Cocker Spaniel Breeders near Enfield, Greater London

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  • 6 Miles Sulintay Susan Berndes Potters Bar Hertfordshire

  • 6 Miles Lesley-Jane Carter New Barnet Hertfordshire

  • 6 Miles Imogen Sharp Highgate London

  • Nicola Branca
    Current Health Tests
    9 Miles

  • Pursley
    Nicola Hunter
    Current Health Tests
    11 Miles

    I live with all my dogs on a large working arable farm and am lucky enough to have plenty of space to work, train and breed my beautiful Gundogs which are my absolute passion in life. Throughout the shooting season I work my labs and cockers and train and breed throughout the summer months. My dogs are first and foremost my friends and I spend every moment I possibly can with them. I don't trial my dogs and need them to have a definite 'off switch' out of season as many live in the house so I am careful to breed a more laid back line which I have found make very good active pets. I make a .... (click to read more)

  • Santastic
    Mrs L.Johnson
    Current Health Tests
    12 Miles

    I bought my first female blue roan cocker spaniel called KIKA in 2001 and never looked back since.
    A few years later we had a litter of super cute puppies and I could not resist keeping a puppy for myself!
    After many years having particolour cockers I decided to add solid colours too! My first solid cocker we had was Lara and she was lovely.
    All our dogs live indoors in a very noisy and busy household with small children and the puppies are reared indoors too. We have an occasional litter for permenant and loving homes!

    Although our house is small, it's cosy and there will .... (click to read more)

  • Mrs Syrie Westwood
    St Albans
    13 Miles

    From my childhood we have always had animals around and love and respect them whole-heartedly. I am a home-breeder and have mother and daughter with us now.
    We are a family of five and our dogs are the sixth and seventh central players in our lives. We prefer pedigree dogs for their refined looks and intelligence, training them in the basics, but really letting them be free-running as much as possible. Our dogs come with us wherever and whatever we are up to, up mountains, over fields, camping, overseas etc. The kind and soft nature of the cocker with their happy disposition is one of the .... (click to read more)

  • 14 Miles Torbeck Julia Speed Welwyn Herts

  • Vanoraking
    Peter Rodberg
    Current Health Tests
    15 Miles

  • 16 Miles Fairfade Lee Mills St Albans Herts

  • 16 Miles Abrilselo Wendy Turley-Pound Ware Hertfordshire

  • 16 Miles Littletrees Mrs Theresa Argyll Erith Kent

  • Tenderfield
    Joanna Hendry
    Current Health Tests
    17 Miles

    True dog lover's.
    Breeding on a hobby scale for healthy and well-rounded pets.

    Please see our gallery for pictures of our dogs and their previous litters.

  • Kyinta
    Rebecca Weetman
    Current Health Tests
    17 Miles

    I am a very small breeder having only 1, possibly 2, litters a year. Alot of care and time goes into my breeding, my dogs compete in agility and we spend the majority of our spring and summer travelling and competing. My love of agility and cockers began in 2002 with my rescue cocker Bonnie, before her i had Bassetts and showed them very occasionally in the breed ring. Bonnie was a fab little dog and got me to G6 in agility but then retired due to failing eyesight and sadly she passed over to Rainbow Bridge in December 2011 but she has left me with a true love of working cockers and agility. .... (click to read more)

  • 18 Miles Ms L Ryan Thornton Heath Surrey

  • Alcarbrad
    Carole & Alan Pitchers
    18 Miles

    Our gun-dog Purdy. Loves working in the field just as much as being cuddled up on the settee. She is a beautiful steady dog who is always eager to please, and always ready for affection.
    Our second gun-dog Kimber, daughter of Purdy,is Chocolate tri coloured roan, who like her mum loves working and affection. Her steady, gentle and willing nature has meant she has been easy to train and has been worked in the field, very successfully by our 12 year old son. Both dogs possess fantastic temperaments and have grown up in a loving family environment.
    We do not breed very often. We breed to .... (click to read more)

  • 19 Miles Severusly Mrs Natasha Holt New Malden Surrey

  • 19 Miles Rose Lloyd Croydon Surrey

  • 19 Miles Chesophie A.Warren-Leighton Crayford Kent

  • 19 Miles Dicasamal Diane Smith Dartford Kent