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Link says 'I am coming'

Zena says 'there must be a pheasant in there somewhere but how do I get in??'

Link just after he arrived in the UK, aged 10 months.

I started my involvement with Setters when I had an Irish setter her breeding being mainly the famous Wendover lines. In 1979 I registered my affix, LAURELHACH and followed this with a Gordon Setter.
I first gave CCs in the breed in 1995 and have since awarded them on several occasions including the pleasure to award them at the GSA Championship Show in 2005. In April 2006 I judged the breed at the Gordon Setter Club of NSW in Australia, Sydney and was warmly welcomed by the exhibitors who presented such sound Gordons of all ages for me to appraise. I recently judged the breed at the Setter and Pointer Club, Switzerland.
I feel strongly that you can never stop learning about the breed and should listen to all aspects and ideas from all over the world drawing on the information to keep the Gordon Setter healthy and long living, be it for the show ring, working, obedience or any other activity fitting for the breed but mainly as life long companions. All my dogs live in the house as part of the family and puppies are reared in a home environment and are well socialized with a view to becoming life long family companions. My present day stock include blood lines from overseas and this has been expanded by my importing a bitch from Australia a few years ago followed by a young male called Link in 2011 who is a delghtful companion. I am a life member of The British Gordon Setter Club and The Gordon Setter Association and am also a member of The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland plus a long standing member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder scheme. All my stock are health screened and further information can be found at my web site.

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