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The only breed that is named after its creator, the Dobermann was created in the late 1800's by Herr Dobermann using various breeds including; Rottweiler, Pincher, Manchester Terrier and later, the Greyhound.

The breed was officially recognised by the German Kennel Club in 1900. It was originally created to protect Herr Dobermann in his various forms of employment, one of which being a money collector, the Dobermann needed to be powerful and courageous with a high devotion to his master.


The Dobermann is a medium sized dog with the propensity to guard. Strong and muscularly built, through the elegant lines of its body its proud stature is intelligent and sensitive with strength and agility.

He is a quick learner, but can be quite stubborn and needs firm but fair handling and clear leadership. The Dobermann has a relatively high pain threshold and is unlikely to complain over minor ailments.

The Dobermann was bred to live within the family and their home and to protect their beloved family, and although an instinctive guarding breed, he is adaptable and able to fit easily within a social environment. We expect the breed to be friendly and outgoing, but if required have the ability to protect their family and their home.

The body of the Dobermann should be square in height (ground to withers) and length (forechest to upper thigh), usually Black or Brown with red rust markings, in the UK Blue and Isabella are also recognised. More and more countries, the UK included, are now legally required to no longer dock their puppies tails.


The Dobermann is a largely healthy breed. We are encouraged to test for vWD (von Willebrand's Disease), PHPV (Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous) and hip score (Hip Displaysia). Although we do not have a major problem in the UK in any of these departments, it is a good idea to continue testing to ensure that this remains the case.

The latest concern is DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy), currently there is no definitive test for this ailment.

The average life span of the Dobermann is 10 years plus.

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