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  • Samsir Joker at Kevelek
    St Austell
    Health Tested

    Samsir Joker At Kevelek (Pip)
    Beautifully put together young dog with a brain to match, he's small, fast and has the typical cocker action.
    Pip is blue roan carrying gold and liver with the possibility of tan point.

    Pip will be out working for the first time this year and entering some working tests.

    Available to working strain bitches only. NO POODLES

  • Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook (Ftaw)
    Health Tested

    Sandy is sired by a Championship Winner and is out of a bitch who was twice runner up in the Championship. A Chocolate & Tan proven stud dog. He has to completed one season field trialling and placed 2nd every time and Guns Choice. A fast and powerful hunter who should do well in his future trial career.

  • Midwayview Mystic Moss of Cedarose
    Health Tested

    Moss is a small compact black cocker he has now been DNA tested for AMS with the result being Normal/Clear. He has a wonderful temperment who loves all the attention.He is very honest when hunting & he hunts with plenty of drive he is also a good retiever bringing back dummies & game. He goes out brushing regularly & he has competed in gundog working tests & has awards in these.
    Moss is producing black, gold, liver & roan pups.
    Proven at stud

  • Benitachelle Quantum

    Chocolate Cocker Spaniel available for stud.
    Proven stud.
    Comes from a working shooting home, has a lovely nature and always happy to please.
    see pedigree for details or call

  • Dunkeld Pheasant Phinder
    Health Tested

    Dunkeld Pheasant Phinder - aka Hunter is such a hard working gundog who loves cuddles on the sofa too!

    Working Cocker Spaniel - Solid Black with White Bib

    Hunter is a solid black dog with a small white bib. He is a large, robust cocker spaniel (but not leggy!).

    Hunter is proven to maiden bitches, with a 100% success rate to matings to date. To date all puppies are solid in colour (throws solid black and solid liver but also has lemon/gold in pedigree). Very keen to work on the beating line, not afraid of any cover, infact works better when there is cover!
    Picks up .... (click to read more)

  • Clumsetter Acer
    South Molton
    Health Tested

    Rook (Clumsetter Acer) is offered as a proven stud dog by Clumsetter Gundogs. Rook is solid black and has sired several litters to date. He has thrown both black and chocolate pups. Rook has not sired any "and tan" pups so it is probable that he does not carry the gene. Rook is a medium build dog, with a very silky, long coat. He has a wonderful, affectionate, loving nature, with kind eyes and he has been very easy to train. Rook is a natural retriever. His pedigree is impressive and includes FT CH Sandford Black Mamba and FT CH Maesydderwen Scimitar. The pedigree also includes significant .... (click to read more)

  • Chyknell Sedge Warbler

    Proven stud dog excellent working cocker gamekeeper owned sired large litters

  • Mallowdale Tony of Greenfox
    Downham Market
    Health Tested

    Standing at stud-
    Mallowdale Tony of Greenfox "BOSS"
    Working Cocker Spaniel (LIVER).
    Boss is a small cocker dog with a huge character, he works hard in a close tight pattern, used predominantly in the beating line however is a confident retriever and has proven easy to train.
    He is a proven sire. Boss was bred by Ian Openshaw.

    Boss is

    Sire: FTCH Danderw Druid (Championship Winner)
    Dam: FTCH Mallowdale Guppy

    Stud fee-400
    Further info visit

  • Winhocklin Abutilon
    Health Tested

    Spud is a very well balanced black cocker dog.

  • Yvettlees Black Prince

    Edward is a very hard hunting and good retrieving dog in all aspects of Spaniel work.

  • Badgerberry Bacchus at Kevelek
    St Austell
    Health Tested

    Bruno is a small muscular choc and tan working dog. He's trained as a beating and picking up dog, he was very easy to train, quick and will go into any cover.
    Bruno has the most wonderful temperament, he gets on with any dogs, loves people and is a joy to have around.
    He's a proven stud dog and throws pups of various colours including roan,Tri and of course Tan point.

    Working strain bitches only. NO POODLES

  • Cheeky Tweed From Casblaidd (Wgc)
    Health Tested

    Tweed is tricolour liver, tan and white, working cocker. He is clear FN and Optigen tested clear prcd-PRA, as well as a current clear eye certificate including glaucoma. AMS Clear.

    He has been awarded the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate - we're very proud of him!!

    He has delighted us by winning the Chiltern Gundog Society Puppy Water Test . He also has 3 Certificates of Merit in Novice Working Tests.

    He is presently working at least 4 days a week on shoots in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, and is a very valuable member of our team. He is fast, very biddable, and .... (click to read more)

  • Blatchford Russet of Kevelek
    St Austell
    Health Tested

    Rustle is a typical working type cocker, he's small and compact with a lovely gentle temperament.
    Russ is a trained Gundog and beats on a large commercial shoot throughout the season.
    He's a proven stud dog throwing liver and gold/red.
    We also have his sire and sister living with us.

    Rustle holds the KC Working Gundog Certificate.

    Working strain bitches only. NO POODLES

  • Saxondawn Elton of Breezybrook
    Folkvang Cocker Spaniels & German Shepherd Dogs
    Health Tested

    Ace by name and by nature. An extreemly biddable keen working dog. Always eager to please. Is very fast over the agility course and the field. Tireless worker. Quiet and steady.
    Has sired several litters, incuding one in Finland by AI. Produces Golden,Chocolate,Black,Liver and White, Lemon and White so far.

  • Ft Ch Rollafields Redbud at Naxshivan
    Dumfries and Galloway
    Health Tested

    Golden KC Registered Cocker Spaniel. FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION (The only golden coloured health tested FTCH). Health tested PRA/PRCD and now AMS clear. 13 inches to the shoulder and weighs 10.2 kg. Already siring good sized litters of strong healthy pups of all colours. Full demonstration available.400
    contact or 01461 600551/ 07766446452 more pictures and puppies available can be seen on our nithvalley gundogs facebook page or cocker spaniel studs and puppies facebook page. You can click here to see Boots at the cocker spaniel championships at Buccleuch estates .... (click to read more)

  • Dakotagun Windu
    Health Tested

    Troy has a fantastic working cocker, we use him for walked up shooting and picking up. Sits solid on the peg as well. BVA Clear, FN Clear, and PRA Clear

  • Morfasso Massimo
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    Hank was Bred by myself his Dam is Whisp and Sire is Alfie. He has an excellent pedigree and completed his first season on the field 2013. Been a pleasure to train and has a nice style and instinct. He produces all colours as well as having a tan gene producing blue roan and tan and liver roan and tan

  • Nancarrow Coxen

    This is louie are handsome stud who loves everbody as long as they give him a tummy rub!

  • Bryntail Aero To Naxshivan
    Health Tested

    Stunning looking dog with an amazing nature, Fidget is a real character with the most amazing temperament.
    Fidget has been fully health tested clear and has completed a full season beating and picking up, super retriever, has no fear of cover and hunts well.
    He is now well proven and available at stud to suitable bitches, he carries roan and to date has produced Liver, Tan & White, Liver & Tan, Black, Tan & White, Blue, Liver and Lemon Roan, Gold, Red & Black.

    Pra/prcd Clear
    FN Clear
    AMS Clear
    Glaucoma Clear
    Current Clear BVA Eye Certificate

    Stud Fee .... (click to read more)

  • Housty Viscount Vince
    Health Tested

    For Stud......Handsome liver roan working cocker spaniel with exellent temperament, sound around other dogs and children.

    Had couple of seasons on beating line and picking up, also wild fowling. Working steadily..

    Produces strong healthy pups.

    Eyes tested clear.
    Tested PRA clear.