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  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Carry on Lady at Idyllicstaff

Carry on Lady at Idyllicstaff

Idyllicstaff She's the One

Idyllicstaff She's the One

Newborn Idyllicstaff Pup

Newborn Idyllicstaff Pup

Idyllicstaff Who's that girl

Idyllicstaff Who's that girl

Here at Idyllicstaff's we breed Staffordshire Bull Terriers of correct breed type and most importantly TEMPERAMENT, We was granted our Affix in 2004 and was accepted by the kennel club for the accredited breeders scheme in 2005.
All breeding stock will be DNA profiled, HC and L2-HGA DNA tested if not hereditarily clear at birth and will all hold PHPV/HC up to date unaffected eye certificates as well as all puppy's being PHPV litter eye screened at six weeks.
These tests we feel are vital to the benefit of the breed and future good health of all our dogs and puppies.

All our dogs live as part of the family and not in kennels, they are well adjusted and happy dogs due to the mad house upbringing of living with Children ,Cats and not forgetting the other love in my life Horses.
We believe in quality and not quantity and when available our pups are
front room born and raised, and are handled from birth, and its thanks to the mad house upbringing they leave home very well adjusted, bold
sociable little pups.
We offer 24/7 after care and are only on the end of the phone should any
help/care/advice be needed,even if only for a friendly chat and update on the puppies progress.

As part of the accredited Breeder's Scheme all pup's will be sold with a contract of sale against breeding/exporting (An will be lifted by myself with the KC when your dog is of a suitable age and had all relevant health tests before breeding, including a likewise mate)
All prospective new owners will be required to agree never too rehome or resell a puppy/dog of ours without our prior consent and approval, and if the situation should ever arise we will endeavour to resell or rehome the puppy/dog on your behalf. That way we can ensure that we are responsible for the welfare of our pups/dogs for the rest of their lives.

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