French Bulldog Breeders near Norwich, Norfolk

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  • Cossy French Bulldogs
    Margaret Jennings
    Current Health Tests
    8 Miles

  • Parfaitrouge French Bulldogs
    Mrs Victoria Playford
    Current Health Tests
    16 Miles

    I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder who is passionate about french bulldogs, Beau is my family pet who lives in the house with me and my family, she is a 3 year old fawn, and is Gold standard with the French Bulldog Of England Health Scheme, Breeding for health is very important to me, and have made sure that Beau had every possible test available to me to ensure that she would produce the Healthiest puppies possible.
    Beau is a calm, loving, beautiful French Bulldog, who has self whelped the most stunning litter of 7 pups.
    we had 4 boys 3 girls

  • 20 Miles Vanessa Blackburn Thetford Norfolk

  • 23 Miles Tudordogue C Low Eye Suffolk

  • 31 Miles Mrs S Nunn Stowmarket Suffolk

  • 35 Miles Garabonne Carl and Nicola Hatfield Rattlesden Suffolk

  • Silvestre
    Mr D W and Mrs R Savage
    Kings Lynn
    Current Health Tests
    35 Miles

    Welcome to our page at Champdogs. To see more about our dogs then look at our main website at

    I am Rachel Savage and although my husband helps me with the dogs, I will be the person that speaks to you as he is usually busy with his own personal stuff.

    We are the proud owners of Hungarian Vizsla, Pug and French bulldog. Not just owners but show exhibitors, and I (Rachel) judge various breeds at open shows all across the uk, and happy to steward also at shows. To us our dogs are not just loved family pets but they are a hobby as we show. We are .... (click to read more)

  • Norcairn
    Messr'S P Conway & I Chapman
    Current Health Tests
    37 Miles

    We are a small 'domestic' Suffolk based kennel boasting Kennel Club Assured Breeder status with a successful inspection carried out to standards assessed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). We have been been showing and breeding healthy dogs for over 20 years, enjoying success at both open and championship show level. We have currently bred FOUR UK Show Champions, two French Bulldogs and two Boston Terriers and multiple KC stud book entries with current show dogs.
    We judge all three breeds and are members of the appropriate breed clubs.
    Both Peter and Ian are active .... (click to read more)

  • 39 Miles Corinne Knights Ipswich Suffolk

  • 39 Miles Villensia Lisa Elvin Kings Lynn Norfolk

  • 39 Miles Dominatus Donna and Alan Munson Ipswich Suffolk

  • Brizedale Miniature Schnauzers
    Lindsey Barter
    41 Miles

    I am a licenced breeder of miniature schnauzers,standard poodles and French bulldogs,

  • 46 Miles Terhi Vanhala Wisbech, Cambs

  • 46 Miles Boldheart Sarah Parker Wisbech Cambridgeshire

  • Swiftwood
    Linda Lay
    Current Health Tests
    46 Miles

    Have been showing and breeding boxers for 25yearshad French bulldogs for 4years o

  • Rayvonley
    Mr Steve Cox
    46 Miles

    ďThe Neapolitan Mastiff, or Mastino as called in itís country of origin, is very much the property guard dog of Italy. Itís roots go back over 4000 years.
    The Mastino can be traced back to the war dogs of Italy used by the Romans in battle who would send the dogs in against the attack of the oncoming foe and even further back to the massive Molossus dogs of Alexander. Today's Mastino is a great guardian for the estate, home and the family. It is said that the Italians purposely created a dog to astonish and amaze the on-looker, and consequently the Mastino looks and moves like no other .... (click to read more)

  • 48 Miles Linsea Mrs L and Miss S Searle Harwich Essex