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Sh Ch Brighton Sarracenia (IMP POL)

Sh Ch Brighton Sarracenia (IMP POL)

photo by: Katka Palušková

EE Ch & UK Sh Ch Follies Ivar (IMP EST)

EE Ch & UK Sh Ch Follies Ivar (IMP EST)

photo by: Gea Mühlberg

Am.Can.UK Sh Ch Clearcreek BonaVenture Windjammer

Am.Can.UK Sh Ch Clearcreek BonaVenture Windjammer

photo by: E Martin

Kennel Club Assured Breeders

Kennel Club Assured Breeders

My husband and I have owned Labradors since 1973 and have been very fortunate over the years to some success showing our dogs. We are delighted that our daughter, Mairi, has also shown a love for dogs and all we work as a team ,each person taking responsibility for their part. I really have the easy job, being in the ring.

We have never been what you would call “big breeders” but our dogs have won over 100 CC’s & Res CC’s for us over the years.

Our very first “show” Labrador was from the Poolstead Kennel of Bob & Didi Hepworth, she was the litter sister to P. Purse Strings & Ken Hunter’s P. Purpose of Cranspire. “ Cassie” was vegetarian, she devoured every vegetable in our garden, only ate well when she was pregnant and enjoyed a house plant or two in her time. She did however, prove to be a fine brood bitch and we are indebted to Didi & Bob Hepworth for letting us have her. She was quickly followed by three Balrion King Frost daughters, two yellows and a black from the Sudeo Kennel of Maurice Givan ,all meat eaters, I may add. These four bitches are the foundation of Ramsayville but more importantly they were lovely Labradors to own, each with their individual personality. They are long gone now but we have some wonderful memories of them.

Our main breed is Labradors but we have also had success in the Pointer ring, making up two Champions & we have been fortunate enough to win well with our Beagles and this year Mairi was delighted to win her very first CC with Spencer.

At present, our home is filled with one retired Greyhound, a Champion Beagle, his son, two young Beagle hopefuls and a “Hairy Dog”. I am afraid we have no idea what breed he is, only that he makes us smile and we love him dearly. Almost forgot about all the Labradors too.

Showing dogs is a hobby for us but sometimes it can be challenging. Especially on a freezing cold morning when you need the skill of an Olympic Skater to remain upright on the icy paving stones in the kennels. Although the worst part must surely be the heartache when you have to say goodbye to an old dog who has given you so many wonderful years.

I have heard some people say that if they were to win the lottery they would give up dogs and fly off to some Caribbean island. We love our dogs and the life they give us. Even without any of the success, I am sure our home would still be filled with dogs. My husband, Andrew is sure that if he had four legs and a tail he would be loved much more. Perhaps!

Our interest in Labradors, Pointers & Beagles has brought us many irreplaceable friends and these breeds are fortunate to have so many kind and genuine people.

My passion for dogs has given my husband & I the opportunity to judge all over the world and to visit so many different countries. We really are indebted to them for making it all possible.

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