Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Basset Fauve De Bretagne picture


The Fauve de Bretagne originates in Brittany, France and originally there were three types; the Grand (as large as a wolfhound), the Griffon (Pointer size) and the Basset. Only the Griffon and Basset have survived.

The Basset is generally used in very small packs for rabbit or deer tracking, the larger griffon hunts boar.


A scent hound through and through, the Basset Fauve has a strong determined nature when following a scent. Despite itís diminutive size it has been known to climb trees and travel fast and far when on a scent. It is also a brave dog on a hunt, inclined to take on animals larger than itself. However on the flip side when in the home it is a gentle, affectionate dog, loving company and being extremely good with children, they can appear downright lazy. If you can take the mixture of the perfect house pet with the determined nose then the Fauve is a wonderful character and very easy to live with.


Build wise they are as high as most other basset breeds but less prone to exaggeration in features. The French breed standard requires them to have long ears, but not too long, no excessive folded skin, a relatively short back and a crooked front is not desirable, this makes them a very sound breed with few of the health problems generally attributed to some of the other, heavier bassets.

So far the breed in the UK are without any hereditary problems although epilepsy has been reported in some dogs abroad.

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