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  • Ozzypool Run for Your Money for Chakona
    Isle of Wight

    DOLLAR is a Derby son.

    He has consistently placed in Classes at UK Championship Shows, winning the class at the Southern Counties Championship Show 2010 under judge Joyce Collas.
    Dollar has received pleasing critiques from well known judges such as Ellis Hulme and Jane Lilley, and these have included comments such as So very sound and free on the move." and has been described as A good prospect."

    Isle of Wight Canine Association - April 2013: 1st Australian Shepherd Open Dog & BOB, Pastoral Group 3

    Isle of Wight Canine Association - April 2014: 2nd Australian .... (click to read more)

  • Ch Jsy Am Ch Harmonyhillsatinfunnycideman at Chakona (Imp)
    Isle of Wight
    Health Tested

    DERBY - Ch/Jsy Ch/Am Ch Harmonyhillsatinfunnycideman at Chakona PdH (Imp USA)

    D.O.B. 11/12/03.

    Derby was 'Top Sire' Australian Shepherd in the Dog World Top Sire competition 2011.

    Derby is the proud sire of two UK Champions:
    Ch Ozzypool Eternal Flame
    Ch Ozzypool Spirit Dancer JW ShCM

    and Show Certificate of Merit winner:
    Ozzypool Jacob Black ShCM

    Derby has won a total of 9 CCs, which made him the UK breed CC record holder from 2009 until 2012.

    Derby was 'Channel Islands Dog of the Year 2010', winning the title for the second year running! .... (click to read more)

  • Moonstyle Devon Express for Amenbury
    S Devon
    Health Tested

    Morse has arrived and settled in very well,he is a stunning little boy and turning out to be just like his dad Paris (full of himself),I can see his lovely mum Inca in him as well,he loves his cuddles and eating all my plants in the garden,he runs of with all the toys and hides them under all the trees,??hes just a normal little aussie.??

    Morse is now 2 years old and has turned out to be a lovely boy and enjoys everything you do with him always giving 100%,and yes I have got used to his tail he is such a happy dog that he never stops wagging it??

    At his first show .... (click to read more)

  • Gemthorne Stormforce
    Gemthorne Australian Shepherd

    Drift was the first Aussie that I bred. He was delivered by hand and it was love at first sight.

    He has a great zest for life and is just like his sire Am CH Thorneapple Climate controlled.

    Forever ready for a game and a cuddle.

    Drift is always the clown at home and even though he won as a puppy he never saw the point of standing still in the show ring so is rarely shown.

  • Mr Binks Painted Eagle at Lyveden (Imp)
    Kings Lynn
    Health Tested

    Gunnar is a rich dark blue merle with blue eyes, he has a wonderful temperament and is a joy to own.
    Gunnar is breed survey graded class 2 by Pamela Levin USA and Character Assessed Excellent.
    For his working capabilities Gunnar was graded Fair on sheep and good on cattle by Leslie Sorensen USA.
    Eye tested clear December 2004.
    we sadly said goodbye to Gunnar this year 2013 just a short while after his 16th birthday.
    He is sadly missed by all who knew him.

  • Amberslade Manhattan
    Health Tested

    Max is a Blue Merle Copper & White.
    Hips 6-3 = 9
    Elbow 0/0
    Full Dentation, Scissor Bite
    HC-HSF4 Clear
    prcd-PRA Clear
    CEA-CH Clear
    MDR1 Mutant/Normal
    Max is standing at stud to approved Bitches.

    Max is a stunning dog, he has a superb temperament, loves people, loves cuddles and is excellent with children.

    He started his showing and obedience career in the UK, achieving many Reserve and VHC at Champ shows and being place in obedience shows. He won BOB at Southampton Open in 2012, before continuing his show career in France, where he has achieved many .... (click to read more)

  • Harmony Hill'S Ticket To Ryde To Chakona (Imp Usa)
    Isle of Wight
    Health Tested

    Ryder is our latest Harmony Hill Aussie - Thanks to Heather Braddock for letting him come to the UK.
    Ryder has made a pleasing start to his UK show career.
    Wins include:
    Reserve CC - 3 Counties Championshp Show 2015
    BEST IN SHOW - Portsmouth and Southsea Open Show September 2015
    Numerous 2nds at UK Championship Shows.
    Numerous Group placings at Open Shows.
    Ryder is close to gaining his ShCM
    Health Tested for Hips and elbows, MDR1 M/N, HSF4 Clear.
    Ryder is available at stud to approved bitches, contact us for details.

  • Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian (Cdex Udex)
    Health Tested

    A big THANK YOU to Tracy Coutts for letting us have Mitch for John to work, after loosing his beloved Mason a Great uncle of Mitch a few months ago. We hope that he will do as well as Mason in working trials when old enough.
    Mitch's training is coming on well and he is a pleasure to own although like most pups can be very naughty.
    Mitch has done two shows taking 2nd in Graduate against older dogs and Best Puppy and then a 4th at Bath championship show his first championship show. Such a stunning dog and such a sweety. At Totnes he won his class and went group 3. His older brother Torr .... (click to read more)

  • Moortime Free Flyer Over Amenbury
    S Devon
    Health Tested

    Red Tri.
    DNA PRA=Normal.
    DNA CEA=Normal.
    DNA HC =Clear
    EYES CLEAR 2010
    Eyes tested clear 19/11/2012.

    Juno is standing at stud to health tested bitches only.

    Juno,is anouther Dark Red Tri,bred by Lynn Cousins,He is the clown in the family,he is worked by my daughter Rebbeca,he loves his Agility,but never listerns to any commands,untill he has done at least a dozen rounds by himself,he then comes back and looks at you to say,ok iam ready now?,he is great with everybody and every thing,he loves to please and his .... (click to read more)

  • Shloyan Excalibur
    Health Tested

    Texas has been shown on a limited basics.

    At his first show Birmingham National he won PD,BPIB under Alf Downs and Pastoral Puppy Group under Derek Smith

    Texas has numerous BPIB and BOB at Open shows.
    HSF4 Clear by Parentage
    Hips 6:3=9
    Elbows 0/0
    Eyes Clear
    Pra clear by parentage
    Cea clear by parentage

  • Amberslade Singapore Sling at Amenbury ShCM
    S Devon
    Health Tested

    HSf4 dna=Clear
    CEA/PRA Clear by Parentage.
    Eyes clear at six weeks,
    Clear eye test 19/11.2012

    Torr is a Black Tri NBT,from the Brooke/Paris litter;and has come down to live with his half brother Morse and his dad Paris,and the rest of the gang,he has settled in very well and joins in all the family fun,two young pups together????i must be mad,??.Torr will be shown by my dear friend John West (shepalian)or Rebecca so come and say hello if you see us at any shows.
    Torr is a lovely boy to live with and is into everything?Morse is allways .... (click to read more)

  • Louis Blanchette at Amenbury
    S Devon
    Health Tested

    River is a Blue Merle,long tailed boy from this lovely cross of good French breeding and some lovely good old English lines,

    Health Tests.
    HC Clear by parentage.
    CEA Clear by parentage.
    PRA Clear by parentage.
    HIPS To young.
    Elbows To young.
    MDRI pending.
    Eye test clear at 6 weeks,

  • Applethorns Cool As Ice
    Health Tested

    Malik is a stunning blue merle dog, with ice blue eyes.He has a strong head, and excellent construcion with ample bone, good movement front and rear and excellent sidegait.He started off his Puppy Career at 6 months, and qualified for Crufts. After being lightly shown, he gained One Best Puppy In Breed at Championship Shows, and a Best Puppy In Show at A.S.C.U.K Open Show in September 2003 under Judge Margaret Everton. Since then, he has gone on to gain Multiple Best of Breeds and Group Placings at Open Shows and is consistently placed when attending Championship Shows.He is just starting his .... (click to read more)

  • Silver Dream Aussie'S Time Will Tell (Imp Hun) ShCM
    Health Tested

    CC Bournemouth 2013 - Judge Pam Blay
    CC and Best of Breed at Bournemouth Champ show out of 85 dogs -Dr Marleen Collins
    National Australian Shepherd Club Champ Show Res CC 2013 - Ray McDonald
    Res BEST IN SHOW National Australian Shepherd Open Show - Jane Lilley

    Res BEST IN SHOW Camberley Show - Peter Jolley

    Dougie has done well in the show ring with numerous 1st at Open and Champ Shows also many BOB's at Open shows he has a lovely temperament and a natural show stance. He is also a .... (click to read more)

  • Kalayaan'S Daredevil The Man Without Fear Amberslade (Imp)
    Health Tested

    Kalayaan's Dare Devil The man With Out Fear
    ' Dante'

    Hips 4 - 4
    DNA Test for HC Clear
    MDR1 - Mutant/Normal

    Dante Arrived end of May and has settled very well he is a real gent and has fitted in very well with the girls. He like nothing better than to play football with my son . I am currently training him to working trials and he is showing to be very keen to work. We are also enjoying Agility and flyball, Dante seems to enjoy all you offer him to do.

  • Lyveden Rojal Redmoon
    Kings Lynn

    Cosmic is a dark liver red tri, he is moderate in size and very athletic.
    He has been lightly shown and is usually in the cards.
    Eye tested clear December 2004.

    Cosmics first litter are doing well, the 2 being shown have qualified for Crufts 2006, well done.

    NASA Open show 2005 - Cosmic wins Open Red Dog.

    Blackpool - Reserve Best Dog, thank you breeder judge Penny Richards.

    Windsor - BOB under breeder judge Vicky Leighton-Evans, a very big thank you.

    East of England Ladies KS - BOB Group 2 thank you breeder judge Tricia Morley.

  • Ch Jsy Ch Harmony Hill'S Here'S The Deal with Chakona ShCM
    Isle of Wight
    Health Tested

    Ch/Jsy Ch Harmony Hill's Here's The Deal With Chakona ShCM (Imp USA)

    DUTCH is our second Harmony Hill Aussie and joined Chakona in April 2010. Many thanks must go to Heather Braddock for allowing Dutch to come to the UK.

    Dutch has had a good start to his UK show career: He is now a UK Champion
    He won his first CC (and BOB) at the Richmond Championship Show (2012) under judge Ms Elina Haapaniemi from Finland. He won his second at Windsor (2013) under judge Terry Munro, and his 3rd (and BOB) at Leeds (2013) under judge Alf Down.
    Dutch also won a Reserve CC at LKA .... (click to read more)

  • Shepalian Toffee Crisp ShCM (Cdex Udex Wdex)
    Health Tested

    Red Merle Dog Copper and White Trim
    Hight 23 inches
    Hips 3-3
    Full Dentition, Scissor Bite
    Full Tail (Docked)
    Eyes Clear January 2010
    AHT DNA HSF4 Tested for Cateracts Clear
    DNA PRA Clear
    DNA CEA Carrier
    MDR1 Normal/Normal

    Toffee like his dad Brodie loves people and is great with my grandchildren. He is a real cuddles and can be handled by anyone. He has worked well in working trials and already has his C.Dex, U.D and U.Dex, W.D and W.Dex and is also a smashing show dog who moves like a dream. Loves tracking and finding his toy. Just the nicest dog to own and .... (click to read more)

  • Am Ch Brairbrooks Jack Be Quick
    Gemthorne Australian Shepherd

    Am Ch Brairbrooks Jack Be Quick (Jack) was imported from the Brairbrook Kennel in America.
    He has been lightly shown giving him time to mature after gaining his Am title at 20 months.

    Jack was purchased unshown in July 2005 and in two Months of shows he took 7 States by storm.

    Winning 14 Firsts, 4 Reserve Winners, 2 Best Opposite Sex and 4 Best Of Breeds.

    Jack not only has good confirmation but an excellant
    temprement and will be at Limited Stud.

    Jacks Sire Am Ch Brairbrooks Quicksilver was

    Best of Breed at Westminister 2003. He won over 215 Best .... (click to read more)

  • Rushbottom Razzle Dazzle
    Health Tested

    Handsome blue merle dog from working lines. Razzle has an amazing temperament, a strong will to please and is Fully health tested. MDR1 normal / normal ,Hips 4:3,Elbows 0, Cea clear, Pra clear, HC Hsf4 clear.