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Lightly Splashed and More of a Splash

Lightly Splashed and More of a Splash

photo by: David Paton

Moonlake whippets are old fashioned and proud of it!
I was lucky enough to be able to buy Farthing - above left - (Copsebury Lightly Splashed by Moonlake), from a litter bred by Ann Harding shortly after her sire, Ch Moonlake Making a Splash was tragically killed in an accident at the age of three. She became a most elegant bitch and although she inherited her father's hunting obsession with scars to match, nevertheless had notable and consistent success in the show ring, winning a Res CC from the Junior class at the Scottish Kennel Club. Mated to Moonlake Mackintosh (1CC & 1ResCC), a top coursing winner, she produced More of a Splash - above right - who although a reluctant show dog, was graded "excellent" at the two European CACIB shows she went to and earned an FCI working certificate at CACIL lure coursing meetings.

Moonlake Morgan

Moonlake Morgan

photo by: Tinne van Hooydonck

Morgan was born in April, 2010. I took Favour (More of a Splash) to Germany to be mated to Int Ch Golden Peanut's Quattro and have also retained a bitch from the litter. Starting their show career at the end of the season, both the puppies qualified for Crufts 2011 and by the time that came around, they had both qualified for 2012 as well.
Although only 10 months old at the time, Morgan was second in the Puppy Dog class at Crufts in 2011, competing against dogs five months older and looks set for an interesting time in the show ring. In July 2011 he made his first trip abroad and was third in the Junior Dog class at the World Show in Paris, then went on to a weekend of shows in Germany where he became a German Junior Champion. At home, he is a most engaging character although his insatiable curiosity has led to some expensive accidents - jumping onto the dresser was definitely not a good idea. Measuring 20" - "ideal" height in the standard, he is the epitome of an old-fashioned whippet.
Morgan recently started lure coursing and has achieved consistently high scores.
His 2012 ch show career started well with a win in post-graduate and further trips abroad followed both showing and lure-coursing. Since then, he has gained his stud book number and won his classes at Crufts.

Moonlake Mazda

Moonlake Mazda

photo by: Catriona Ryan

Morgan's sister, Mazda is a challenge to show as she is too interested in everything going on around her, it is hard to engage her attention but nevertheless, she has done extremely well. At just 18.5", (maximum for the breed standard) she looks very small against current show bitches but her personality is anything but small! Unlike her brother, who is a bit of a cuckoo in the nest (but a very cuddly one) she is true to Moonlake type and definitely one of the family.
Mazda also went to the Paris and German shows in 2011, gaining three "excellents" and a third place.
2012 started well with a couple of class wins at a breed show and a Crufts qualifying class win at a ch show. The following weekend, she gained the second highest whippet score at lure-coursing. Since then, she has won a Res CC here in the UK and a CACIL lure coursing in Europe.

Moonlake Merely Strolling 1995 - 2008

Moonlake Merely Strolling 1995 - 2008

photo by:

Nine year old Fidget returns from a course in February 2005, full of beans and already thinking about the next one, unaware that the next one will be her last ever. The coursing ban meant that she had to concentrate her efforts on the rabbits at home but as she was already ten by then, she would have retired anyway. Her death at 13 was the cause of great sadness: she was dearly loved and is very much missed.

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This is a sporting line which has always been bred as closely as possible to the breed standard while maintaining above average performance in the field.
They have been running competitively and shown since 1971, achieving top honours in both fields.
All my whippets are health checked regularly and I think their performance proves they are "fit for function". I like to keep in touch with my puppy clients and expect regular progress reports. Any Moonlake whippet can be returned to me at any stage of its life, without question. Help and advice are always available.

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