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  • Press Castle Knight In Eyevalley
    Health Tested

    Brock is a brilliant working dog with a great turn of speed and a fabulous nose.

  • Midwayview Mystic Moss of Cedarose
    Health Tested

    Moss is a small compact black cocker he has now been DNA tested for AMS with the result being Normal/Clear. He has a wonderful temperment who loves all the attention.He is very honest when hunting & he hunts with plenty of drive he is also a good retiever bringing back dummies & game. He goes out brushing regularly & he has competed in gundog working tests & has awards in these.
    Moss is producing black, gold, liver & roan pups.
    Proven at stud

  • Budelegh Golden Snitch by Clumsetter
    South Molton
    Health Tested

    Clumsetter Gundogs are proud to introduce Pippin - Budelegh Golden Snitch By Clumsetter. Pippin is proven and available for stud to approved bitches. Registered as Lemon and White, Pippin's Sire is Clumsetters' Granite Mist of Clumsetter (Rocky - Chocolate and Tan) and he is out of Budstock Ruby Red of Budelegh (Ruby - a beautiful solid chocolate). Pippin is highly likely to carry the Tan gene as his Sire is Chocolate and Tan and his litter contained and Tan pups. Pippin's pedigree is impressive with lines going back to the Nancarrow, Timsgarry, Maesydderwen, Wernffrwd and Parkbreck Kennels. .... (click to read more)

  • Derwach Noel of Dearganach
    Dearganach Cocker Spaniels
    Health Tested

    Red is a tough sound well made dog with plenty of bone and substance, a good hunter and retriever on both land and water. He has a kind temperament and is a huge character, proven at stud. A valuable asset to our team of working dogs. This dog is a serious worker - he lives to work. Stud Fee £250.HEALTH TESTED CLEAR prcd-PRA, FN and AMS. 07852 231 312

  • Yvettlees Black Prince

    Edward is a very hard hunting and good retrieving dog in all aspects of Spaniel work.

  • Clumsetter Acer
    South Molton
    Health Tested

    Rook (Clumsetter Acer) is offered as a proven stud dog by Clumsetter Gundogs. Rook is solid black and has sired several litters to date. He has thrown both black and chocolate pups. Rook has not sired any "and tan" pups so it is probable that he does not carry the gene. Rook is a medium build dog, with a very silky, long coat. He has a wonderful, affectionate, loving nature, with kind eyes and he has been very easy to train. Rook is a natural retriever. His pedigree is impressive and includes FT CH Sandford Black Mamba and FT CH Maesydderwen Scimitar. The pedigree also includes significant .... (click to read more)

  • Kenocto Dreamboat of Breezybrook
    Health Tested

    Sox is a son of our own Breezybrook Trouper and is out of Swallow Fox Pride who is by FTCh Mallowdale Rackatear.

    A proven stud dog who carries Tan, so can throw chocolate & tan or black & tan puppies. He also carries the Roan gene. A strong dog with plenty of bone, Sox has lots of drive and has his dads super soft mouth.

    He has completed his fourth season in the field, and has passed the KC Gundog Working Certificate. He won his first novice Gundog Working Test.

    Sox is a very cheeky character!

    Sox has been DNA tested Clear for prcd - PRA (progressive rod cone .... (click to read more)

  • Mallowdale Pope of Naxshivan
    Health Tested

    A very loving dog with a temperament second to non. Zane is always very much “with” you and has proved to be very easy to train and quick to learn, he is very level headed and easy to handle, very fast across the ground and has a fabulous soft mouth.
    Zane is a well proven stud dog and has produced some fabulous pups that excel in both working, agility/flyball and active pet homes. He is very well bred his Sire is FTCH Dardnell Dealer and Dam is FTCH Mallowdale Olga, he is pure black with no white markings, a well put together and good looking dog.Zane carries Liver.
    He is a no nonsense .... (click to read more)

  • Riverglaze Jackberry Black

    Sunning proven championship lines cocker at stud,son of FTCH Randalyn Black Jack ,he has an impressive 26 champions in his 5 generation KC pedigree,he is in peak condition and has sired stunning health pups,he holds a current bva pra certificate and is up to date with his vaccinations and health checks.he has a fantastic temperament .

  • Marionbarr Marrick
    East Riding of Yorkshire

    Jarvis is both a wonderful pet and hard working dog.

  • Fineview Extrovert at Bryntail
    Health Tested

    Very athletic, mid sized working cocker. Carries tan and roan. Proven stud. Taffy is a very affectionate lad with an impeccable nature, kind and gentle with maiden bitches.
    Taffy is clear for PRA, FN AND AMS.

  • Calcutt Cuby
    Health Tested

    Harley is our stunning dark golden and white working cocker. He has a five generation pedigree including Jackalantern gundog lines, FTCH Chyknell Goldstar, FTCH Maesydderwen Sorcerer, FTCH Sandford Black Mamba and FTCH Larford Evan.
    He has 27 FTCH / FTAW in total in his pedigree.

    Harley stands taller than the average cocker with a wonderful character and a very loving and loyal nature.
    Colours produced so far = golden, lemon, dark golden/red, black, blue roan, lemon roan, choc roan and pure chocolate and black and white, all with nice even markings.

    Fully up to date with .... (click to read more)

  • Bryntail Aero To Naxshivan
    Health Tested

    Stunning looking dog with an amazing nature, Fidget is a real character with the most amazing temperament.
    Fidget has been fully health tested clear and his training is coming on well, super retriever, has no fear of cover and hunts well.
    He is now well proven having sired 5 litters to date and is now available at stud to suitable bitches, he carries roan and to date has produced Liver, Tan & White, Liver & Tan, Black and Tan, Blue and Lemon Roan.

    Pra/prcd Clear
    FN Clear
    AMS Clear
    Glaucoma Clear
    Current Clear BVA Eye Certificate

    Stud Fee .... (click to read more)

  • Morfasso Chewbacka
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    Ted is a super dog! He works hard and has plenty of drive He has taken both his mum and dads best attributes. He has a kind soft nature!

  • Midland Wally of Fallowfen
    Health Tested

    Rusty is a proven working golden cocker spaniel.

    D.O.B. 08/02/2010
    Hip Score 5/5
    Current Clear Eye Certificate.
    DNA tested clear for prcd - PRA
    DNA tested clear for Familial Nephropathy (FN) / Hereditary Nephropathy

    Stud fee: £300
    Rusty is a handsome working cocker spaniel, he is a honest working companion and is always loving, loyal, biddable and very keen to please.

    Rusty is a proven sire that produces puppies which have a fantastic temperament which are able to become loving family pets, but will also produce pups with the willingness to please .... (click to read more)

  • Kiltonbeck Rupert of Breezybrook
    Health Tested

    Rupert is a medium sized golden dog sired by FTCh Kiltonbeck Cooper. He is a young dog who is finishing training and has completed half a season beating and picking up. He is incredibly fast but still has a soft nature. Rupert is a proven stud dog and is fully health tested.

  • Naxshivan Vice of Minterburn
    Health Tested

    Spanna is a smaller type working cocker who is proven at stud.
    He has good body conformation,and a gentle & affectionate temperament. He is a hard hunter and has a very soft mouth. He has a fantastic nose and his ability to find wounded or running game in water or on land is second to none.

    He is prcd-PRA & FN Hereditarily Clear, and has a current clear eye certificate including gonioscopy.
    He has also been tested clear of AMS

  • Anneryvalley Charmer
    Health Tested

    Brandy is a gorgeous Golden Dog with an excellent temperament he loves everybody. He is a good size cocker well made.
    He has just started his training & we are very hopeful for a good result.
    Eye Examination Clear
    Gonioscopy Unaffected

  • Heathcroft Ash at Kevelek
    St Austell
    Health Tested

    Bud is a super well put together dog, he's sired by FTCH Mallowdale Ken Of Winhocklin out of FTCH Maesydderwen Secret.
    Bud has a lovely short glossy coat with a roan bib, he's a gentle boy, steady as a rock with plenty of drive.
    Fully DNA tested clear for PRA, FN and AMS.
    Proven sire.
    Available for working type bitches only!

    Bud holds the KC Working Gundog Certificate

  • Badgerberry Bacchus at Kevelek
    St Austell
    Health Tested

    Bruno is a small muscular choc and tan working dog. He's trained as a beating and picking up dog, he was very easy to train, quick and will go into any cover.
    Bruno has the most wonderful temperament, he gets on with any dogs, loves people and is a joy to have around.
    He's a proven stud dog and throws pups of various colours including roan,Tri and of course Tan point.

    Working strain bitches only.