Chris Lomas
6 Brecon Close
S40 4QW
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  • Golden Retriever

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  • Siberian Husky




Mollie & Misty

Mollie & Misty

Hi my name is Chris, and welcome!
Having never had a pet dog growing up at home the thought of owning a furry friend was always something i wanted, not something i thought about a lot but seeing and getting to play with friends/family dogs was a joy. So when i got the opportunity of a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy my friend was breeding i couldnt miss out on the opportunity and did everything i could to make it happen and i have never looked back. Since then i have gone on to get myself a Siberian Husky as the breed has always fascinated me. My girls Mollie and Misty, although 2 completely different characters, are inseperable and love nothing more than playing, 'walkies' (please dont tell them i said that word), and of course attention and some love from daddy! I know look forward to adding another little fluffball to our home and plenty more adventures and exciting times!
Any puppies I may have will all be born and raised in a loving family environment and will be well handled and socialised before going to approved loving permanent homes.

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