Cocker Spaniel Breeders near Carlisle, Cumbria

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  • Navale
    Yvonne Lewthwaite.
    Current Health Tests
    2 Miles

    I got my first cocker spaniel in 1986. My dogs live with me as part of the family are well socialized and are all health tested.i have been breeding and showing and ,judging for over 26 years

  • 4 Miles Lemonview Mrs S Fraser Carlisle Cumbria

  • Swirraledge Beagles and Spaniels
    Charlotte Pearson-Rolph
    5 Miles

    Our dogs are an important part of our family and we enjoy spending a lot of time with them. Nethertowns Rose of Swirraledge 'Tess' has been lightly shown with some success at Open and Champ show level but prefers her walks in the fells on the look out for rabbits!
    Our cocker spaniel Terrific Dot 'Lizzy' is best friends with Tess. They enjoy their walks together and Lizzy shows promise in her field training.

  • Kandymal
    Miss Joanne Armstrong
    8 Miles

    Breeder of Cocker Spaniels & Hungarian Vizslas

  • Amaclassic
    Graeme Snell
    Current Health Tests
    20 Miles

    Small hobby breeder breeding Cocker Spaniels for the past 17 years. The Cocker Spaniels come from quality show stock and health-tested parents. We breed for health, temperament ,beauty and most of all amazing family pets. Our kennel include a small group of stud dogs from champion bloodlines from the UK and around the world as we are passionate about keeping blood lines open.Our roan colour boys are producing liver, blue, and orange roan and all with & tan. Also our solids include gold, red, black and black & tan.

  • 22 Miles Donna Thompson Penrith Cumbria

  • 22 Miles Lanabeck Rebecca Brotherton Keswick Cumbria

  • Nithvalley
    Andrew Platt
    Dumfries and Galloway
    Current Health Tests
    23 Miles

    At Stud, FTCH Rollafields Redbud at Naxshivan
    currently the only Golden FTCH cocker dog available at stud which has a current clear eye certificate to include Goniodysgenesis, GPRA and CPRA unaffected and is DNA health tested clear for FN, GPRA/prcd, AMS and tested pure cocker by Viaguard and Wisdom (Mars), along with vet checked and certificated correct bite and scrotal inspection.

    'Boots' is a dog of exceptional natural talent and ability and was very easy to train. He is the most honest dog that I have ever owned and always wants to work with me rather than for himself. He is a .... (click to read more)

  • Cnocnafeille
    Mrs E Graham
    Dumfries and Galloway
    Current Health Tests
    23 Miles

    We are occasional breeders of Health Tested Working Strain Cocker Spaniels. Our breeding dogs are all eye tested regulary, have clear Gonioscopies and are DNA tested for AMS, prcd-PRA and FN. They are also DNA profiled under the KC scheme.
    We are fully committed to maintaining and improving the health of this wonderful breed.

  • Macgiriaght
    Mr & Mrs F Geraghty
    26 Miles

    Welcome to Macgiriaght Working Spaniels

    "About Macgiriaght Spaniels"

    Macgiriaght is the registered UK Kennel Club Affix of Frank Geraghty

    Here at Macgiriaght Spaniels we have been involved in shooting and field sports for over three decades. Frank was an avid shooter untilhe bought his first Spaniel. Frank was so impressed by the loyalty, stamina and intelligence of this loving, yet hard-working dogs that he soon began the process of building up a line of award-winning spaniels. Frank so enjoyed the thrill of working his spaniels, that the act of shooting became .... (click to read more)

  • Debonaze
    Deborah Richardson
    Current Health Tests
    26 Miles

    Ive owned and shown german shepherds since 1989 and having some stunning dogs in the past winning well at both champ / open shows winning cc/bob and rcc's ************** some of my past dogs garrizone the highlander jw ,garrizone team jordan ,tchalais dual quest folklaw luther of manven penwoods forest queen folklaw celtic warrior
    Folklaw hawkwing they will always a special place in my heart

    I have always had a passion for english cockers xxxxx

    Bitcon grand occasion sh cm***
    Bitcon facination*******
    Frosy welcome ********
    Debonaze love struck ********
    Greyanna .... (click to read more)

  • 30 Miles Paul Dobinson Workington Cumbria

  • 30 Miles Alagaesia Mr and Mrs Smeaton Workington Cumbria

  • Gibble
    M Gibson
    Current Health Tests
    31 Miles

    my dogs and i are shooting companions as well as life long friends, i only breed occasionally, to carry on the line,i also compete in working tests with my young labrador and up to know have won a novice test and now compete in opens

  • 36 Miles Paul Shepherd Whitehaven Cumbria

  • 36 Miles Lymiecleuch Leslie and Rosemary Scott-Clark and Park Hawick Roxburghshire

  • Annaside
    Mr P & Mrs M Davies
    Current Health Tests
    36 Miles

    We are a small, hobby breeder, located on the fringe of the lake district. We have owned cockers for 11 years and have been showing since 2004. Our breeding stock is optigen and fn tested. We may occasionally have puppies available from carefully planned litters aimed solely at improving the quality of our dogs. Though bred for showing, our dogs are home-reared, much-loved family pets first and foremost. Rarely, older puppies or retiring show dogs may be available to suitable new owners.

    We are delighted with Kelsie's 2011 litter, 3 lovely boys and a girl. Daisy stayed with us and has .... (click to read more)

  • Chloe Bailey
    39 Miles

  • 40 Miles Elaine Maughan Bishop Auckland County Durham

  • 40 Miles Charlotte Stanley Seascale Cumbria