Foxhound picture


The foxhound is a truly British breed, with his ancestry dating back to the 14th century, but the foxhound we know today can trace his blood back to the 1800s, when hunting with hounds was the primary method of pest control on farms and country side.

Today’s Foxhound has the purity of source from four Great kennels, •Duke of Ruthland •Duke of Beaufort •Earl of Yarborough •Earl Fitzwilliams.


A foxhound is a true gentleman, friendly and well-mannered when the time is spent educating the hound on how to behave, a kind but firm owner will be respected and loved by their hound.

A foxhound loves to be active, they are not for the lazy stay at home type of owners, however as age sets in a foxhound becomes more willing for less exercise opting instead to lie on the sofa’s or in front of the fire but still enjoys a good daily walk.

Their natural ability in agility and speed can make them excellent Agility dogs, running partners, and even have the brains to compete in Obedience and are great family pets. These hounds can be fantastic in the right homes, people who have a sense of humour, open minded and aren't too house proud, make good foxhound owners.

Foxhounds are great with children and other dogs, but however extra care needs to be taken around small furries and cats, again with training they can live side by side with them.

Common problems in rescue hounds are the fact they suffer from separation anxiety, and are normally rehomed where another dog is present.


Huntsman and breeder alike work very hard to ensure the right hounds are bred from, with plenty of homework done before mating.

Health problems in the breed are rare, with most problems arising from a hound being out in the field.