Deerhound picture


A breed of great antiquity, he has been used to hunt red deer for upwards of a thousand years and he has remained remarkably similar in type over the centuries.

Mary Queen of Scots was said to keep Deerhounds and was a follower of the chase.


Their general appearance, resembles a rough coated greyhound of larger size and bone. The build suggests the unique combination of speed, power and endurance necessary to pull down a stag.

General bearing is one of gentle dignity, friendly, docile, good tempered and loyal, never suspicious, aggressive or nervous, probably one of the easiest to train of the sight hounds as they hate to incur a harsh word.

His thick, close lying coat should be harsh to the touch, making him easy to groom and low maintenance, he enjoys free running and there is no finer sight that a Deerhound in full flight.


Deerhounds are over all a healthy breed, we do have cases of cancer and heart disease, unfortunately test for these are not yet available.

Portosystemic Shunt(Liver Shunt) does occur occasionally, fortunately there is a test, which can be carried out on puppies around the age of nine weeks old, puppies should not be purchased without the test results, all responsible breeders carry out the test as a matter of course.

Factor V11 refers to clotting agents in the blood, this is a relatively minor problem, hounds that are effected will all most certainly live out a perfectly normal life. A test is available which will determine if the hound is clear, carrier or effected.

Bloat is a problem which effects most deep chested dogs, again there is a relative small number of hounds effected.

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