Flat Coated Retriever Owners

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  • Larksburn
    Sarah and David Young
    Current Health Tests

    Owners of pet and working Flatcoated Retrievers.

  • Sofia Eliseu
    Current Health Tests

    My name is Sofia, I'm a breed enthusiast and am always looking to learn more about it.
    I own two male Flat Coats, a liver and a black.
    The black male, Blackjack is available as stud dog, with all health tests done and clear scores and DNA color profiling too with 2 litters born in 2012, having produced 7 champions (not in UK) and clear health records so far.

  • Tribbrook
    Miss Lynne Robinson

    Being an animal lover all my life I have only recently (the last 15 years) started to be owned by dogs. My first dog was a very clever, independent and dominant Flat-coated retriever called Finn, who trained me very well and soon had me doing exactly what he wanted. Two of my friends have Australian Shepherds and getting to know their dogs first started my love of the breed. Tribble is my first Aussie and is a wonderful dog. She passed her Kennel Club Good Citizens exams for Puppy, Bronze and Silver before she was 10 months old and has taken to flyball and agility like a duck to water.

  • Karadowki
    Sharon Tamblyn
    Current Health Tests

    My love for flatcoats started when I was growing up and my parents bought home Atherbram Felix. I waited for another Atherbram Pup of my own and in 2008 my wish came true when I collected Atherbram Inigo. I now own three flatcoats and enjoy lots of Activies with them Showing, Obedience,Good Citizen & Gundog Training. They are all such wonderful dogs to own and they make me very happy.

  • Caroline Elliott

    I am a French trained British Search and Rescue Dog Handler; "Fjord" comes from Swedish and French blood lines and is an incredible working dog with a great temperament.

  • Reevecrew
    Jacqui Crew
    St Albans
    Current Health Tests

    I have 3 lovely stud dogs - my Flatcoated Retriever and my 2 Golden Retriever. They are my friends and they live in the house and are very much pets but they also love to work and pick up in the shooting season with them and compete at working tests and field trial as well. My website is http://revecrew.weebly.com

  • Kyrieeleison Flatcoated Retrievers
    Mrs Catherine Connell
    Current Health Tests

    Losing our beloved Kyrie last year was the hardest thing ever, and if we hadn't have had Bella (Kyrie's daughter) it would have been even harder. Bella has grown into an extremely beautiful girl with a really lovely temperament.
    She is extremely affectionate and very playful, she will sit for a very long time if she's being stroked!
    She enjoys long walks and is very graceful. She is a fantastic family dog and loves nothing better than being with people. We couldn't wish for a better dog.

  • Mistledawn
    Charlotte Knowles
    West Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

  • Seekamore Flatcoats
    Mrs Kirsty Lovell
    Current Health Tests

  • Mike & Kate Davies
    West Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    We are the proud owners of Stanley (Verdant Port) who was born on 24th January 2011.

    Stanley has outstanding health test results:
    Clear Eye Test,
    Hips (0:0),
    Elbows (0:0)

    Both of Stanley's parents also have 0:0 hip scores.

    He has a Kennel Club inbreeding Coefficient of 4%, more favourable than the Flat Coat breed average of 7%.

    To date Stanley has sired 1 litter of 10 puppies.

    Find out more on Facebook:

  • Gwenadillo
    Miss J Calverley
    Current Health Tests

    I have had flatcoated retrievers since 1983. Seeka is fourth generation Gwenadillo.

    Seeka ia a quiet girl who loves to bounce and swim. She is very loving and obedient.

  • Mrs S & Mr A Atkin
    Current Health Tests

    We have had flatcoats in the family for 9 years now and can't give them up! We are not full time breeders but choose our sires carefully to maintain a quality female line. We do not train to work but that may change, time permitting, as there are working as well as show bloodlines in the pedigree.

  • Helen Dixon
    Current Health Tests

  • Exelby
    Mrs Kay Cook

    Exelby is a small breeder situated in the beautiful surroundings of the rural countryside of SW Scotland, just a few minutes from Lockerbie...

    I have the occassional litter, with a view to keep a pup for the showring. All pups are born and raised in the home and well socialised before going on to their new homes...

    All my adult dogs have been Hip/elbow/eye tested in accordance with KC/BVA health schemes. I also Optigen/DNA test for PRCD/pra

    I am also a Kennel Club Assured Breeder.

  • Gemwell Karen & Robert May Nr Darlington Co. Durham

  • Lamintone Heather Mee Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

  • Elphreya Tony Wright Lincoln Lincs

  • La Source D'Edesse Thioloy Arnaud Margerie-Hancourt France

  • David and June Mcphillips Lauder Berwickshire

  • Sheila Rowland Wareham Dorset