English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel picture


The English Springer Spaniel is generally regarded as the oldest sporting gundog in the world, dating back to the 14th century, possibly originating from Spain. We believe the name came from the dogs action of "springing " game to flush it for nets, falcons or possibly greyhounds, long before guns were in use.

Over the years spaniel breeds were developed & were often named by the counties they were bred in, 2 distinct types emerged, the Norfolk & the Shropshire, by the 1850's the breed was known as the Norfolk Spaniel.

The sporting Spaniel Society was formed in the late 1800's & gave the breed its name, the English Springer Spaniel which was authorised by the Kennel Club in 1902.


Our working spaniel of today is a truly versatile hunting, flushing, retrieving dog on land or water with energy, drive & exhuberance. They are affectionate & love to please, but as with any hunting dog they will follow thier nose!

Basic obediance training is an absolute must & needs to be consistant, inventive & firm but gentle. A well educated spaniel is a delight to own, an uneducated one can become a hooligan!


Overall spaniels have few health problems, most breeders have routine eye tests.

Fucosidosis is an inherited condition which affects the nervous system, but is an very rare genetic occurance.