Continental Landseer

Continental Landseer picture


It is known, that the very first dogs, that were the ancestors of nowadays Continental Landseer, were found in Newfoundland Island, when captain Blight and sir Joseph Banks discovered white and black dogs that exceptionally loved water.

Lately these dogs were bread in England by the name of Newfoundland dogs, just with time more colours were added.

In the end, there were only a few breeders in England that kept breeding the original white and black type dogs, which could be already called the Continental Landseers.

In 1960 FCI agreed to call them a separated breed. In 1988 England FCI, forbid to breed the Newfoundlands with the white and black Landseer dogs.

The breed was named in honor of painter sir Edwin Landseer.


The Landseer is a gentle, very friendly giant dog, which is always ready for games with children or other dogs. Almost every Landseer dog has a huge passion for water or swimming, thatís why they are used for bay watching or water works.

They are tolerant to other animals, never attacking first. They can be lazy, however they are more active than the Newfoundland dogs, and they don't need much exercise.


The most common Landseer health problem, as probably for most of the big breed dogs, is dysplasia and deformity of joints, thatís why they need a lot of care until at least 9 months old.

The coat must also be cared for well Ė if its not brushed or the dog has too many baths in a short space of time, some skin diseases can appear.

Older dogs have a risk of stomach twisting.