 1
    Proven stud contact for details

  • My Smokey Blue at Manakel
    Health Tested

    Gorgeous long coat black and tan male. A nice male that knows what he is doing whilst still being gentle and kind.
    100% success rate.
    Hips are a superb 0/0
    Does not carry for white or blue. Throws large intelligent puppies with nice bone and a straight back

  • Edward Lair
    Market Drayton
    Health Tested

    Blitz is solid black straight back German shepherd of Czech working lines and carries the sable gene.
    blitz is KC Registered and has 5 generation pedigree certificate.
    Blitz is general purpose working dog.
    Blitz hip score is 0 which is brilliant ,as you cant get better ,He is a proven stud to a number of healthy litters to approved bitches .

    I can arrange for the bitch to be scanned for pregnancy from 4 weeks,
    Also by using Blitz as a stud I offer a microchipping service of the puppies from 6 weeks old as I am authorised pet detect microchip inplanter
    please feel free to .... (click to read more)

  • Janus Von Der Wienerau (Imp Deu)
    Health Tested

    This is our main man Janus Von Der Wienerau, he is imported from Germany with super top German Breeding. All of which have working titles through out. He has his first working title IPO1 and also his Korung Kkl1. He has super pigmentation and a very nice masculine head which he has been carrying threw to his progeny. He has been producing some super quality youngsters for the show ring! Best of all is his character, a sweet loving gentleman who loves to work and also cuddles on the couch. Could not ask for a better dog.

  • Silkenwood Ace of Spades Among Chezza'S
    Health Tested

    Lemmy as he is known to us is extensively genetically health tested and has an impeccable temperament

  • Beegar Ammo Von Allsala
    Health Tested

    Beegar Ammo or Boss as he is known, is our homebred boy. Done very well in show ring. Very laid back. Hips 7/3, Elbows 0/0.
    Offered at stud to health tested females only

  • Lekiro Aragon
    West Lothian
    Health Tested

    Lekiro Aragon is known as Tavish at home. He a strong masculine male with an outstanding personality. His temperament is excellent. He is a joy to live with. He is very well constructed and balanced. He has a lot to offer. He is a proven stud and is available to health tested girls only.

  • Gayville Milano
    Zuberg German Shepherds
    Newton Abbot
    Health Tested

  • Sharan Temperton Vonthurlow (Imp Pol)
    Marshland St James
    Nr Wisbech Cambs
    Health Tested

    Sharan is extensively health tested
    DM : n/n clear -
    PD : n/n clear -
    MPS : n/n clear
    MDR1 : n/n clear
    DNA Profiled : normal -
    Elbow Score : 0 -
    Hip Score : 7/5 = 12 -
    Haemophilia : normal -
    He is a proven stud who carries the long coat gene. He is a very large stunning dog with excellent bone and temperament he is a cheerful boy and loved by everyone who meets him indeed a super male who produces large chunky puppies.
    He is available to health tested bitches with good temperament.

  • Mondschatten Oyyu with Stockdale
    Stockdale German Shepherds
    Health Tested

    This zach our L.C. boy he is a lovely gentle dog , he has been used by our selfs and produced a lovely litter for us
    we are very proud of the outcome

    He has now matured into a handsome adult seen on his latest pic
    our second litter by him now
    12 days old .
    @ limited stud to aproved health tested females only
    Zac has A Breed Survey Class1
    correct size Male
    last shown in regional show on 3rd/ 7 2016 4th place graded excellent @ st Helens germanShepherd training Club under under German Judge Nordsiek
    only second regional in 3 years
    very pleased .... (click to read more)

  • Tracelyn Hobson of Folkvang
    Folkvang Cocker Spaniels & German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    Hips and elbows scored
    Heamophilia clear.

    All black gorgeous boy.
    The gentlest bear to live with.
    Proven sire.
    Available to approved health tested bitches only

    If you have colour paling in your line, he will boost the black and darken the tan. Will only produce black pups if your bitch carries the black gene.

  • Zasko Von Santamar (European Youth Sieger) Ch (Lebenzeit)
    Health Tested

    European youth sieger. Hip & elbow status normal, haemophilia tested clear. Dna gpr.

    Zasko has been successfully shown in the following countries, belgium, holland, germany, sweden and uk.

    Zasko's correctly angled and balanced construction speaks for itself.

    Has superb temperament and character, extremely happy dog, very steady but very fast and keen attitude when working.

    At limited stud to approved x-rayed females only.
    zasko is producing excellent working dogs to a wide variety of bloodlines and .... (click to read more)

  • Tamazan Perfectionist
    Health Tested

    Grissom was a dark bi colour sable (carrying the black gene). He had a fantastic, head, feet and bone. He was a lovely big dog who was very athletic for his size and loved to jump. He had a good temperament, hip score 2:2, Elbows 0:0 and was Heamophilia a normal.