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  • Beanhill Red Admiral of Shoscombe
    Health Tested

    Hoy is cler of GPRA Cord 1 and Fuco so can never get or pass this on.
    Hoy comes from a long line of proven gundogs and FTCh's. He is fast with good muscle definition and has a natural instinct for hunting and retreiving. Fearless in his work he will hit through the thickest of bramble and loves water retrieves

    Soft mouthed he has a very quiet manner which belies his performance in the field. excellent with other animals and people. He has successfully sired several litters.
    In addition to the FTCh's listed there is 1 OFTW, 10 FTW's, and 2 FTAW's in Hoys pedigree.

  • Foxy Fowler Jake at Cedarose
    Health Tested

    Twist is FTAW who has been very easy to train. Novice GWT Winner. He is a soft & honest dog with a great temperment. He hunts close always keeping eye contact as well as having plenty of drive & he will crash through any cover. He is a fantastict retriever on both dummys & game. He competed in gundog working tests during the summer, has been out beating & is running in Field Trials. Twist was placed 1st in a Novice Gundog Working test.
    Proven at stud.

  • Kanreith Cinnamon
    Boulton Moor

    Gamekeeper-raised, fearless cover-working Springer available at stud to approved bitches.

  • Willowcreek Apache
    Health Tested

    Willowcreek Apache or Randy as he is known at home is an energetic intelligent,well bred working Springer Spaniel, with an excellent easy going temperament.

    He is a superb dog in the field and is worked as a gundog on many shooting days throughout the season, he is a great hunter and tackles any cover with vigour and without fear.

    His Siblings have all made excellent pets, gun dogs, rescue and sniffer dogs, he was bred here at Willowcreek and is now available at stud.
    Eye examination 5/3/14 unaffected

  • Melverly Desert Strike Over Acregate JW
    Health Tested

    "Ralph" is Liver & White, he has some top winning lines in his pedigree, he is starting to make his presence felt in the show ring,Ralph was BPIB at Leeds Champ show 2013.
    Ralph is fully health tested,

    Ralph is a real character, he really does live life for today, loves everyone and is everyone's friend,
    A very happy go lucky chap who is full of mischief.

    Ralph is a proven sire.

  • Kenmilltri Parable of Withnellmoor
    Health Tested

    Ben is a liver and white, bold, confident springer with a lovely temperament. A very versatile dog, regularly goes beating, picking up, rough shooting and hawking.

    Proven stud dog. One of the very few true working bred ESS to be fully health tested as per the current KC Assured Breeder Scheme requirements.

  • Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Meadowdale Banjo JW ShCM
    Health Tested

    This is 'Meadowdale Banjo JW', he is a Liver Tri dog.

    He is a UK Show Champion and an Irish Show Champion.

    He is FULLY health tested, but can only be mated to bitches that are tested clear for PRA (Cord1)

    He is an outgoing and loving boy, who has done exceptionally well in the showring.

    He was TOP PUPPY in 2011
    He won Best Puppy at Crufts 2012
    Won his first CC at 16 months
    Gained his Junior Warrant with ease
    Winning his Show Certificate of Merit at an early age.

    Banjo whilst on holiday in Ireland, has won 'Best in Show' twice, as well as being .... (click to read more)

  • Plaiglen Memories at Eastfalla
    Health Tested

    Excellent dog with great nature

  • Whispers of Woore
    Health Tested

    Blaze is a good looking boy with a brilliant working pedigree which proves itself in his incredible natural working instinct.

    He is my most loyal companion with the most gentle of temperaments. Always desperate to please and enthusiastic to work.

    Blaze has recently started gundog training and has progressed incredibly into a steady and thorough worker. We are therefore looking forward to the upcoming shooting season and some possible field trials. His speed is second to none (giving a local grey hound a run for his money) which proves useful in the field and agility. .... (click to read more)

  • Gunmere Aladdin of Gwinald

    Arthur is our black and white English Springer Spaniel. First and foremost he is one of our family and as such is very friendly towards children and is also well socialised towards other dogs.
    Arthur is KC registered and boasts a five generation pedigree with 36 Field Trial Champions and Field Trial Winners and is bred from good working stock. He is fully innoculated.
    Arthur is a fully trained and stylish gun dog. He is a well experienced rough shooting dog who has been shot over and is also an excellent retriever.
    He is a superb specimen as he is a strong looking, muscular dog with .... (click to read more)

  • Buccleuch Zane of Creccamarsh
    Sgurr English Springer Spaniels
    Isle of Skye
    Health Tested

    Zane is a proven sire and some of his first pups will be field trialling in the UK and Holland in 2014. Zane is a fully trained gundog, the ideal rough shooters dog, with a very soft mouth, excellent retrieving, biddable and very willing to please. He comes from the best lines in the UK. His dam won the Spaniel Championship twice and the Irish Championship - she is also the dam and grand dam of two other winners of the Spaniel Championship. Zane's sire gained a Diploma of Merit in the Spaniel Championship and is the sire of Edgegrove Hitch, Swedish National Champion. Zane is the half brother .... (click to read more)

  • Chalkhouse Jacob
    Nr Selby
    North Yorkshire

    Chalkhouse Jacob will be available as a Stud dog when he reaches 18 months of age.We shall be having two litters of puppies in the middle of July 2007 {black and white , liver and white)

    We intend to mate Chalkhouse Gertrude for the last time in May 2008. The puppies should be born mid July. We shall be using a liver and white dog and therefore expect to have a mixed litter, i.e black and white and liver and white. Chalkhouse Gertrude is Jacob`s mother.

  • Everlasting Spirit
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

    Quincy has done a bit of everything; beating, roughshooting, fun agility, obedience training and Dash 'n' Splash. He's also been to Crufts and had several placings in the Working Gundog class in the BASC ring. He's just completed another season as a beating dog and shows no signs of slowing down.
    A large, handsome liver and white dog Quincy also carries the gene to produce striking tri-colour pups.
    Quincy is hip scored (5:3) and eye tested including gonioscopy. He is DNA clear for Fucosidosis, PFK and PRA cord-1.

  • Druid Prince of Barbethill
    Health Tested

    Sam (Druid Prince of Barbethill) is home bred and has many Ftch and ftw's within his pedigree. He is very biddable and loves to please both in the field and during training. Sam is a proven stud siring intelligent, biddable and easily trained puppies.

    He is available for stud to approved bitches only with full health tests.
    Stud Fee 500 Stud Contract Supplied.

  • Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM
    Health Tested

    Sh Ch Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM,

    3CC (LKA 2011, Birm' Nat 2013, Blackpool 2013), 4RCC (Darlington 2011, Lancs & Cheshire ESS Champ show 2012,Northern ESS Champ Show 2013, Manchester 2014 )

    In 2010 Arthur had 5 BIS wins (General and Breed Open Shows) and 4 RBIS wins (General and Breed Open Shows),
    Class winner at Crufts 2010 & 2011.

    Arthur was "The Pets as Therapy Show Dog of the year" 2010 runner up.
    Arthur was awarded Gundog Group 2 at Midland Counties 2013,

    To date this year Arthur has won 4 BIS at Open Shows and 4 RBIS at Open Shows, .... (click to read more)

  • Megandice Inkspot at Verstone
    Health Tested

    Max is:

    A Fully Health Tested, KC Registered,Proven Stud Dog


    DNA Profiled under the Kennel Club Scheme

    Eye Tested under the KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Examination Scheme for inherited eye disease

    GPRA CPRA: Unaffected/Clear

    Goniodysgenesis: Unaffected/Clear

    Fucosidosis: DNA Tested Clear (Non-Carrier) This dog is CLEAR of Fucosidosis. The dog has 2 copies of the normal gene and will neither develop fucosidosis, nor pass a fucosidosis gene to its offspring

    PRA (Cord 1) Tested Clear (Non-Carrier) This dog has 2 copies of the normal .... (click to read more)

  • Castle Island
    Health Tested

    Prince ( Castle Island) is a proven stud siring intelligent, biddable, easily trained and well marked puppies. He is a good hunter and eager to please he makes a superb country companion. He has an excellent temperament.He has FTW and FTCH in his line. He is also fully health tested. Druid Prince of Barbethill is his progeny.

    He is available for stud to approved Bitches only with full health tests.

    Stud Fee 500 Stud Contract Supplied.

    Proof of inocultions must also be provided.

  • Lambriggan Laddy of Torwind
    Health Tested


    Sire Field Trial Champion Misselchalke Lad of Halaze ( out of FT CH Steadroc Sker x FT W Sunnybrae Sylph.)

    Dam Field Trial Winner Thames Teaser ( out of FT CH Craighaar Boris x Suttonslaw Speedy.)




    This means that he has 2 copies of the normal genes and will neither develop fucosidosis, GPRA cord 1 or develop PFK ( Phosphofructikinase) nor pass these genes to his .... (click to read more)

  • Blacheborne Alfie Torwind
    Health Tested

    ALFIE is a HIP SCORED, HEALTH TESTED TRI COLOUR BOY...liver, white and tan , which is rare in the working strain. We bought him to carry on our line of TRI COLOUR springers that we breed.

    Alfie is an exuberant,full on, fit fine fantastic fellow and is a proven stud and we have kept one of his TRI colour sons that we bred , who will be added to this site also.

    He has a mixture of a strong badgercourt background with a good mix of contrasting working and trialling champion lines with lovely natures and attitudes.

    HE IS HIP SCORED 3/5= 8 which is nicely below the breed .... (click to read more)

  • Alanea Warrior of Jorobaden
    Health Tested

    Clyde is litter brother to Bonnie. He has a Stud book number and is available to appropriate bitches.