Cocker Spaniel Breeders near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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  • 2 Miles Anne Valentine-Smith and Richard Smith Peterborough Cambridgeshire

  • Nick Cornell
    Current Health Tests
    2 Miles

    We have had labradors in the family for 20 years and know what a super family pet they make with an ideal temperament. We have the occassional litter of Fox Red and Yellow working labradors. We also have cocker spaniels and have been showing this lovely breed for a few years now and would love to progress in this field.

  • 4 Miles Joyances Marie Upchurch Peterborough Cambridgeshire

  • 4 Miles Annashonn Cocker Spaniels Ms A R Baker Peterborough Cambs

  • Clavaire Cocker Spaniels
    Mr and Mrs J Buck
    Current Health Tests
    4 Miles

    We are a small hobby/show kennel based in a small Rural village in Conington, Cambridgeshire.

    We have one or two litters a year with a view to keeping a puppy as our next potential show dog, but first and foremost our dogs are part of our family and most of the puppies we breed go to well scrutinized pet homes.

    All our dogs are health tested for PRA and FN (clear) and Hip Scoring will be a part of that health screening program as from May 2009.

    Our puppies are sold with the proviso that should their owners circumstances change that we are given the opportunity to take .... (click to read more)

  • 5 Miles Eastfalla Ms D Eastwood & Mr I Greenfield Peterborough Cambridgeshire

  • Carto
    Caroline Bymolen
    Current Health Tests
    5 Miles


    We are a small caring hobby breeder of English Cocker Spaniels. In total, we have been breeding for 30 years and pride ourselves in the quality of the puppies we bring into the world.

    Our priority first and foremost is to breed puppies of sound mind and body who have good temperaments and will bring years of joy to their mums and dads.

    We only breed from mothers who have been tested or are hereditarily clear of PRA so that their babies do not contract this condition.

    We have bred a number of colours including chocolate, chocolate roan, black & .... (click to read more)

  • 10 Miles Wensum Mrs Barbara M Ward Hemington Peterborough

  • 14 Miles Donna Clarke Bourne Lincolnshire

  • 14 Miles Grakknl Mrs Louise Wisdom Bourne Lincolnshire

  • 16 Miles Mick Cawley Spalding Lincolnshire

  • 16 Miles Cockerbye Rachel Appleby Spalding Lincs

  • 16 Miles Roxholm Mrs S Clements Spalding Lincolnshire

  • 16 Miles Jo Lister Deeping St Nichola Lincs

  • Martiso
    Mrs S Amatt
    Current Health Tests
    16 Miles

    We have owned and showed Cocker Spaniels for the past six years, but most importantly our dogs are much loved family pets.

    We are based in South Lincolnshire.

  • Brimeux
    Mr Graham Freeman
    Current Health Tests
    16 Miles

    I have been keeping and Breeding Cocker Spaniels for the past 35 years. My Kennel Club Breeders Affix is Brimeux. I am a hobby breeder who breeds purely for the ove of Cocker Spaniels and always strive to improve the quality of type and temperament in my litters. Over the 35 years that I have been keeping and breeding Cockers I have had 14 litters in that time. I have 4 Dogs all of whom are family pets. Litters are reared in the home and my Bitch's and the Puppies receive the best care possible from pregnancy of the bitch through to birth and weaning of the Puppies. I am a very responsible .... (click to read more)

  • Molkara Cocker Spaniels
    Kim Gain
    Current Health Tests
    16 Miles

    Molkara Cocker Spaniels are the 'show type' Cockers.
    I have had a keen interest in this beautiful breed since the early 1990s.
    All dogs will be fully health tested, including DNA testing where necessary, before they are bred from.
    I have solid cockers and occasionally have puppies available.

  • 17 Miles Robert Higgins Cambridgeshire Wisbech

  • 17 Miles Melgrove Cocker Spaniels Carol & Mike Harris Wisbech Cambridgeshire

  • Reedfen
    Christopher Clarke
    Current Health Tests
    17 Miles

    Reedfen are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.
    We breed Solid Coloured Show Type Cocker Spaniels, along with the occasional litter of Show Type Black or Chocolate Labrador Retrievers.
    All of our stud dogs and bitches are DNA Profiled and health tested to standards well above KC Assured Breeder requirements and recommendations. Now standing at stud Reedfen's Pioneer (Alfie).
    A solid Black Cocker Spaniel Alfie is DNA Profiled and FULLY health tested DNA Clear for GPRA, FN, AON, AMS, He has a Hip score of 10, Elbow score of 0, Unaffected for Gonio, Current Unaffected BVA Eye Test and a COI .... (click to read more)