French Bulldog

French Bulldog picture


The French Bulldog is a early breed with the most common story being that they originated from a breed known as the “Toy Bulldog” which is in actual fact a English breed owned by a group of lace workers in factories based in Nottingham UK, many of the workers of the factories were being replaced by machinery and the workers moved to other factories mainly in Calais, France and taking the little dogs with them.

It has been thought that the “Toy Bulldog” was indeed the cull puppies of the English Bulldog and were sold to the workers for a lesser price thus making them so popular, this small breed was also the ideal candidate to be smuggled aboard ship on the crossing to France and adapted well to its new surroundings.

The County folk of France found them to be loyal companions and great ratters and soon the breed was nearly extinct in England due to so many been taken to France.


The French Bulldog or “Frenchie” to its loyal fanciers is a big dog in a small dogs body, he is outgoing, full of fun and has clown written all over him, they love human attention and actually prefer that to the attention of other dogs.

They are companion dogs and should be part of a family, they love children but as always should never be left unattended with them, nor shall children be allowed to torment them, Frenchies are not kennel dogs they will not thrive in that situation and will become depressed and sometimes refuse to eat.


Frenchies are quite a healthy breed compared to some of its other relatives, spinal abnormalities can be found sometimes and breeders are now making use of X-rays to eradicate this problem.

Over heating is a concern in Frenchies with them being one of the brachycephalic breeds (short faced) with summertime being the worse, Walking should only be done when it is cooler in the evening and if you are planning a day out with your Frenchie then a supply of cold water should always be taken with you.

Never leave your dogs unattended in cars not just in the hot weather but anytime as you may find your dog overheating due to the anxiety of being separated from its owner.