Cao De Castro Laboreiro

Cao De Castro Laboreiro picture


Also known as the Portuguese Cattle Dog, the Cao de Castro Laboreiro is one of the oldest European dog breeds possibly dating back to 6000BC. The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is among the worlds rarest dog breeds, with an estimated total worldwide population of only 250-500 purebred dogs.


The Cao de Castro Laboreiro Dog is a fearless flock guard with strong protective instincts. They are highly intelligent, brave, loyal and devoted to their owners. They are reliable and trustworthy with children in their family. They are very suspicious of strangers, and they will only obey the commands of their owner. They will only bark if they feel there is something wrong. The Co de Castro Laboreiro requires a dominant owner. Heavy-handed or overly harsh training does not work with this breed. The Cao de Castro Laboreiro possesses a fearsome and penetrating expression.


There are no known health issues with this breed.