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  • Florauna Fisherman'S Friend
    Health Tested

    Moss has a fabulous temperament and has sired some lovely puppies.

  • Goytre Smokin Gun
    Health Tested

    Goytre Smokin Gun is a very handsome Black & White male. He is very successful in the show ring & has sired some stunning puppies. He is fully health tested except for BAER Hearing Test. He has an amazing temperament which he is passing onto his progeny. He carries the red gene & blue gene. Gunna is at stud to approved, tested bitches only

  • Chazak Royal Request
    Health Tested

    Dylan is genetically clear of CL, CEA, TNS, MDR1 and IGS, is gonioscopy tested unaffected, and has a hip score of 3:2.

    Dylan is Michelle's long awaited puppy from Toby x Sky. He's still only young, but so far he is everything she ever wanted! He is slowly maturing into a loving pet. He possesses the best qualities from both his mum and dad. He's a beautiful looking boy with a fabulous temperament. He is full of character, has a tremendous play drive and of an evening he can often be found having a cuddle on the sofa. Dylan has sired two litters, with pups going to agility homes. These .... (click to read more)

  • Starside Skyfall
    Health Tested

    Bond is our beautiful blue merle fully health tested(normal ) Quando son .He is available to approved bitches only
    Excellent temperament he is throwing beautiful babies with super temperaments

  • Astra Storm (Isds 280168) (Cdex Udex Wdex Tdex Pdex)
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    Health Tested

    Storm is a very handsome blue merle Border Collie with an exceptional silvery blue rough coat, good conformation and a superb temperament. Although he was originally bred for sheep he has proved to be an outstanding Working Trials dog having obtained all the possible Working Trials qualifications and 1 PD Ticket and 4 Reserves, including Reserve Kennel Club Champion 2011. He also has an aptitude for sheep. Storm is dual registered with the ISDS and KC and has excellent hip scores and clear eyes.

  • Borderpride Keep The Spirit
    Health Tested

    Zac is a gorgeous boy with a truly wonderful temperament. Zac has only been lightly shown, in part because of his slow maturity & not being able to make the shows. However, Zac has still been successful with several Crufts qualifiers under his collar.

    As with all of my dog's, Zac lives in the house. Zac loves his cuddles & his nickname is "clingfilm" as he seems to think the best cuddles are when he's wrapped his paws around you & he likes to stay there as long as possible!! Zac loves all of his toys, not least his football which is almost permanently in his mouth!! Occasionally Zac .... (click to read more)

  • Caldonbeck Lord Nelson
    Health Tested


  • Meisterwerk Kokopeli
    Health Tested

    Troy is now comeing up to 5yrs Were has the time gone. Troy now works full time. With Trevor and the Sheep. He loves every min. He has been D.N.A Tested. And is all ok:~))). He has a fantastic temperpent. Love every one and every thing . He has some great pups out there If you would like to meet him. You will be made very welcome. If you email us and we do not get back to you. Please give us a call. As are email some times dus not work.

  • Lucky Border'S Quicksilver at Funfastquick (Imp Deu)
    Nr Consett
    Co Durham
    Health Tested

    Mercury is my long awaited blue boy - I am very lucky to have been able to import him from Caren Bock - Lucky Border's near Hannover. Taking advantage of the new rules Mercury came over on 5th January at just under 4 months of age - taking a long ferry crossing and a 500 mile drive in his stride! Merc is a lovely natured but cheeky lad who is so very handsome.

    Mercury is genetically clear of CEA, CL and TNS. His hip score is a pleasing 4:3 and he's 'passed' his first adult eye test and his gonioscopy (for narrow angled glaucoma)

    Merc has started agility training and it's looking .... (click to read more)

  • Minkynips What Yer Fink
    Minkynips Border Collies
    Health Tested

    'Percy' is a son of the outstanding Show Champion 'GRANDVER CELTIC QUEST'.
    His dam's lines include the famous 'Blackrobin Highlander'
    She herself is a proven dam to very sucessful agility, flyball and show dogs.
    He was placed 2nd and 4th in the breed ring at Crufts 2015.

    He is the younger brother to 'Minkynips Is What' 1CC BOB, 3RCC'S
    He is also half brother to 'Minknips What a Mess' dam of useful flyball / agility dogs.

    Percy is a very handsome slate merle tri.

    He is hereditary DNA clear from TNS,CL,CEA and CH.

    His Hipscore is 5/3.

    He has an .... (click to read more)

  • Canen Likely Lad Via Breurn
    Health Tested

    disco has a hip score of 3-4 and is goniscopy clear, also he is cea,tns,cl clear, he has sired a few litters of puppies and is available to health tested bitches,he is a real pleasure to live with and will do anything that is asked of him

  • Aculsia Heartbreaker
    Health Tested

    Aculsia heartbreaker - will.I.Am;
    Annual eye examination -unaffected
    Gonioscopy [glaucoma]-unaffected

  • Caldonbeck Mr Dickens
    Health Tested

    I waited a long time to use Dickens dad, (Clan-Abby NZ Carolyn's Dylan) and I'm not disappointed!! His temperament is to die for!! He's a lovable rogue, and a dog who it is nearly impossible to be mad at :-) His hips have just come back at 6/4. He is CL, TNS and CEA/CH hereditary clear. He has been eye tested and hearing tested as a puppy and recently eye tested clear for Glaucoma/

    Dickens is available at stud to approved bitches.

  • Passim Lucian
    Health Tested

    Bryn is a fully health tested handsome boy, he is genetically clear of CEA/CH , CL , and TNS and has tested normal for MDR1, SN and IGS.
    He is hip scored and has a score of 5/6.
    He also has a clear gonioscopy result and had a clear adult eye test on 31/05/2016.
    Bryn is a loveable clown who has a habit of making everyone laugh, he is brilliant with our children and cats and loves being out on walks with everyone and dogs all shapes and sizes.
    He is training for agility and has just started competing in his first few shows. He has a natural talent and loves agility. He is very .... (click to read more)

  • Cookvale Dark Stranger
    Cookvale Border Collies
    South Yorkshire
    Health Tested

    William is a delight to live with a lovely steady dog with a fantastic nature which he passes on to his puppies.
    His puppies are competing at agility,flyball,obedience & HTM.
    One of his puppies has just passed as a search/rescue dog and is now training to become a cadaver dog working alongside the police.
    Another one has just become a PAT dog.
    Many have gone to active families and have proven to be wonderful family dogs.
    He is CEA/CL & TNS clear,he has been hip scored,eye tested,gonioscopy tested, BAER hearing tested,MDR1 clear & VITB12 clear.
    He carries red,dilute & .... (click to read more)

  • Borderpride Classic Affair
    Health Tested

    Twist!! What a wonderful dog Twist is!! Twist has the most wonderful temperament with a shining personality & he just loves to please. Twist loves to play especially with his ball & if it weren't for my health problem's causing us to give them up he'd have excelled in agility & flyball, he has the most tremendous scope!! Twist is every bit the Mummy's boy who loves his cuddles & having his tummy tickled :o)

    Twist is siring some truly wonderful puppies that are excelling in the show ring, obedience, flyball, agility & heelwork to music as well as making fabulous companions.

    Twist .... (click to read more)

  • Chazak Dream A Little Dream
    Health Tested

    As a puppy, Alvin possessed all of the qualities that you would expect from the perfect puppy. He was playful, confident, mischievous and extremely loving. There was no plan for Alvin to join the family, but he stole our hearts. He is a home bred puppy from the beautiful Pixie and has settled well into our lives. Alvin never fails to make us laugh, with his naughty, cheeky, inquisitive ways.

    Alvin is a keen learner and very quick at picking up new concepts. He has heaps of play drive and responded well to toy play, building the foundations for agility. He has shown great progress in .... (click to read more)

  • Jupavia Prince of Thieves
    Sth Woodham Ferrers
    Health Tested

    Alfie is a son of Sh Ch Goytre Prince Of Dreams JW ShCM and as such carries the red and blue gene. Alfie has red and white, blue and white and Lilac and white puppies. Alfie has sired 8 litters to date all puppie have his wonderful temperament and out look on life. He is such a happy boy with a smile for everyone. Alfie has been lightly shown and has been awarded his studbook number. He was placed at Crufts in 2010 and 2011 AND 2012
    Alfie has been fully health tested including Glaucoma and hearing. he is hip scored and annually eye tested. Alfie is hereditary clear for CEA CL and .... (click to read more)

  • Shadowthorpe Adelph Jazz (Isds 00/324563)
    Kings Lynn
    Health Tested

    Beautiful black tri long haired, working sheepdog who also adores agility. Brilliant temperament with children and all animals. Loves to please and very keen. Kind with bitches and well proven
    Health: CEA &CH, IGS, TNS, NCL, PLL & MDR1 normal by DNA
    Fee: 300 no pups free return. Bitches are able to stay

  • Sunnydean'S Perfect Storm
    East Sussex
    Health Tested

    Kumho is a very beautiful champagne and white ee-red border collie, He is fully health tested and even DNA tested to ensure he is not an ee-red merle, He is very nicely marked and has very nice confirmation, He is a very nice dog to look at and has an excellent temperament a very gentle boy who loves everyone and everything.
    He has recently sired his first litter 7 very nicely marked ee-red pups with very good pigmentation and colour. He may be a very pale ee-red dog but he does sire nice deep golden pups,
    He is available at limited stud to fully health tested bitches of good .... (click to read more)