American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel picture


The breed was developed from the English Cocker but in typical American style profusion of coat and glamour were considered breed attributes.

The main difference in addition to the profuse coat is the shape of the head with a defined stop as opposed to the sloping fore face. Also American Cockers have surprisingly large feet!


The breed needs a great deal of grooming. If you take your fully coated American for a 30 minute walk expect to spend at least the same amount of time removing collected debris on your return! A pet or puppy trim is often a practical solution for a family pet.

Americans do like a good walk but are content with an interactive ball game.

Americans are great with all ages but do think 2 legs are better than 4 and frequently use just 2. (Toddlers and OAPs beware!.


Life span is an average of 10 years with the most common health issues regarding the eyes. The KC requirement is for a single gonioscopy test to check for likelihood of developing glaucoma and a KC/BVA test for Hereditary Cataract (tested annually). Please check that these certificates are current. The parents eye test results will be printed on the puppies registration documents.