Belgian Shepherd Malinois Breeders

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  • Flambards Belgian Shepherds
    Yvonne Brason (Mrs.)

    Small Private Showing Kennel in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Bred for Quality and Temperament.

  • Goldmali
    Marianne Brett
    South Yorkshire
    Current Health Tests

    My name is Marianne Brett, and I have been in dogs for the past 34 years. I've owned Golden Retrievers for all of that time, having shown them and worked a bit of obedience, but never bred Goldens. These days I only have one as a pet. I am from Sweden originally and there I worked as a veterinary nurse for a few years and then later as a dog groomer, before moving to England in 1988, where I for a while worked as a kennel maid. I'm a writer and I have written several books on pet care (dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits etc) under my previous name of Marianne Mays. I currently write the BSD .... (click to read more)

  • Pliquette
    Carol Baker

    We have a Small select kennel and been showing/breeding for over 30 years, importing many new bloodlines over the years to enhance existing gene pools.
    Special attention has always been given to Temperament, health and type as well as the working ability.

  • Avonwolf
    Ursula Furter
    Hanham Green, Bristol
    Current Health Tests

    We are a small family run working line Malinois kennel.
    Our breeding goals are:
    Healthy dogs with no genetic defects, clear headed working dogs who are confident and social at the same time. Strong willed dogs with extreme drive which can be switched on and off. Strong nerves with a lot of prey drive, agile dogs which are always ready for action, determined dogs who have endless will-power. All together a reliable working dog which makes teamwork an absolute pleasure!
    We will endeavour to achieve our perfect vision of this special breed. We will only breed with dogs we truly believe .... (click to read more)

  • Stonedragon
    Helen & Sami Bull
    East Cowes
    Isle of Wight
    Current Health Tests

    Helen has owned Belgian Shepherds since 1996, her first was a Groenendael called Ziggy '96-'09

    Since losing him, we wanted to still have a Belgian but not as much coat & along came the Malinois

    Helen competes in Showing & Obedience with our Malinois
    Sami shows all 3 breeds

    We have both been showing since 1996

  • Holcroft Ms Mica Madison and Miss Kayleigh Alicia Holcroft Wigan Grtr Manchester

  • Bonvivant Jan Ralph Spalding Lincs

  • Carrandubh Patricia Fahy Athenry Galway

  • Sacraal Hart Felix Ho Flobecq Hainaut

  • Rustix Corinne Wrend Wigan Lancs

  • Zpectura Linda Andreassen / Jon Anders Karlsen RolvsøY ØStfold, Norway

  • Treasure of Hill Lilla Szabó Miskolc Hungary

  • Cerberesk Mr Graeme Jones Whitby North Yorkshire

  • Belsharose Paul and Deborah Lloyd Bobbington South Stafford

  • Colin Dunn Blackburn Lancashire

  • Adulwulf Anthony Byrne Birmingham West Midlands

  • Foxbriar Sonja Cafferata Crewe Cheshire

  • I.N & C.M.M Ross Boston Lincolnshire

  • Hausdagger John Ta Cambridge Cambridgeshire

  • Radovan Bednarik Chessington Surrey