Cocker Spaniel Breeders near Oxford, Oxfordshire

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  • Lardfordisis
    Mr K D & Mrs C M Mentzel
    6 Miles

  • 10 Miles Ron Milton-Eldridge Didcot Oxfordshire

  • 10 Miles Mr D Hughes & Mrs T Hughes Didcot Oxon

  • 12 Miles Tanquast Mrs R D Winsley Thame Oxfordshire

  • 12 Miles Andrew Quartly Thame Oxon

  • Challowdown
    Dawn Barnes
    Current Health Tests
    13 Miles

    Blue roan male

  • 17 Miles Mrs P Adams-Wright Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

  • 17 Miles Nicola Coombes and Pete E Ross Aylesbury Bucks

  • 18 Miles Rinagree Nicola Mcclure Saunderton Buckinghamshire

  • 20 Miles Pat & Claire Harbord Stowe Bucks

  • 20 Miles Nicholas Baughan Buckingham Bucks

  • 20 Miles Franley Fran Sturley Bucks North Buckinghamshire

  • Lyfora Cocker Spaniels
    Susan Lynne Waterhouse
    Current Health Tests
    22 Miles

    I have been 'hobby' breeding show type cockers in my home for the last five years. I own two bitches and one dog, and an elderly, long-suffering Gordon Setter. My puppies are brought up in a busy family home and have become well-rounded, much adored family pets.
    I am always available for advice if ever required and remain in contact with my puppies' forever families.

  • 23 Miles Jenny Mount Banbury Oxfordshire

  • 24 Miles Chamerl Sarah Pheasant Newbury Berkshire

  • Ana Viegas
    Current Health Tests
    24 Miles

    I am very passionate about my dogs and their wellbeing.
    My love for cocker Spaniel start when I was 14 years old . My first dog a 14 week old male orange roan cocker Spaniel. Since then my love and interest for this breed grown because of their Merry temperament , friendly and very trainable as they are very clever dogs .

  • 25 Miles Stratinnan Catherine Turner Reading Berks

  • 25 Miles Michelle Charlton Reading Berkshire

  • Poppymead
    Andrew Gray
    25 Miles

    Poppymead Gundogs provides Cockers and Labradors at stud as well as training for working and domestic dogs. Occasional cocker spaniel litters for sale. Andy Gray has fifteen years of successful breeding, training and competition, and consistently achieves impressive results.

  • Briffoaks
    June Bearman
    Current Health Tests
    25 Miles

    Breeder of Cocker Spaniels and Labradors