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  • Munroegan
    Jacqui & John Hockey
    South Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    We are Munroegan Gsds a member of the KCABS,Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme who's aim is to breed German Shepherd Dog's who have a beautiful temperament and who become firm family members. We ourselves have always had Gsds as part of our family unit. Our wonderful German Shepherds have been brought up with all our children and our other breed of dogs, which are terriers. They are so loving and happy go lucky. All our dogs are hip scored. From 2013 they will be elbow scored and Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (D.M) tested. They have wonderful bone structure, excellent temperaments and .... (click to read more)

  • Kesyra
    Katrina Stevens
    Current Health Tests

    Kesyra German Shepherds is a small kennel breeding on average two litters per year. I have owned German Shepherds since 1975 and bred my first litter in 1985. I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and also, more importantly, a signatory of the Breed Council 'Breeders Charter' thus ensuring high breeding standards, testing all breeding animals for hip and elbow dysplasia and only breeding from dogs with better than average scores. All our males are tested free from haemophilia A.

    From 2011, I have also started DNA testing my dogs for various hereditary defects such as Degenerative .... (click to read more)

  • Shepear
    Caren Pearson
    Current Health Tests

    I have owned trained and bred german shepherds for 41 years and we have had them for over 100years in the family, I breed for temperament, looks and health and all our dogs live in the family home, shepear german shepherds pride ourselves in our dogs and have very good feedback with our puppies.

  • Monksley
    Ann Swift
    Current Health Tests

    We are Kennel Club Accredited breeders and Affiliate Kennel Club Members

    The first German Shepherd came to our family in 1928, She was our introduction into the show scene being shown at the first ever Bath Championship Show and we have found a special place within the home for them ever since.
    Barbara was one of the founder members of the GSD Club of Bristol.
    Her daughter Jill has been the driving force behind Monksley's breeding programme constantly introducing new bloodlines, and always having Quality and Temperament as the highest priority.

    Being the third generation .... (click to read more)

  • Shernaa
    Philip Prince and Kerry Ayling
    Current Health Tests

    *Shernaa Kennel* is one of the Top Kennels in the UK.
    We both have been born into the Love for 'The German Shepherd Dog' which we both have extreme Admiration for.

    Our Kennel is the 1st to Produce 'VA 1 Working UK 2008 Shernaa Tikka' and also the 1st to Produce placing of 'SG 7' for Females by our 'Shernaa Duxi' at the MotherLand of all Shows The German Sieger Show 2010, also 'Duxi' went on to achieve 'Youth Siegerin' at China Sieger Show with her Litter sister 'Dinky' doing the Double at Korea Sieger Show 2010 achieving also 'Youth Siegerin'.

    We do our Up Most to work with .... (click to read more)

  • Wakematt
    Matthew Wakefield
    Current Health Tests

    WAKEMATT GSD`S - here at WAKEMATT`S I am a small select kennel that have occasional litters.

    My love for the breed is lifelong where I was born into a family that always own and loved Shepherds.

    I live on the outskirts of Sleaford on the Notts/ Lincs border. My dogs are a huge part of my life.
    `when asked if my dogs own the land they run on my answer is simple, " THEY DONT OWN IT, THEY BELONG TO IT!

    I pride myselve on dogs with bomb proof temperments, well socialised,and recognise that a large proportion of all puppies will go to pet homes. A bold and stable .... (click to read more)

  • Lararth German Shepherds
    David & Sharon Bowen
    Current Health Tests

    LARARTH was established in 1994.
    UK TOP BREEDERS 2003 & 2005
    Prior to the formation of this affix both David and Sharon, who each have over 20 years experience with the breed had been individually associated with other kennels.
    David was the Kennel Manager for 10 years at he world famous BEDWIN kennel and Sharon with PENDLEDENE.
    LARARTH has a simple philosophy to breeding: to emphasize type, size, temperament, soundness and to always be aware that good health is every bit as important as good confirmation. Our aim is to produce the German .... (click to read more)

  • Linern
    Miss Lynn Camden
    Current Health Tests

    Established 35 + years specialising in the german shepherd dog.

    Now only breeding the occasional litter from top working bloodlines and quality showing blood lines.

    All breeding stock hip and elbow scored. All stud dogs haemophilia tested.

    It is my policy to x-ray hips & elbows on all breeding stock under the british veterinary association / kc scoring scheme or the continental s.V. 'A' stamp grading system.

    Because the elbows are at the front of the dog they are therefore the weight bearing limbs !!! ...... If there is dysplasia of the elbows the front of the .... (click to read more)

  • Daruchi
    Carlie & Paul Douglas

    we are carlie and paul douglas from stockport cheshire, we live with our 4 children and our dogs we have german shepherds some we have to work and some we have to show, we also have fun showing our british bulldogs and french bulldogs who we co own with my mother and father in law. all our dogs live in the house and are treated like our children,

  • Tarenea
    Rebecca Taylor & Paul Fear
    North Somerset
    Current Health Tests

    We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

    We are passionate about our dogs. Our dogs live with us as part of the family. They grow up living with our other dogs, cats and small animals. And they are socialised early to everyday life. We do not show our dogs but the are all bred from top show/working lines. We breed from only hip and elbow scored, DNA'd and haemophilla tested dogs. Nellie (Maewyn's Boona) competes at agility, and although she is not a fast collie we have been getting good results. She is loved by all that meet her and she is happy to go off with my trainers daughter, who is .... (click to read more)

  • Gayville
    David and Joan Hall
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Tyne and Wear
    Current Health Tests

    Gayville GSDs have over 40 years experience with breeding and showing and are also proud to have bred the current breed record holder Gayville Nilo 52 cc. Please keep a look out for litters coming up and also have older dogs at times looking for special homes

  • Donloemar
    Jayne Hastings & John Watt
    South Lanarkshire
    Current Health Tests

    Bushkah and Zookah are our lovely Flyhart Girls, We were very lucky to get the chance to buy these girls from Flyhart (phillippa Tuck)as the sire of these girls was the wonderful Draycore Uzi For Flyhart.
    British Regional Champion V1 Draycore Uzi for Flyhart(Adult Vice Sieger Longcoat Male British Sieger 2012 & Youth Male Sieger British Sieger 2011).
    Our own boy Buzz is a Korzwin Boy from the wonderful Draycore Sat Nav Via Korzwin, and his mother being CH Korzwin Linzi.

  • Arlandohy
    Carla Hylands

  • Bugailaur
    L Parker
    Current Health Tests

    we have two bitches a german shepard and a golden retriver that are family pets that we breed occasionaly, we live on a small holding.

  • Bryonygem
    Mr.Mrs Rock
    Current Health Tests

    We are a large family and always had dogs, we showed at Champion shows and got to Crufts but we loved the little family shows where the children could join in. We also do obedience on a small scale,but most of all we love having the dogs as family pets and its a great hobby.
    Occasionally we have puppies for sale so please enquire.
    All our dogs have current health tests.

  • Vikki Wilson
    Current Health Tests

    I have lived with GSD's for all of my life i am not a breeder as such just having a litter occassionally when my dogs meet the exceptional standard of this remarkable breed, my preferance is with the english type gsd.

  • Aaronby German Shepherds
    Mrs J Reynolds

    We bred our first litter of GSD's in 1986 and the AAronby affix appeared in 1989. Since then we have continued to breed the true old fashioned, English straight backed, big boned GSD's down the generations to the present day. All our dogs have wonderful temperaments, and will love you to eternity, but will also protect you if required. All our dogs live in the house and enjoy the freedom of daily life. Our babies are born in their own bedroom, where mum enjoys the peace and quiet to enjoy her babies until they are 4 weeks old, when they are brought down to the kitchen to learn all the noises .... (click to read more)

  • Alexbria
    Mrs Anne Timmins
    Nr Lichfield
    Current Health Tests

    We have been breeding and showing German shepherds for more than 30 years.
    Starting off in obedience, working an all black bitch, Anne gained her Instructors Certificate in 1974.
    We entered the show ring with dogs we bred ourselves, gaining our first Junior Warant in 1974 and around this time Anne started Judging at Open Show level.
    We now have success with dogs from German bloodlines and can still trace some of our pedigrees back to that original stock we worked in the 1960's.
    Temperament means everything to us, we aim to produce dogs of sensible character that make good .... (click to read more)

  • Normyston German Shepherds
    Teresa Liversidge
    Current Health Tests

    My love for German Shepherds has been with me all my life, with both my parents and grandparents owning them. I played with them from puppies when I was very little and then at the age of fourteen was responsible for my own bitch called Boadicea of Croftwood (Bodie for short). I joined a local German Shepherd obedience class run every week by the police and as a team we were inseparable. My love and admiration of this loyal, intelligent, obedient and loving dog has continued to grow from strength to strength.

    I am dedicated to breeding Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs with excellent .... (click to read more)

  • Barwoods
    Barbara Benjamin
    Market Harborough
    Current Health Tests

    Kennel Club Approved and Inspected Assured Breeder.

    Experienced breeder of many years standing. Very proud of the excellent reputation earned over the past 30 years.

    Breeders of Championship winners in Show and Obedience, also working police dogs, until their retirement in the force.

    Owner of one of the first German Shepherd PAT dogs (Pets As Therapy) that started in the early 1980s.

    My Bitch line hip scores go back to when the BVA/KC scheme started in 1983, these can all be seen and are ALL below the breed mean score.

    All Barwoods puppies are home reared .... (click to read more)