German Shepherd Dog Breeders near Brighton, East Sussex

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  • 12 Miles Mr & Mrs Stockley Worthing Sussex

  • 13 Miles David Banks West Sussex West Sussex

  • Ashlindt
    Manda Mclellan
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    Current Health Tests
    13 Miles

    I aim to breed quality Border Collies and German Shepherd Dogs that that have both drive and working ability, that are sound and athletic and of excellent temperament and conformation.
    My dogs are bred primarily for Working Trials but will excel in all dog sports and in the case of the Border Collies should also have the innate ability to work sheep.
    All parents will have had all appropriate health tests for the breed such as hip/elbow scores, eye tests and haemophilia.
    The Border Collies are KC breed registered AND International Sheep Dog Society Registered too.

  • Threndor German Shepherds
    Mrs Valerie Duplock
    West Sussex
    Current Health Tests
    13 Miles

    I have been involved with this breed for over 30 years. Although I do not show currently; I do my best to breed to the Standard taking care to consider suitable breeding lines as well as temperament and health. All my own family of dogs are hip-scored as are any other stud dogs I may use. This may be under the U.K. scoring scheme or the German 'A' Stamp system.
    my main interest is in Obedience.
    I have worked in boarding kennels, breeding kennels and also in breed rescue for many years.

  • 16 Miles Kelodie Eric Tate Pulborough West Sussex

  • Westenbach
    Mrs Rosemary Wells
    West Sussex
    Current Health Tests
    16 Miles

    I am a small hobby Accredited Breeder of German Shepherds living in West Sussex and enjoy each and every one of my dogs, they enjoy a free running life and a good standard of cleanliness.

    My Sire has been bred from the Huhnegrab/Jasueter lines and his temperament is exceptional, my bitches also have very nice natures.

  • 18 Miles Sarbjit Sandhu Rudgwick West Sussex

  • 18 Miles Osketra Alison Ingram Horsham West Sussex

  • 18 Miles Saxonlegend Mrs Eileen Lawes Horsham West Sussex

  • Sally Thurloway
    West Sussex
    Current Health Tests
    18 Miles

    Kennel Club Assured Breeder. Poppy is bred from Olderhill lines (I had her mum too), renowned for their temperaments (Guidewell & Thamespol lines)l& soundness for working(straighter backs).
    She is an excellent mum who passes on her good nature to her pups.

  • 19 Miles Tagzvondeni Ryan Neill Worth West Sussex

  • 19 Miles Norwulf German Shepherds Kerry Jones Near Gatwick West Sussex

  • 20 Miles Victoria Davis Plaistow West Sussex

  • Deroaust German Shepherds
    Debbie & Rob Austen
    East Sussex
    Current Health Tests
    20 Miles

    We aim to breed German shepherds of a high standard. Temperament has always been of huge importance to us when working with these beautiful animals.

  • 23 Miles Vomkleinfeld Mr N Hazeltine Horley Surrey

  • 26 Miles Shadowshack P Milham Lamberhurst Kent

  • Falkenwald
    Sarah Jones
    East Sussex
    Current Health Tests
    26 Miles

    Aiming to breed an occasional litter of German Shepherds, from renowned bloodlines, which will excel in both working and experienced family environments, with emphasis on health, correct temperament and conformation.
    All breeding stock will be hip/elbow scored.
    Males will also be Haemophilia tested and hold working titles.

  • 28 Miles Jane Luck Redhill Surrey

  • Zeross
    Mrs M Epps
    Current Health Tests
    28 Miles


  • 29 Miles Chanmor German Shepherds Dee Vivash Chichester West Sussex