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  • Greenglebe Stone x Glebevonwood Miss Magik
    20th May 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Magik & Stone

    1 x Mid Coat Grey Sable Male

    Magik is a Cream Sable long coated GSD, with a Black mask, with hips of 3/3, elbows of 0/0 with an Inbreeding Coefficient 0.9%
    Stone is a Dark Sable standard coated GSD. He has hips of 4/7, elbows of 0/0 and an Inbreeding Coefficient 0% and has been tested as Haemophilia Normal

    The Predicted Inbreeding Coefficient of this litter will be 0.0%
    Breed Average 3%

    Please refer to the Kennel Club Website and look under Mate Select to find out more information regarding the Inbreeding Coefficient Score.

  • Yimmy Von Der Friesenklippe (Imp Deu) x Threndor Perpetual Echo
    Threndor German Shepherds
    West Sussex
    19th June 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    These puppies are sired by an exciting recent German Import from strong working lines now owned by Linern German Shepherds. These beautiful sable puppies have excellent bone and are confident and outgoing. They are well socialised and have been bred and brought up in the home. Permanent loving homes are essential.

    Both parents have good hip and elbow scores.
    The puppies are endorsed with the Kennel Club restrictions for both breeding and export pedigrees.

    All puppies will be health checked prior to leaving and will have a puppy pack containing all relevant papers and .... (click to read more)

  • Kyloni Kalisto x Nyrvana Quirk of Fate
    Adelwin German Shepherds
    South Yorkshire
    16th June 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    A fantastic litter breed by a Kennel club Assured Breeder.of the ADELWIN affix since 1995, professional canine involvement for over twenty years in Kennels , Training and Grooming,

    Parents have had Full health tests , are of excellent breeding with fantastic temperaments,

    Puppies shall be vet checked,
    Have 1st vaccination, insured, well bred, and reared with the best of every thing for them and there mum from 5 weeks pregnant, ,
    Reared in the family home, well socialised with household noises x kids x other dogs and pets.
    Leave with full paper work
    x kennel .... (click to read more)

  • Yogi Von Der Schiffslache x Qwienie Von Der Schiffslache (Imp Deu)
    31st May 2014
    Dam Health Tested


    Haus Daggers and Schiffslache kennels have joint co-operation with this breeding.
    We are proud to announce the mating of:
    Yogi von der Schiffslache (Schh 3, V) x Qwienie von der Schiffslache (Schh 2, V).

    Herbert is highly respected for his contribution to the GSD world. The breeder of Tyson von der Schiffslache and many more top dogs in Germany(too many to lists).

    Yogi von der Schiffslache SchH3 Kk1 V rated is the half brother of Endy von Karthago.
    Father famous stud dog Janko vom Vorwerkswald and Grand son of strong .... (click to read more)

  • Markerry Eudo x Markerry Heikkii at Pazanne
    4th July 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Zeta has just had her litter, a lovely mix of sable and black and gold puppies. Dogs and bitches available in both colours. Zeta is sable and Ginger black and gold and both Mum and Dad have fantastic temperaments, Zeta is such an affectionate girl and has her Father Sam's loyal nature, always by your side. I have been a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme since May, 2006. Our puppies will be well socialised and confident puppies when they are ready to go to their new homes. They will go with a Puppy Pack including instructions and guidance on feeding, training, grooming etc and 4 .... (click to read more)

  • Bundaberg Renzo Vom Equiside x Beinhard Banma
    Beinhard German Shepherd Dogs
    14th March 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    We have a stunning longcoated female puppy available out of our lovely Beinhard Banma (her last litter) - Banma is also tested clear for CDRM and IBD by the Royal Veterinary College.

    This puppy has a super temperament as do both parents. We are keeping a puppy from this litter ourselves.

    We are Assured Breeders (inspected amd approved by the Kennel Club) and are prepared to give back up for life to every puppy which leaves us.

    Our puppies are reared in the house so are very well socialised and used to household noises. They also see cats and children!

    They are .... (click to read more)

  • Nikonis Maestro x Bulldavlins Gypsy
    West Midlands
    10th July 2014
    Dam Health Tested

    Mercy has given birth to her first litter
    She did a fab job, mom and pups are doing well.
    Sire to the pups is nikonis maestro
    U can see how the pups grow in our photo gallery.
    Pups are ready for their new homes first week of september onwards.
    Can be viewed now
    Pups leave us with.
    ** K.C registered plus 5 generation pedigree
    ** First vaccine and fully wormed
    ** Microchipped
    ** 4 weeks insurance
    ** Bag of pup food
    ** Booklet on the diet and care of your pup
    ***** Life time of help and support if ever needed*****
    ** We are here for our pups what ever .... (click to read more)

  • Beinhard Javir x Beinhard Chakira
    Beinhard German Shepherd Dogs
    3rd June 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    We have a pretty black and gold female puppy , from our home bred Beinhard Chakira This puppy is 4th generation of our own top quality bloodlines. The sire is Beinhard Javir, - this is a repeat of a previous mating and is Chakira's last litter She will now be retired from breeding.

    Both parents have excellent temperaments, and are health tested with good hip and elbow scores, - Javir is also tested free from Haemophilia, CDRM and IBD.

    Our puppies are reared in the house, are well socialised (cats and children!), vet-checked and tattooed before leaving for their new homes.They .... (click to read more)

  • Korzwin Dick x Jessy Od Radovana Plavsica (Imp Scg)
    West Sussex
    10th July 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Lovely chunky pups ready on 4th sept both parents are here with us and both have good hip scores and are kc registered as are the pups,the pups will come fully wormed every two weeks,vet checked,1st injection( option of 2nd) bag of food,4 weeks insurance and socialised with animals as well as people.

  • Tormenstrop Never Ever (Imp Swe) x Hausmailand Yasmina
    12th July 2014
    Dam Health Tested

    Meika's puppies were born on the 12/07/14. This is a repeat mating of last year and all the puppies have turned out to be outstanding dogs. She gave birth to 2 girls and 3 boys. They are of show quality and are healthy, strong and confident puppies.
    They are being raised on Arden Grange puppy food, wormed every two weeks, will be microchipped, KC registered and will come with 4 weeks free insurance. They are being raised in our home and are being socialised and used to the comings, goings and usual noises in a busy family home.
    The Sire, Tormenstorp Never Ever, is the son of Yukon Von .... (click to read more)

  • Hawksglen Zorro at Belladiable x Sarjette Badi'Ah at Belladiable
    Stoke On Trent
    16th August 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    All males are sold pending deposit's.

    Puppies would be ready to leave beginning October.

    Puppies are priced at £800, £100 deposit would be payable 2/3 days after they are born.

    They will come with,

    Vet health check, Kennel Club Registration certificate, 5 Generation pedigree certificate, Micro-chip, Worming program, 4 Weeks free Kennel club insurance, Extensive puppy info pack / sales wallet, Blanket with Mumís & Puppies sent on, Life-Time support on all aspects of care.

    For more info on this litter please visit our website.

    Home Visited Kennel .... (click to read more)

  • Vongalanberg Kai x Eilenburg Kuki (Ikc)
    8th June 2014
    Sire Health Tested

    There are 9 puppies in the litter, 6 black and 3 bi-colour. They are currently 3 weeks old and will be ready for viewing from 13th July. There are 6 males and 3 females. There are a mixture of long and short coats. All puppies will be wormed, microchipped, first booster and KC registered.

  • Janus Von Der Wienerau (Imp Deu) x Marinita Nebraska
    Marinita German Shepherds
    25th August 2014
    Dam Health Tested

    Ruby has been scanned and confirmed pregnant to our daughter's lovely import Janus von der Wienerau. He is a super black and red male with excellent bloodlines and should compliment Ruby very nicely. Both parents have good temperaments, health checked and should produce well pigmented quality puppies. They will be KC Registered, wormed, microchipped and health checked prior to leaving for their new homes. Early enquiries welcome

  • Blade Z Erisedu (Imp Cze) x Caesaromago Neve
    Vaneldurk German Shepherds
    15th June 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    ***Puppies now 9 weeks old***

    We are very happy to announce our F litter of 5 males and 5 females.
    Fully KC registered and come with puppy starter pack, training info, feeding guides and Pro-Plan food.

    Deposits and reservations are being taken now.

    This is a repeat mating from our 'E' Litter and we are very excited and confident in the pups characteristics and personalities/characters that this mating will bring.

    This type of breeding will produce highly intelligent, fast working and quick learning dogs.
    These pups will be suitable for energetic owners, .... (click to read more)

  • Bundaberg Renzo Vom Equiside x Equiside Ula
    South Yorkshire
    31st August 2014
    Parents Health Tested


    We are proud to announce that we have a superb litter of puppies due late Aug, both parents are owned by us and can be seen along with grandparents and lots more other relatives, they have had all relevant health tests and more importantly they have superb temperaments.Sire Renzo is DNA profiled and haemophilia tested as well as being hip and elbow scored while mum is also Breed surveyed Class 1. This litter will be of exceptional quality and will be red and black in colour.Ula,s sister was mated earlier this year to Renzo and the litter were of .... (click to read more)

  • Dornholz Cerberus at Rockforce x Krisannrio Ripley
    15th April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Krisannrio German Shepherds are proud to announce our current litter of 4th generation, naturally fed puppies. They are all long coats. WE HAVE ONE FEMALE AVAILABLE AND READY TO LEAVE NOW.
    They will be KC REG. insured and fully wormed using natural methods, we will also confirm that they are worm free by having their faeces tested!

    Accredited Breeders of Quality Longcoats

    Welcome to Krisannrio where our dogs are very special members of the family.

    They have been carefully chosen for type and temperament. A joy to live with and love, they have been lovingly nurtured in .... (click to read more)

  • Appy Von Krausplatz of Rockforce x Carmens Last Legacy at Ashenta
    17th July 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    This is Kadie's 2nd litter. The Sire is Appy Von Krausplatz of Rockforce.
    The puppies will be raised in our home where they will have the run of the Dining room.
    No expense will be spared in raising the pups. They will be weaned on Royal Canin Maxi Starter which is also the food their mother will be fed on from 6 weeks gestation till weaning. This will give the puppies the very best possible start.
    The puppies will be wormed.
    The puppies are bred from working lines and will be long haired.
    Bookings for viewing the puppies will be arranged by appointment only from 28/08/14 at .... (click to read more)

  • Simonn Gard Bohemia (Cze) x Zora Vitaxis (Imp Cze)
    20th May 2014

    Pups are very good and calm. Loves to play ball, loves strokes and cuddles. Very good with children and other dogs.
    Mum and Dad can be seen.
    Wormed and flea treated up to date. Both vaccinations done and pups have full approval from the vet. Microchipped.
    All pups will come with Happy Dog puppy pack and 4 weeks free insurance.

  • Quattro Vom Steffen Haus x Wavesong Phenix of Fire
    East Sussex
    9th April 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    A beautiful litter between Chilli and Quatro, good colouring, good depth of coat will have amazing temperaments, with a good work ethic. both parents are a deep rich red, black & tan.

  • Veneze Klaus x Myola Juma
    15th August 2014
    Parents Health Tested

    Juma has 5 males (4 sable and 1 black and gold) and 1 female (sable). The majority of the litter were pre booked, therefore there is is one sable male only available to a loving permanent pet home.
    All my puppes are lavishly reared indoors and very well socialised.
    Puppies will be KC Registered, Microchipped, Vet Checked, Insured for 4 weeks, Wormed.
    They will leave us with a detailed information pack, a sales contract and lifelong after sales care.