German Shepherd Dog Breeders

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  • Terry Hill
    Current Health Tests

  • Sharphouse'S
    Wendy Sharp
    Current Health Tests

  • Ashenta
    Vanessa Fletcher
    Current Health Tests

    We are a hobby kennel whose focus is to breed long haired German Shepherd Dogs suitable for the obedience ring/be members of the family.
    Our dogs live in the family home and oversee all daily activity.
    Our foundation bitch 'Carmens Last Legacy At Ashenta' (Kadie) has 'Rockforce' bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree.
    Her father is 'Warden's Woody Of Rockforce' and her Grandsire on her Dam's side is 'Abben Apollo Of Rockforce'.
    On her Dam's side, she also has Von Batu bloodlines.
    My dogs are taken on long walks daily, individually or together. We are lucky enough to .... (click to read more)

  • Almerimar
    Teresa Wright
    Near Ely
    Current Health Tests

    All puppies are born and raised in the house with the family. We only breed once or twice a year. All the dogs that breed have very low hipscores.

    The puppies are given lots of attention, they are played with; meet lots of people and socialised with our other dogs when old enough. Before they leave home they are all vet checked, given their first inoculation and microchipped. Puppy packs are supplied with samples of food, information sheets and lifetime advice is happily given if needed.

    As pups they are introduced to all household noises and additionally are played tapes of .... (click to read more)

  • Cedarsmount German Shepherds
    Jennifer Wohiren
    Church Stretton
    Current Health Tests

    CedarsMount is a small kennel in the Shropshire Hills. We have two female GSDs from working lines that occasionally have litters. Our aim is to breed healthy, well-rounded dogs that make ideal family pets but also have the enthusiasm and intelligence necessary for sport and advanced training.

  • Voneris
    Brenda Bond
    Current Health Tests

    Voneris German Shepherds are Kennel Club Visited Assured Breeders producing top quality dogs for both working and family roles.

  • Brocktonwood German Shepherds
    Elizabeth Attwood
    Current Health Tests

    Remy lives with us as a family pet and guard on our small holding in Shropshire. She is a lovely sensible and kind natured dog and is good with children. This is her 1st litter and she has been mated with STRETTONHILL VALCO (Sonny), who is very smart and has a wonderful temperament. Both dogs are Health Tested.

    A Guardian Angel
    .Elbow Score:0
    .Hip Score:7:8=15

    Strettonhill Valco
    .Elbow Score:0
    .Hip Score:5:2=7

  • Jandeburn
    Mrs Debbie Fenn
    Newton Abbot
    South Devon

    I have been involved with German Shepherds & Golden Retrievers since the early 80's which is when I started working in the Golcrest Kennels.I now have 4 lovely goldens,all of which go back on the Golcrest lines and who live indoors with us as family pets. We do go to shows and the boys have done very well over the past few years.Magic was the first male Golden to acheive The Kennel Clubs Show Certificate of Merit award and has won first prize at Crufts Dog Show in 2008 and again in 2009.Also at The Top Dog Of Devon event held in November 2010,Magic won the Veteran class,so became The Top .... (click to read more)

  • Birksbytay
    Mrs Lorna Taylor
    Current Health Tests

    Birksbytay is a small family kennel, based in Cenral Scotland. We have been involved in breeding German Shepherd's for 10 year's and have been involved in a breeding programme for police forces.
    You can know also find us on Facebook and see all our puppies from previous litters and follow there progress and lot's of pictures.

  • Tydain
    Stephen Dean
    Current Health Tests

    Tydain German Shepherds are owned by Steve Dean a retired police dog training instructor and Breeding Manager and puppy trainer for the Metropolitan Police. Steve has bred over 1000 puppies of various breeds and is considered to be an authority on the breeding & training of working dogs.

  • Izumis
    Ms J Day Mr M West
    Current Health Tests

    Izumis was a gift from my dad way back in my teenage years it is a jointly owned affix, myself and my eldest son matt hold it as a joint interest
    Here at izumis temprement really matters .

    ** For some time my brother and sister in law also held a seperate interest in the izumis affix (please note not all the litters listed below have been bred by me and matt some are nick and shells) but as from feb 2007 izumis is just owned by matt and myself.**

    Our dogs are thought of as part of the family, if and when we have pups they are born and raised in a real family enviroment being .... (click to read more)

  • Tanboree
    Susan Jaggs

    Kennel Club Assured Breeder.
    Established in 1974.
    Located on the Devon Somerset Borders. We breed Miniature Poodles in Red, Apricot and Black, also long and short coated German Shepherds. All our dogs are health screened.
    Our dogs are Obedience trained and many have gained their Kennel Club Good Citizen awards for Bronze, Silver and Gold, also successfully competed with many wins in Obedience , Working Trials and Showing.

  • Solophina German Shepherd Dogs
    Rachel Asher
    Current Health Tests

    Welcome to Solophina GSDs, we are a small family kennel.We have been showing German Shepherds for a couple of years now since we got are first dog Kira and we have definitely got the bug!
    Are dogs live in the family home and are of excellent temperament and pedigree of German show lines.
    The dogs are shown regularly and we have achieved far more in the two years that we ever thought possible.

  • Trubrook
    Mrs Sue Larkman
    South Molton
    Current Health Tests

    I am now an accredited breeder with the kcc

  • Clokellys
    Carol Keen
    Current Health Tests

    I have been breeding GSD's for many years as a hobby but with a real passion for producing animals that conform to standard and are sound in both mind and body. My dogs have to pass the relevant health checks and now, are also being sent to Germany to achieve their Health, working and breed surveys. I have had a great deal of success showing dogs in England more notable wins being BOB Crufts, All breeds group winner at championship level. Over the past couple of years I have exhibited more on the continent than in England, including Germany again very successfully .In my breeding program I .... (click to read more)

  • Sunwolf
    Mark & Julie Hutchinson
    Current Health Tests

    We are Julie & Mark Hutchinson, proud owners of this wonderful breed with whom we share our activities & travels to the full, aiming to provide the physical & mental stimulation that is so essential to their health & happiness, present & future.

    We are dedicated to the cause of improvement in the physical & mental attributes of the breed when the decision is taken to produce a litter. Health standards & character (temperament) is a vital consideration before considering a mating.


    We are a small family kennel, with a big input. This .... (click to read more)

  • Andrew Roe
    Current Health Tests


  • Paluka German Shepherd Dogs
    Paula Ingham
    County Durham
    Current Health Tests

    My kennnel name Paluka which was made up of my name Paula and my ex-husband Karl and was granted by the kennel club in 1995.
    In 2009 I joined the Kennel Clubs Accredited Breeder Scheme. I left the scheme in 2014 as I believe it is important to breed from animals that have good hips and elbows, the KC just believe you should score them and that is it!
    I have also been a member of Nth Yorks & Sth Durham Gsd Club for about 13 years, a couple of which I served as secretary.

    I have over the years shown some of my dogs. Devonlea Tia @ Paluka was my first and most successful, .... (click to read more)

  • Bryonygem
    Mr.Mrs Rock
    Current Health Tests

    We are a large family and always had dogs, we showed at Champion shows and got to Crufts but we loved the little family shows where the children could join in. We also do obedience on a small scale,but most of all we love having the dogs as family pets and its a great hobby.
    Hopefully we will be showing our Bernese this year
    as long as its fun for all concerned.
    Occasionally we have puppies for sale so please enquire.
    All our dogs have current health tests.

  • Sally Thurloway
    West Sussex
    Current Health Tests

    Kennel Club Assured Breeder. Poppy is bred from Olderhill lines (I had her mum too), renowned for their temperaments (Guidewell & Thamespol lines)l& soundness for working(straighter backs).
    She is an excellent mum who passes on her good nature to her pups.